In Character news 2/12/99

Explosions in the Capital City

A total of 10 people were killed and 8 injured in a series of  explosions which rocked Austin.  In a series of possibly related acts,  the worst being the bombing of the Capitol Dome.  University of Texas  Tower was damaged structually with loss of life.  Two downtown  nightclubs which cater to "goth" clubers, the Hunger and Darque Nights.  The sum total in money is in the Millions.  Authorities are looking for  a connection between these unrelated groups.  Said Texas Ranger Captain  John Robert Thompson "The two clubs might be connected, and the Capitol and the Tower, but I don't know why somebody would bomb an empty lot."  Investigations are on going.


Austin has again plunged into the lower temperatures.  The colder than expected winter has caused many problems and expected problems again as the winter continues.  Two street people have died from exposure according to Breckenridge hospital.

Daughter of Wealthy Socialites Found Dead

Taffy Ann VanHorn was found dead early Monday morning in an alley behind the  Black Cat club on sixth street.  She was murdered by knife, and apparently died of blood loss before being robbed and her body abandoned.

 The last word given to her parents, <names>, the wealthy socialites responsible for  the VanHorn endowment for the arts was that she was going to be spending  the evening  with friends at <the club next door to the hunger>.  When the club  nearby, called The  Hunger, was bombed, she was not found in the wreckage nearby.  When she  did  not call  her parents, they alerted the police, and a search began.  Taffy's car was found several blocks away, and contained her  purse and other  valuables.

Mr. VanHorn has offered a sizable but undisclosed amount for any  information  leading to the capture of her murderer or her specific whereabouts that evening.

Baby Kidnapping

An infant was stolen from Church Nursery Wednesday Night.  Authorities are scrambling for clues.  The infant was a 3 month old girl.  Parents, police and child welfare authorities are working on methods to prevent such things in the future.

Martin Luther Redo?

Catholic authorities seemed to be returning to the Middle Ages with the announcement that the Church was one again selling indulgences.  For  charity work or acts such as not smoking or drinking for a day a person may shorten the time that one spends in Purgatory, before being allowed in Heaven.  Said Cardinal Raul Esteban "Its only a pittance to show true  remorse, its not as if people can get forgiveness for cash"

Club Back up

Darque Nights, trendy Goth club, has reopened after suffering structual damages.  Said one club goer who goes by the name Sister Sable "Like man, this is a really cool club, they shouldn't shut it down". Authorities continuing their investigation of the bombing which happened.  The club is very popular in spite of the string of bad luck, previous sinking in a freak accidents when a nearby water main broke, several months ago.

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