CST: Jacob V. Williamson

Approval: Regional (Kinfolk with Sorcerous Numina)
Approval Rating: 4 (Responsible player, strong concept)

Name: Janetta Elizabeth Katharine Blair (goes by Janet Blair)
Silver Fang Kinfolk, Human


Willpower: 2

Physicals: Graceful, Tireless, Dexterous
Mentals: Attentive, Cunning, Discerning, Disciplined x2, Knowledgable x2, Patient x2
Socials: Elegant x2, Dignified, Charming, Beguiling x2, Alluring x2

Negative: Docile, Bitchy (non-standard Obnoxious), Callous x2, Condescending

Abilities: Medicine x3 (Specialization: Garou Anatomy), Occult x3 (Specialization: Sorcery), Science: Biology x4, Science: Chemistry x4 (Specialization: Poisons)

Backgrounds: High Society x2, Industry x2, Resources x3

Humanity Traits: Charitable, Honorable x2, Moral

Ability Aptitude: Chemistry
Ability Aptitude: Occult

Dark Secret: Killed her husband -1
Magic Susceptibility -2
Ritual Dependant -2 (must perform "ritual" acts to cast sorcery--essentially, no quick-cast or prop-free casting)
Compulsion: Perfectionism -2

Sorcerous Numina Paths:
Alchemy: Both Basics; Enchantment: First Basic
[Effects: Alchemy: Formulas that last a scene, granting +2 Traits; heal one Health (once per hour), or create a poison that inflicts a health level, or create similer "effects"--a weak love potion, a salve that "regenerates" Attribute traits like a point of Willpower. Enchantment Effects are of a similer level, granting 2 levels of a Skill or Trait, or otherwise giving a few Retests.]

The Thirteen Questions:

1. In the near future, Janet wants to rebuild her stock of equipment and occult materials so that she can continue her work. She wants to build up industrial influence in Austin so that she has some idea of any peculiar doings by any companies -- to proactively combat creators of fomori poisons, for instance. She plans to get a job at an influential chemical company's branch in Austin for this same purpose.
2. Janet's long-term goals are to keep people from getting too interested in her husband's death and to serve the Nation impeccably. She will try not to get married again (she probably won't have to try hard...)
3. Janet's really here because she's worried about people getting too interested in her back home. If she's not there, they probably won't work as hard to solve the mystery, and if she can build up her reputation distantly, they may just drop the issue. She also feels a little guilt for her actions -- she deprived Gaia of one of her warriors -- so she wants to save lives to make up for the one she took.
4. Janet's deep sense of duty and her love of her work give her reason to live.
5. Her greatest joys lie in a job well done and hearing praise of her work. Her greatest fear is to become useless.
6. Janet is driven by both a sense of honor and a penchant for vengefulness. Despite this, she is compassionate and caring.
7. Janet's world is full of black and white. She sees almost everything as a clear-cut right or wrong, and it takes some doing to convince her that there really are grey areas. She knows that Garou are self-destructive creatures aiming themselves at failure, and it is her duty to do what she can to help the leaders lead well.
8. Janet discovered chemistry from her mother's efforts in making fetishes and talens. In one of the few moments she spent with her mother, she assisted in the creation of a simple talen that would cleanse food of Wyrm-taint. She had a hunger to know how things worked, and when she got her first chemistry set, she was able to begin learning. Her child's death was the second turning point: her actions after it were the product of extreme vengeance, and the cold-heartedness has not left her yet. The third turning point was her husband's death, where she had to strike out on her own to make a name for herself.
9. Her family is faintly suspicious of her, wondering if she had a hand in her husband's death. She has to prove herself to them; she will slowly lose honor in their eyes if she does not.
10. Because there are no PC Kinfolk in Austin, this character will introduce another level to roleplaying in the venue. She is a link to the mortal world that they are currently lacking. As for the specific abilities to be approved (namely, Enchantment and Alchemy), they will provide new challenges, possibilities, and limitations to what the Garou can do. She also provides a notably human perspective on the world, and for the notable inhuman Garou, this can be fresh and interesting.
11. This character will add (as above) new challenges, possibilities, and limitations to what the Garou can do; she is also a link to the human world.
12. Partially, I'm interested in playing this character because there are no PC Kinfolk in Austin (and very few in play in the Region, really, and even fewer with Sorcery Numina) and I like the I'm-so-special feeling. Apart from that, while I haven't exhausted all the possibilities with Garou characters, I enjoy the different perspective a Kinfolk has on the Garou world. A Silver Fang Theurge could have a similar background and similar possibilities, but the threat of death and of a useless existence is much more real with a Kinfolk.
13. I will always bow to a good story as opposed to my personal wishes in any situation. I will let the storytellers use my character or her background as a plot device -- even to her detriment -- if it makes the game more interesting for everyone involved. Also, I will be scrupulous in my use of her special abilities. I won't stoop to cheesy tactics, and if I am doing so without my knowledge and I am notified by a storyteller, I will cease that action immediately.

