A flash of bright colors and a sequence of fast-passing scenes - none lasting more than a few seconds, while the rock-beat rhythm of the theme song fills the air.

In sequence: A patriotically garbed group, seven-eight people, battling armored thugs with hints of wolfish features in their helmets. A debonair man with mirrorshades driving a red car down the highway turns off the road in a flurry of dust at high speed. Before the red car an imposing building with the words in an arch above the doorway reading 'Action Institute'. A pair of figures, wielding handguns, dressed in business clothing - a tall Black man with a cigar in his mouth and a svelte, red-headed woman looking down the barrel of her gun at a target. There is a distinct resemblance in this animated character to Gillian Anderson. Another chase scene, where a lone man on a Harley motorcycle is trying to outrace a brightly painted van. A group shot, the debonair man standing in the middle, others flanking him - all dressed in similar uniforms, clearly denoting them as a team. Stars and fireworks go off in the background. The title of the Show is emblazoned above the heads of these characters:


Episode One:
In the Face of the Rising Storm

by Kelley Barnes, Sid Barnes and Amanda Bauer


Scene 1:

Scene opens in a plush office. A tall, dark-haired man, temples streaked with gray, sits behind the desk, a window in the background overlooks field and stream, very peaceful. Sitting across from him is the all-American, rugged figure of Major Dick.

"Glenn, This is completely unacceptable. My team is hand picked, I know the skills of every person in it. I have to trust them with my life, just as they trust me with theirs, and you say we have to take in these two NSA agents?" Major Dick stands up and starts to pace. "Do we know anything about them? Were you able to get their files at least - information on their backgrounds - and more importantly, who arranged to have them assigned here?"

Glenn frowns, "Dick, you know that information is classified." A sigh, "Sometimes being a good soldier means following orders." Glenn rises up and comes around the desk. "Look," He lays a hand on Dick's shoulder, "we'll just have to make the best of things. If we have to keep them here at homebase we will. I promise you that, okay?"

Major Dick nods once, just before Jessica opens the office door. "Sir," She looks at Glenn and moves out of the doorway, into the room, "may I introduce Daniel Johnson and Elizabeth Kellerman from the National Security Agency."

The tall black man steps into the room and his presence is immediately felt. In one hand he holds a lit cigar, smoke curling up lazily toward the ceiling, and in the other a briefcase. Behind this imposing figure follows a graceful, thin woman with a clipboard in one hand and the other extended for a handshake. "It's a pleasure to finally make it here. We've been on the road for hours. Elizabeth Kellerman - R&D. I hope my lab equipment hasn't given you any trouble. Oh, and I'll be expecting another shipment this night. I assume that the ground floor lab was cleared for my use?"

Shutting the door behind her, Jessica leaves the office as Glenn reaches out his hand while nodding, "Yes, as soon as we received your transfer orders. Welcome to the Action Squad, Elizabeth. Daniel." He nods to the cigar-smoking man. "You know we don't allow those things in the building, Daniel."

The black man pulls his cigar away. "I'm sure we can make allowances, Sir."

Major Dick has been standing in the background all this time, until Glenn gestures. "Let me introduce you to your new commander and the head of our team."

Major Dick steps forward. "A pleasure." He shakes their hands. "I'm sure Jessica or Glenn here can show you around and introduce you to the squad." Major Dick adds, reaching his hand out to the door, as he clearly intends to leave "I'd stay and talk but there is a training session scheduled in the armory and duty calls," With that he is gone.

Daniel watches the door shut and turns to look at Glenn, clearly unimpressed. Glenn sighs and gestures to the two chairs before his desk. "won't you sit down. He isn't always like that...just your arrival was unexpected. We didn't ask for, well...." His voice trails off as Elizabeth interrupts.

"I know that some people may be upset at our presence, but the NSA feels that the Action team needs us. We do our duty just like Major Dick or any one here. I know it will take some time to get used to the changes, but I am sure we can work it out."

