IC News 1/30/99


Weather continues to be a problem in Austin. The streets remain deserted as the cold has put a halt to pedestrian traffic.  Businesses continue to suffer as the weather interferes with shipping and transportation and workers find themselves unable to find transportation to work as temperatures continue to drop.  The homeless of Austin who were able to find shelter in churches or move away have done so, while the few remaining have all unfortunately died.

The groups of juveniles that are in custody as part of a "boot camp" style discipline program have recently finished repairs at several parks in the Austin area despite the cold weather.  Their commanders are reportedly very pleased with the progress these offenders are making

Two children disappeared sometime on their way home from the Apple Learning Center on Brodie Lane last week.  One of the children was 15, the other 14. Police are asking for any information that will aid in the search for them.

Two people have been arrested by the task force responsible for investigating the bombings on November 21st of last year.  A rumor that police have not yet commented on is whether or not these men are part of the local Texas militia movement.

Two gas station employees were found brutally murdered and two more are missing after an apparent struggle at the Texaco near Darque Nights.  Police investigation has been slowed by the removal of the store video surveillance tape.  Whether or not this is related to the bombing of Darque Nights last November is unclear.

The local District Attorney has been removed from office and arrested on charges related to child pornography.  The mayor's office has stated that a new election will be held as soon as possible and they will seek the maximum punishment for the former DA.

Dr. Riley disappeared from the local free clinic that he worked at last Saturday. Also missing from this clinic is an undisclosed amount of vaccinations and antibiotics. Police are reported to have few leads, and the public is encouraged to come forward with any knowledge.

The recent rash of church vandalism is apparently nearing its end.  While some statues are still being defaced by having a goatee spray painted on them and a top hat and a denim vest placed on them, the frequency of these acts has diminished.

Candi Cabaniss, 9704-049