I agree that the ability to play this character concept is a privilege and not a right. I understand that a storyteller may revoke the ability to play this character if I as a player abuse this privilege. I also understand that I may be denied the ability to play this concept merely because of game balance/ over abundance/ does not conform to the campaign. I have the right to ask and receive the reasons for denial of character concept or revoking of character.


Age: 23
Description: About 5'6". Dark curly hair, often pulled back into a severe bun. Wire-rimmed glasses, the sort that can be tied into knots; they're very simple and classic. Paler complexion; she spends a lot of time indoors peering at test tubes. Very active hands. Wears a lot of white usually, though she always has something black in her outfit since her husband's death. She still wears her wedding ring. Her clothes tend to the formal unless she is in the laboratory, when she is absolutely pin-neat in her lab coat. If she can help it, she will *never* wear her work clothes to meet with a Garou or Kinfolk -- she has a definite inbred concept of keeping up appearances.

Brief Background:
Janet was born November 2, 1976 in England. Katharine, her mother, is a Silver Fang Theurge who, despite a birth that blared destiny like an airhorn, has never amounted to much. She spent a lot of time being a Theurge, and was actually more self-involved than most other Garou. Her husband died a little over ten months before her only child, Janet, was born -- Janet was actually fathered by her own uncle (this is publically hushed up but privately applauded). When Katharine went off to fulfill her destiny, Janet was mostly taken care of by a small bevy of nurses, though her grandmother (her mother's mother) took a strong hand in her education.
As a child, Janet was a bit of a rebellious tomboy, mostly running away from nurses and tutors until she was about seven. She got her first chemistry set at that age, and after singing her eyebrows off and ruining a *lot* of clothes, her grandmother made sure that she got proper science training. It would, she reasoned, give the girl some mental discipline -- she'd need it to be patient enough with a Garou husband. Janet also took an interest in a field of her mother's expertise: the manufacture of magical items, known as enchantment. She has something of a talent for it.
Janet had been betrothed from birth, and just after Janet turned 16, she was married to Bruce Longbow, an Ahroun two years her senior. Bruce was self-indulgent and abusive; his Rage was almost uncontrollable. Janet tried to be a decent, dutiful Kin wife -- she took care of him and bore everything quietly until he killed their unborn child in one of his fits. A side effect of this action was that Janet was rendered sterile -- to keep her alive, her uterus was removed. Despite this dishonorable act, Bruce was never scandaled -- his pack protected him, pulling strings and twisting his actions to put the blame on Janet. Her revenge was slow -- she began to learn everything she could about poisons. In the process, she also managed to hit upon a few magical processes to aid her work -- notably alchemy. She concocted a very slow-acting, subtle poison that had the effect of slowly weakening her husband. The poison was tactile: she would put it in his clothing when she did a load of laundry, and a little went into his bloodstream every day. Over years, he became weaker and weaker, almost indiscernably, until he was killed by Wyrm-creatures that, had he been more in his prime, he should have been able to defeat.
He died about a year ago, and since then Janet has been on uncomfortable ground in her home. She is largely held blameless in her husband's death -- what could a mere Kinfolk do? -- but she is often reminded that she is not doing enough for the Garou. Perhaps, they reasoned, she should be sent to one of the more stricken places in the world. Texas was an obvious choice, considering the recent goings-on, and she has basically been ordered to make herself useful.

Note: On the trip over, the airline handled her baggage badly, and the special equipment she needs for her work was damaged and destroyed.