Before Glenn can reply, or Daniel add his comments, a shrill alarm goes off in every room of the Institute.

Scene Change:

Rapid succession of cut scenes. Starting with an Egyptian looking man in a white lab coat, tinkering with chemicals. He looks up, hearing the noise, and heads out the door. A thin, pale, blond man laying on his back in a bedroom, blankly staring at the ceiling. Another quick change shows a red-headed young man who leaps up from his lunch, knocking the drink over, and races down a corridor, followed by a short black-haired woman and a hefty, black-haired man. Finally, in a hallway, Major Dick breaks into a run, heads down a corridor, opens a door and rushes inside.

Scene 2:

Interior of the Action Squad War Room. Bank of Monitors and computer counsels on the far side. Oval, shiny gray table encircled by matching chairs. Color patterns on the walls are very patriotic - red, white and blue.

"Who and Where?" He barks out at the mission screen monitor.

The computer voice states ""WOLFE agents initiating assault in Sector 7...Central City...Micheal Kelley Memorial History Museum. Probable nature of attack: unknown. Estimated possibility of hostage crisis: 87.6%. 57 minor children are currently on the premises.

Major Dick's jaw tenses and he turns to face the assembled team, just as Elizabeth and Daniel come rushing in, the last ones to arrive. "Suit up. They have to be after something and those kids could be in danger. Let's Go!"

Elizabeth exchanges an amused glance with Daniel as the team rushes past. Daniel drops his cigar on the floor, smothers it with his shoe and murmurs. "You heard our 'Commander', Liz. Lets go." With that he moves casually out the door and they follow the Action Squad.



Scene Change:

Exterior of the Micheal Kelley Memorial History Museum. An explosion on the second floor blows out the windows, people are heard screaming. A trenchcoated figure, face cloaked in shadows and never clearly seen, goes bounding up the museum steps, a sword held loosely, pointed down, in his right hand. A guard comes rushing down, pauses to warn the man to leave, then the expression on his face changes. Looking scared, as if he's recognized this man, the guard steps back. The trenchcoated man lifts up his sword with a swift thrust, he runs the guard through. The man simply grunts and as the sword is pulled out and tumbles down the stairs to the sidewalk. The trenchcoated man disappears into the museum.

Scene 3:

Interior of the Museum. Children and adults are scattered about, cowering against the walls and display cases. The sound of crashing glass and high pitched, angry screams cause a few children to close their eyes tight and put hands over their ears. Other people in guard uniforms lie about, unmoving. Dressed in strange body armor - deep blue-gray in color, helmets looking vaguely wolflike in style with demonic red eyes are members of the WOLFE commandos. They are all armed with large guns, and are slowly herding the hostages to a corner of the main gallery.

The trenchcoated man walks among the destruction casually. He pushes broken bits of wood out of his path with the sword's point and calls out. "Hurry my Dear. We haven't much time. I am sure that Major Dick is eager to face us again, him and his band of do-gooders." The man's voice is harsh, rough on the ears.

A woman's voice calls out in response, clearly frustrated. "But it isn't here. Morgan was wrong!" Another loud crash as the man turns a corridor to find an angry white-haired woman brandishing a glowing green axe that is a good foot taller than she is. The woman spins about, her expression one of fury. "Or did he lie to us, just so we'd fail the job?"

In a soothing voice, the man steps forward, "If he did, it will be the last mistake our Lord of Darkness makes. I promise you, Gabrielle." He looks about. "Where is Beethoven? perhaps he has had more success."

Gabrielle growls, "He said that he saw something..and wandered off. Wouldn't listen to me and wouldn't obey orders."

The man looks frustrated. "This is taking too long, The Action squad will be here any minute. We were supposed to get in, get it and get out." He tosses a square piece of wood on a nearby pile of overturned cabinets.

The pile shifts and reveals the presence of a wide-eyed little boy, about seven years old. It is clear he's heard everything and has been hiding since the attack began. The man sighs. Gabrielle turns her head and looks at him. "Duncan?"

