News of the Night: Compiled from Domain Influence reports 7/98-10/98

July, 1998:

* Police officials have named Infinicom as a major suspect in the terrorist activity leading up to the final failure of the Austin Nuclear power facility. The loss will mean Austin will have to look elsewhere for the power needs of its future and it is expected that police and government officials will come down hard on anyone implicated in the failure of the power facility.

* Hayes County has filed major territorial disputes with Travis County over its claims of imminent domain concerning the area of land now selected as a nuclear waste disposal site. While officials of Hayes County have not commented on their plans for the land, one can be certain that placing more radiated material on the land is not part of the future as they see it.

* Shockingly both Time Warner Cable and Heartland Wireless Cable services have released that in the coming months K-Eye will no longer be carried as part of any of their existing entertainment packages. Officials of both organizations site the new uses of the existing cable lines, such as high speed cable modem access and cable phone systems, as the culprit. They have been quoted as saying that it is only expected that in the war with direct television satellite access services that the cable companies will have to look else where for their dollars. While it is unfortunate that local broadcast station will have to be removed you can rest assured that the band width freed up will be put to use in other areas that will be most pleasing to the largest body of the public.

* Health advisors continue to point out water shortages in the local areas even though it appears public consumption is down. During a public press conferences a hospital official let slip the name of Atlas Intl. as a possible cause for the water shortage. His source for this information is unknown and he has been unavailable for interview since.

* A new and popular night club has opened… or should we say reopened… in Austin… Darque Knights has opened it’s doors again!

* A small newspaper add was placed in the classified section of several Austin papers… it contained every possible opening move that can be made in a chess game… subsequently the player seemed to be playing the black side of the board.

September, 1998:

* Representatives of Time Warner and Heartland cable have come forward and publicly apologized for the removal of K-EYE from its service. They state that service to the public will continue to be their biggest goal, and they will continue to attempt to do what is in the public’s best interest. Both carriers have restored Service.

* The Ballet Austin's Winter production of The Nutcracker seems particularly well backed this year, it would seem that it will be Austin premiere performance as the "who’s who" of the world have already begun to take up the seats.

* Darque Nights has once again reopened it’s doors in all of it’s former glory and beyond.

October, 1998:

* Students rally in protest of the "Hopwood decisions". They have been peacful thus far but threats of violence have often been heard from unknown individuals in the student body.

* Several Semiconductor industries such as Motorola and AMD have hidden and squashed records requested by OSHA abouty safety at chip manufacturing plants.

* The sewage treatment plant north of McKinney falls has been shut down on minor health code violations. Workers will not be allowed to return to work until the facility has been brought up to code.

With thanks to Chris Stewart...