A flash of bright colors and a sequence of fast-passing scenes - none lasting more than a few seconds, while the rock-beat rhythm of the theme song fills the air.

In sequence: A patriotically garbed group, seven-eight people, battling armored thugs with hints of wolfish features in their helmets. A debonair man with mirrorshades driving a red car down the highway turns off the road in a flurry of dust at high speed. Before the red car an imposing building with the words in an arch above the doorway reading 'Action Institute'. A pair of figures, wielding handguns, dressed in business clothing - a tall Black man with a cigar in his mouth and a svelte, red-headed woman looking down the barrel of her gun at a target. There is a distinct resemblance in this animated character to Gillian Anderson. Another chase scene, where a lone man on a Harley motorcycle is trying to outrace a brightly painted van. A group shot, the debonair man standing in the middle, others flanking him - all dressed in similar uniforms, clearly denoting them as a team. Stars and fireworks go off in the background. The title of the Show is emblazoned above the heads of these characters:

Episode Three:
Too Little, Too Late

By Kelley Barnes, Sid Barnes and Amanda Bauer



Scene 1:

WOLFE War Room - The room is dark. One long, strip light shines above an oval-shaped table. around the table are seated group of WOLFE Operatives. One, Hacker, the young man with his laptop computer sits next to...Darkness. Standing in what is clearly an enhanced version of the standard WOLFE armor - in unrelieved back, vaguely reminiscent of Darth Vader, is the leader of this villainous troupe, Morgan. His cape hangs loose, off over-sized shoulders, black as his armor. The stylized helmet disguises both face and voice.

A red jump-suited figure sits on the other side, playing with a lighter. Beside him, a trench-coat wearing woman, who grabs the lighter, and holds it away for a moment, laughing as she tosses it back in his hands. She is petite, with layered dark hair and a glint of mischief in her eyes. She leans back and puts her boot heels on the table. Beside her sit the massive form of Beethoven, casting shadows on the tabletop. Across the table are Gabrielle and Duncan, appearing just as they had in the earlier episodes. Gabrielle keeps a loose hand on her axe, spinning it about casually while Duncan leans forward, steepling his fingers, resting his chin on the fingerpoints.

Morgan's voice is deep as he starts pacing about the table. "It has been three days since our ..aborted...attempt to bring the girl here. Yet, none of you have come up with a plan to accomplish that objective. Fine. We have fallen behind schedule - "

A pinging sound interrupts the speech, and behind Morgan, the walls part to reveal a large projection screen. The screen flickers on as the voice intones, coolly, "I see you have all assembled." There is a pause and a face fills the screen, regal bearing, vaguely European or Russian, with high cheekbones, "Almost all. I see the newest has not arrived. In time." The eyes flicker to Morgan's form. "Report."

"If we are to be on schedule, breaking into two teams is the only option. It will be accomplished tonight."

"Good, I have every faith in you, Morgan. You have never failed me." The tone of voice is that of a fond master and his favored pet. "

The man pulls back from the screen and then his whole office is in view, the camera lingers on the nameplate "Ivan Fisher". A woman is revealed in the background, the classic cool blonde, short-hair, dark business suit, light glints off a gold wrist-watch. Fisher gestures to this new face, "Morgan, this is Annelise, my..aide. She'll be seeing to it that tonight Major Dick does nothing to impair your team in accomplishing their goals. I am sure you will come to trust her as I do."

The woman smiles into the monitor, you can see her eyes scan across the occupants of the room, and a predatory smile lights her face as she stops on one, the figure deliberately looking anywhere else but her. "Duncan," her voice fairly purrs, " I am looking forward to seeing you again. I am sure your skills will be called upon and we've worked together so well in the past." Gabrielle stiffens by his side, her gaze moving slowly from screen to her WOLFE teammate.

Annelise laughs softly, seeing the reaction. "Don't worry, I'll return him to you when he's done - not much the worse for wear, but you must remember - to the strongest go the spoils, Gabrielle." She leans back, as Fisher murmurs, " with that later."

Fisher stands, "Morgan, I've arranged for the Museum security to be gone from 10 to midnight. And Dr. Syndermeyer will be working alone in his lab this evening, tough I do not know about others in that building. Send word when it is done." The screen goes to static, leaving Morgan's shadow standing before it.


Major Dick sits in his quarters in the Action Institute, he is dressed in civilian clothing - a suit. He picks up the phone and dials. "Katriona..yes. I was just checking...hmm." He pauses and clears this throat. "I'll just wanted to make sure, that is I'll pick you up at 7, unless you need more time...No? oh, great" He breaks out into a smile. "Fine, then I'll head on over."

He hangs up the phone, grabs the suit jacket and rushes out the door.


Katriona hangs up the phone, a soft smile on her lips as her hand lingers on the receiver. She turns about and the camera shot shows her in length view, dressed up in a soft, frilly green outfit, "how do I look, honey?" Her daughter's voice pipes up, "Oh mommy, you're beautiful!"

A woman steps into the doorway of Katriona's kitchen. "She's right you know. He's gonna forget how to speak when he sees you." She smiles warmly. "It's about time you were dating again."