As Duncan walks away. "Don't take to long. Remember, we have a job to do."

The little boy crawls backwards until he's caught in a corner and a shadow crosses over him - the woman's figure, with the axe held high. She laughs slowly and steps forward.

Scene 4:

On the Road. The Action Squad is suited up and driving to the Museum at high speeds.

Major Dick lectures the group . "Remember, there are 57 children in there. We're here to rescue all of them." Daniel glares as he and Major Dick indulge in a moment's staring contest. "To rescue them," Major Dick continues, "And to come out alive. Got that?"

Daniel checks his gun and nods, loading new bullets into it. "Just as long as we all are on the same page. And we stop wasting time,...."

Major Dick lets the comment pass as the van pulls up to the Museum's entrance. He directs the troops. "Abul and Ronnie swing around back. Take two of the men with you" At this, two of the nameless group detach themselves and follow Abul in a trot. "Puck you and ....Puck?" Major Dick looks about.

The sergeant speaks up "He didn't show at the institute, Sir, when we were pulling out."

Major Dick looks disturbed, but nods. "we'll deal with that later. Jeff you take half the team, cover the left flank. Chuck take the right." Dick looks at Elizabeth and Daniel, "You two are with me." he leaves the van and heads up the steps.

Major Dick doesn't get far as the three approach the stabbed guard's body. Elizabeth kneels and puts her hand to the man's neck. Looking up at Major Dick, she shakes her head. "He's gone." Elizabeth turns the body over to reveal the stab wound.

Major Dick's expression turns dark. "Duncan." He states flatly. "Well now we know who WOLFE sent." He speaks into a microphone at his wrist cuff. "Abul, Chuck,'s our old friends from the Knightwatch Pack. Be on Alert! Instruct the team to use containment plan Delta in dealing this group. They may have booby-trapped the museum security systems." The three men respond and Major Dick lowers his arm, "More people could die if we don't move in. Come on!"

Scene 5:

Gallery of the history museum

A thin, attractive brunette is hiding under a table in the large display gallery, She seems to be signaling frantically to someone to be still as sounds of things being smashed grow ever louder. The object of her frantic instruction is a beautiful blue-eyed little girl, short-hair curling about her cheeks.

A pair of shoes walk past and the woman draws back into the shadows. The little girl is frozen in place, but is luckily unnoticed by the passer by. Seconds later, the girl scampers across the aisle and is wrapped up in the woman's arms.

"Hush, hush.." She whispers to the trembling child, "Katura, we must be very quiet and very brave." The brunette scoot back into the far aisle and rises to look over the counter tops. The room is empty. She takes the girl's hand and they head for the open door. "there must be a way out of here. We'll find it."

Scene 6:

Lobby of the Museum

Major Dick, Daniel and Elizabeth have taken out several of the bad guys - they are tied up in their body armor, apparently unconscious. Chuck and his are standing guard over them, one man checking the knots and tugging at the rope. "This will hold them until the police arrive."

As Elizabeth herds a group of children outside, she looks over her shoulder at Major Dick and Daniel, calling out, "Four children and four adults unaccounted for - along with any WOLFE operatives left in the building. Be careful."

Daniel nods brusquely. Then follows Major Dick into a blackened corridor.

Scene 7:

Major Dick and Daniel walk into the office area of the Museum, pausing at each door push it open, guns drawn, as they search for the WOLFE commandos. They here a woman scream loudly, form down the hallway, "Run Katura..Run!"

They both head to the noise to see the brunette woman interposing her body, back to Major Dick and Daniel, between Gabrielle with her blood-stained, glowing axe and the little girl.

In the background, on the far side of this conflict, is Duncan and a huge figure of a man standing behind him - muscles bulging and expression angry. eyes vacant with hair pulled away from his face, held back in a long pony tail.

The little girl turns about, running away as she'd been told, only to run into Major Dick. She gasps and starts to scramble away. "Mommy they're behind us too!"

