James Hearttrue, low-level psychic

CST: Jacob V. Williamson 9802-157, theslin@mail.utexas.edu


ST Notes: This character presents a somewhat unusual situation. It was originally intended as the primary "positive" NPC in an epic good-evil plotline, placed against the dark sorcerer Augustus. That plotline was pretty much obliterated by the ST changeover when Ben stepped down--the final nail after the Augustus plotline got nixed by the Kindred ST council and Brad Gunnels.

Shawn seems to have typecast John as being irresponsible. This is not the case--he's highly responsible, doesn't "take advantage" of other characters, and is one of the better RP'ers and STs in my chapter. Ben Gibbs was supporting him in his ST decisions, so he wasn't the loose cannon I've heard him described as.

At any rate--a brief synopsis--the opposing force to Augustus (henceforth, Auggie) was a fairly normal human with a few Nuministic powers (none of which were demonstrated in play, from what I've seen). We've adjusted the character down to domain-level powers and approvals (psychic numina as opposed to Sorcerous numina; built along John's 4 CCP.) The powers he selected were chosen because they didn't duplicate Garou powers, so he actually has something to contribute--however, as a Garou Kinfolk, he is limited in the energy he's able to bring to bear.

Approval Level: 5 (I trust John entirely, and helped design this character).

Character history is chaotic (John can't write). It revolves around a POWERFUL spirit caled "he who watches," a Wyld Vortex. The creature now avoids the Prime Material Plane, but may check in on its favorite human (this is reflected in Guardian Angel merit and Mentor.) Being a wylding, it's interference in James Hearttrue's existance is unpredictable, at best.

Since this character seems to be local approval, I have not made John do the "13 questions."

James Hearttrue
Nature : Caregiver
Demeanor : Gallant
Concept : The wyld guy with the golden heart

Physical 4 (Wiry, Nimble x2, Energetic)
Mental 8 (Knowledgable x2, Alert, Creative x5) (High Creativity for association with Wyld energies)
Social 8 (Friendly, Magnetic, Persuasive, Expresssive x2, Gorgeous x2, Diplomatic,

Negative traits: Fragile -1, Submissive -2, Gullible -1, Impatient -1

Pure Breed x2 (Black Fury)
Resources x3
Mentor x1 (He Who Watches, a Wyld spirit--hard to get ahold of!)

Abilities: Investigation x1, Leadership x2, Expression (Acting) x1, Awareness x3, Occult x3, Drive x1, Meditation x1, Enigmas x1

Merits and Flaws:
Note: These merits were pulled from both Garou and Mortal supplements. The out-of-venue are weak abilities/flaws with limited game effects--they are, however, dubiously out of venue, and I'm not sure the approval they'll take. The character is Kinfolk, though, and itself draws by its nature from both venues. The higher Merit/Flaw limits were also used.

Guardian Angel 6 (He who watches)
Resistant to Wyrm Emanations 5
Burning Aura 2

Nightmares -1 (Chaos)
Soft- Hearted -1
Surreal Quality -2 (change is eminent)
Driving Goal -3 (reawaken wonder and wyld)

Psychometry Numina OOO
(Object reading: Powers granted--

1. Emotional Connection: pick up an object, get flashes of emotion, possibly names and faces of strongly charged events connected)
2. Flashback: A short visual of events related to the object--great for use with corpses, murder weapons, etc.
3. Time and Place: object-reading over a specific place, very intense, and can access a sense in addition to Vision--ST's choice as to which, though.

Psychic numina require concentration, so distractions, etc. will give a trait penalty, as will "quick use.")

Willpower OO
Humanity OOOO

James Hearttrue has been wandering with "He who watches the change" for about a year now. Watcher had been bound into a contract with the now dead Croatan for the last 400 years charging the 7 arrows of the Croatan [powerful Talens that have been rendered effectively moot by the removal of the Augustus plotline--JVW]. After releasing his talens to the world, he has decided to wander, seeing what has become of his land.

He hasn't been happy about it.

The wyld is practically gone, the world overrun by Europeans, the wyrm an immense power... it was all too much for just 400 years.

He needed a point of reference. ... A creative mind would do ...

By chance (gotta love chance if you are a wyld guy) he encounters a young mystic named James. James is frustrated he can not stop the corruption of his friend Augustus Raymond... a man obsessed with making the perfect Faustian deal. James lacked to power... Watcher lacked the will.

A deal was struck. They would, together, work against Augustus, satisfying Watchers need to be involved, and his need to return the wyld to it's rightful place, and granting James the energy needed to stop him.

James was awestruck by Watcher... an incarnation of everything he held dear. His own powers were milkweed compared to Auggy, but with Watcher, nothing could stop them.

Imagine the surprise to Find Augustus dead.

Watcher remains to do what he promised, to end his power... but after that, will wander again (wyld types yanno). James is horrified... after wandering with Watcher for the last 2 years.. he had grown used to having whatever he wished. The power to make dreams come true.... that will be gone now.

Now he is far from home, with no desire to return there (why ? I'll be powerless there as well). And only recently met the garou people. Maybe this town .. this place.. so known for it's creativity can be a new home for him.

James Hearttrue
Age 28
Weight 150
Eyes Green
Height 5' 11"
Son of Olivia and James Hearttrue of Allentown PA
Attended Robert Allen High
Studied mysticism under Matthew Vassallo... an old friend (normal human..
just kinda spacey). Along side of Augustus Raymond (already well along his
path to power).