News of the Night: 5/15/99

It's been quiet...too quiet...

Manor Housewife Body found off 183
Patty Valentine, a housewife from Manor, was found dead Tuesday, May 4. Her body was found dismembered and cut into small pieces, packed in suitcases. These were left on an access road to 183. There was very little blood, as the body had apparently been drained before its dismemberment.  Her five-year-old daughter and her car, a 1989 Buick Skylark, are still missing.

School District news:
Dr. Freidrich Geisel, the creator of the former Advanced Learning School, has started making guest appearances in a few of Austin's smaller elementary school to discuss the idea of advanced learning through his methods in the public schools beginning next school year. Year round schools, on the other hand, will be getting information and grants to participate in his program within the next few months.  School Board members were heard saying things like, "Finally someone has the initiative and methods to better our children's education.  If this works well inside Austin's public schools, then [they] will try to take his ideas statewide."  The future looks really bright for Austin children.

Police blotter:
Residents to the west of Austin reported a case of what most officers have assumed to be arson Friday night, May 1. A van on a highway access road exploded; no one was injured.

Legal News:
Again, local politics are affecting our drug laws. The new laws permit small amounts of drugs to be carried legally on private property such as clubs and homes. Given the contraversy surrounding other recent drug laws, the passage of this legislation has left political collumnists surprise there.

Environment and Commercial:
The "Save our Springs" coalition has found new strength in their fight against industrialization on the county's watersheds--and they'll need it. Commercials publicizing the stalled Stassney extension project peppered the commercials, showing the transit benefits for the growing city of Austin. While public opinion is not currently behind the project, it would appear that a great deal of money is.

The Austin Chronicle, always prowling the city's art community for news and current events, published rave reviews of Madeline LeBeau's production of Prometheus. This new opera is making waves in the theater-going crowds.

Play it Again, Sam: "Blue Monday" played this evening on your favorite radio station. It's played almost every evening, a request by a woman named Dolores for a man named Alex Shelley. One more time for Alex.

Over the last week a record number of couples have been picked up for...miscellaneous violations of public decency laws...on Mount Bonnell. While a popular site for young lovers since before the founding of Austin's predecessor Guadalupe,  the dozens of couples on the mountain are out of proportion to anything reported during any previous spring. The return to warm weather Saturday seems to have brought them out in hordes.

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With thanks to Special Correspondents Brian Ward, Chris Stewart and Ben Gibbs :)