Major Dick bends down, reflexively. "it will be all right, miss. We won't hurt.."

His words are cut off as Gabrielle screams and races towards the woman, axe hefted overhead. Daniel raises his pistol, but before he can shoot Major Dick leaps forwards grabbing the shaft of the descending axe and twists, throwing Gabrielle into one of the display cases with her axe.

Duncan raises his pistol, aiming for Major Dick. The brunette's eyes widen, Daniel leaps sideways trying to get a clear shot at Duncan ... time slows down, cutting through close up scenes of Daniel's eyes, then Duncan's grim yet grinning face, then Duncan's trigger finger depressing, Katura's widening eyes, the trigger finger of Duncan's gun falling, time speeds up... Katura leaps up between them screaming 'No!!!', the gun fires, there's a flash of blue light as the bullet deflects away from Major Dick and the child. Daniel opens fire on Duncan and Beethoven, filling the hallway with bullets, both of them take several hits before ducking around a corner, out of sight.

Major Dick grabs both Katura and the unnamed woman,pulling them behind the cover of a nearby display case. Gabrielle takes advantage of the moment to dive across the hallway and out through a closed pane glass window which shatters into thousands of pieces.

Major Dick leaps back up from behind the displace case (his gun drawn) as Daniel drops the clip out his pistol and grabs another one (it looks like the one he switched out earlier in the van). But its obvious this fight is over.

Major Dick looks down the hallway at where Duncan and Beethoven were. "I saw you tag both of them, what happened?"

Daniel frowns. "I had stun rounds loaded in case any children happened to get in the way." He pauses for a moment and glances at Katura. "Speaking of children..."

Major Dick and Daniel turn to look at the two innocent bystanders who are both still hiding behind the display. Katura looks up at Major Dick, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean too..." She looks very, very frightened.

Major Dick starts to say something and then notices that the brunette has blood coming off of her hair, along the side of her face. "You've been hurt, we should get that looked at." He looks up at Daniel, "We need to get them out of here, we'll chase the wolf-heads another day." Daniel frowns but nods, and Major Dick leads the small group out while carrying Katura. Daniel brings up the rear.

Scene 8:

Outside the Museum

Chuck, the medic, is tending to the woman's head wound. A blanket is about her shoulders and Katura sits beside her. Major Dick approaches as Chuck finishes. "I think you should go see about Abul's shoulder, he appears to have wrenched it."

As they are left alone, Major Dick smiles in a friendly fashion toward the woman. "you were very brave, " He pauses, gaze including Katura, "Of course I mean both of you."

Katura speaks up, tugging on the woman's blanket edge. She smiles brightly, with wide-eyed innocence. "I'm going to go play with the others, okay Mommy?"

The woman smiles as her eyes follow the lively girl's path to join the children. A slight blush tints her cheeks as her head lifts up, eyes meeting Major Dick's. "I'm Katriana. How can I think you for what you've done for us. If anything had happened to her..." Katriana's voice trails off.

"I was just glad we were able to help." He pauses. "I should be thanking her perhaps. You saw what she did?" He looks at Katriana pointedly. "More precisely what didn't happen because she got in the way?"

Katriana nods slowly. "I...Yes. The bullet just stopped." She presses her lips together and goes on. "Strange things happen around her sometimes,.." For a moment she appears very defensive.

Major Dick immediately starts to reassure Katriana. "Don't worry. No one is going to hurt your daughter. But if she can do 'odd' things. She may be in danger, Just because she is a special child." He rests a hand on the rear of the van. "Katriana,...if the WOLFE agents saw that, and remember it, there could be danger for her..and you." He looks earnest. "We can do some tests at the Institute - tell you more about why she is different and try to help you cope with this. Will you think about my offer?"

After a few second pass, the woman nods and Major Dick smiles briefly.

