IC News 2/11/99

Red Cross Begins Investigation

The Red Cross has begun an internal investigation into its own affairs in Austin.  An inventory shows that current supplies are dangerously  low.  This contradicts records which say that although supplies are not at a high level, are adequate.  Red Cross officials are at a loss to explain the descrepancy.  "If might be a bookkeeping error", said Dr.  Howard Jeffries, current head,  "that must be it, after all you can't  sell blood, so why would anybody steal it?"

Cold weather in Austin.

Austin is still in the grip of cold weather, though it seems to have let up some.  Once-crippled highways are much freer now, as Austinites learn to adjust to the cold.


Police have reported that the first month of 1999 shows strange criminal activity.  The percentage of DWI's to other vehicular offences has risen.  Reported Rapes have decreased by a small percentage.  Burglaries have also dropped, along with homicides, though officials warn that it is still too early in the year to make any conclusions.


The inhabitants of Austin are flocking to churches in record numbers.  A spokesman for Cardinal Raul Esteban rejoiced in the resurgence of faith. "People are trying to fulfill a spiritual need." Donations and charities are up.  Church officials credit this newfound spiritual growth to the sheltering of street people.  The once overloaded shelters are now at a  level that can really help people.


The relay transformer for Channel 13 Fox was damaged Saturday the 6th. For a time the channel was unable to broadcast until alternate relays were established.  Spokesman said "We apologize to our customers for the delay in service."

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