"Chuck said you'll just need some aspirin for the bump and a good night's rest." He looks about, a hand finger the collar of his uniform, as if it fits too tightly. "If you'd like we could..hmmm, that is I could take you both home.

Katriana smiles and answers softly. "I think I'd like that."

Major Dick gestures, "If you are ready, my car is just over there." He points to the red sports car. "Plenty of room in the backseat for Katura."

He offers her his hand to get up, then the two walk side by side, passing Abul. Dick stops a moment. "I'll meet everyone at the Institute. I'll be a few minutes behind."

Abul nods. "No problem Major, just be careful. Who knows where those WOLFE agents are now....'


Scene 9:

Interior of the Action Squad War Room. Bank of Monitors and computer counsels on the far side. Oval, shiny gray table encircled by matching chairs. Color patterns on the walls are very patriotic - red, white and blue.

Major Dick is seated at the head of the table. Elizabeth and Daniel are the only other persons present.

Dick leans back in his chair and looks at Elizabeth. "so, you haven't been able to come up with a reason for the raid, or what they were going after?"

She shakes her head, glancing at both men, "the pattern of destruction was far to random. They may know what they wanted, but not where it was. They may not even be sure of what it was." A pause, "I'll ask 'Puck' if he has any hunches. That may be our best course of action."

Major Dick nods slowly. "Then I'll leave it in your hand for now." He pushes the pile of papers away from his chair. "Perhaps your NSA training can turn up something that the Action Squad wasn't able to." His tone is subtly sarcastic. "But on another topic, " Her looks at Daniel. "I wanted you to know your exempted from the firearms placement tests we administer here at the Institute - that shot you made, hitting Duncan under those conditions is proof enough of your skill for me. In fact, I'd like to know who your instructor was - or perhaps ask you to take on some armsmaster duties here."

Elizabeth smiles slyly. "You mean you don't know, Major?" She asks while grabbing up the files from the table.

"Know what?" replies Major Dick.

"Daniel was in service to the a Colonel, Unit 57A, for the past ten years - as armsmaster. You might have heard him referred to by his call sign."

She steps over to the door and leans against the door frame, looking at Dick with a growing expression of amusement. "Major Dick, meet Screaming Rage." A light hearted laugh, and Elizabeth heads down the corridor and out of hearing.

Major Dick looks stunned, and turns his head, looking at Daniel. Slowly, he extends a hand to the cigar smoking man, half-rising from his chair. "I think...I am going to be honored to be working with you."

Daniel, reaches out his hand and takes Major Dick's, shaking it firmly. "I hope that we will both truly feel that way in the times to come. I am not here to challenge your command. I am here to become part of the team. We have to work together, or WOLFE will never be stopped. That has to be the most important thing now."

Major Dick nods and looks solemn. "Yes. Of Course. to join me at the Gym?"

Daniel nods and the two depart the war room. The lights go out.


Tag Segment - A real life human sits on the corner of a desk, in a room remarkably like the office of Glenn Larrett in the cartoons.

"Well - today Major Dick learned an important lesson - "We all have to work together. Teamwork is Important." The WOLFE Commandos weren't working together and didn't find what they wanted, but working together, Major Dick and Daniel saved a little girl and her mother."

The man stands up and looks straight into the camera. "However, the Action Squad still doesn't know what they were looking for. boy they could sure use help. Do you want to help the Action Squad?" He smiles. "Major Dick is always looking for young boys and girls to help us foil the evil plans of WOLFE. Write down this address today and mail us $3.00 to join the team. You'll get an Action Institute Identification badge, updates on Major Dick toys, along with special gift certificates and copies of the Action Squad Magazine. Then, watch each episode to learn how you can help Major Dick and the Team! This week we need to figure out what the WOLFE commandos wanted from the museum. If you have an idea, write it down and mail it to the Action Squad, c/o Central City Animation, 00000 Blanche Way, Central City, TX 77777-7777 (OOC:
Don't wait Major Dick and the Action Squad need your help today!

End Program.