Katriona crosses the kitchen space and picks up her purse, "Emma, I can't think you enough for babysitting Katura tonight." There is a blush on her cheeks, "You rally think he'll like it?"

Emma teases, "Just remember to come home - I'm rather fond of my own bed, you know."

Camera cuts to Katura who simply looks confused at the conversation. Emma looks down and laughs, reaching out a hand, "What movies shall we watch tonight, Katura? Alice in wonderland, Power Turtles?"

Katura replies, as they walk away, "no.. I've got Major Dick on tape...let's watch that, huh? please?"

Emma laughs, "I should have guessed..."



A sequence of travel shots. Hyena and Electric (the man and woman playing with the lighter earlier) riding a motorcycle, Electric driving and Hyena holding on. She pops a wheelie and they go down the highway, both laughing loudly. Morgan stands before a skyline looking down on the city, he glances at the palm of his hand and crushes the cup in it slowly. Driving a sport convertible, Annelise, hair flowing in the wind, drives past a sign that says "Capital City - 35 miles." Major Dick and Katriona drive in the downtown streets, past a black van. He says something, she laughs, and the car goes on.

The camera goes back to the van and peers into the windows. It is the Action van - with Tinto and Puck inside, munching sandwiches. Tinto looks over at Puck. "Your quieter than I have ever known you to be." It's almost a question. "Want someone to unload on?"

Puck swallows, looks at her closely. "It's Daniel of course. He still has trouble accepting me. It doesn't matter that Glenn or Richard trusts me. That I'm trying to make up for my past, he'd leave me for head at the hands of WOLFE if it was his choice."

Tinto looks troubled, "Listen, he's carrying a lot of baggage. Daniel's a good man -'s just going to take some time for him to feel comfortable around you again."

"Sometime." Puck laughs, "Elizabeth you are an optimist. While Johnathon is..." Puck stops, looking away, "He's not going to forgive me for that until I make it right."

Tinto is silent. She puts down her dinner and restarts the van. "Time to resume patrol."


Mezzaluna Restaurant - A camera shot of the exterior, panning into the picture window, where Major Dick and Katriona are seated at a candlelit table. She sips form her glass of wine. A violin player is seen in the background shot, the mood is clearly romantic. There is the sound of a phone ringing.

Major Dick produces a cell phone from his jacket pocket. "Yes," He sounds vaguely irritated. There is a pause while Major Dick listens and a waiter returns with the bill. He signs it, then speaks into the phone, "I'm sure Daniel or Abul can make the judgment call on that. Or Glenn, he's supposed to be there. Try one of them, I trust them fully. In fact" The irritation is clear now, as Major Dick looks apologetically at Katriona for the interruption, "Try not to need me, if possible. But I'll keep the phone on alert as always." He hangs up. and then rises from the table, stepping around to help Katriona out of her chair. "we don't want to to be late for the show."

The two walk out of the restaurant. The black action van drives past, Tinto and Puck both looking straight ahead, lost in their own thoughts.


Action Institute - Annelise pulls up in her sports car, the tires squeal as she makes a spinning stop, sliding into a parking slot. Getting out, her gaze falls on the impressive building. She reaches into the backseat of her car and pulls out a briefcase. The full pan camera shot, shows her to be svelte and in good-shape, wearing a skirt that Ally McBeal might borrow. Running a hand through the short blond hair, she goes up to the doors and enters the building.


State theater - Clearly during intermission, Major Dick and Katriona sit in a box to them selves, while the murmurs of voices down below are discussing the first act. Katriona leans over the railing to see people getting up and moving about. She turns to Major Dick and smiles. "This production is simply wonderful. And the building, " She looks at the opulent theater setting. "I don't know why I haven't been here before."

Major Dick smiles warmly, "I am glad you are enjoying it. Sometime you should bring Katura here to see the children's theater shows. I.." He stumbles, a hint of flushed cheeks, "Perhaps you'd let me treat the two of you sometime in the future?"

Katriona looks at him and after a second smiles shyly. "I think she'd love to." A wrinkle appears on her brow. "I've never been away from her for so long. Do you mind..that is.. I'd like to go find a phone and call Emma just to see how she's doing..?"

Major Dick reaches in his pocket, "Here. why not use mine. This way you don't have to fight the crowds?"

Katriona takes the phone, calls her house and has a brief conversation with Emma, who puts Katura on the line. She promises to tell her daughter all about the play in the morning and tells her to go to bed like a good girl. Katriona hangs up.

There is a camera shot, while Major Dick is reading the program notes, Katriona accidentally turns the phone off. The lighted panel goes dark. He does not notice as he slips it back in his jacket pocket with one hand, the other hand slowly taking Katriona's in his as the lights go down in the theater and the play continues....


A sequence of clipped shots. Annelise is shown into Glenn's office by Jessica. It appears these two have been waiting for her. They shake hands and all three sit down. Annelise opens her briefcase, smiles, looking quite friendly, and passes over a file marked confidential to Glenn.

Tinto and Puck in the action van. He gets a pained look on his face, hands going to his temples. She stop and pulls over. "What ..breathe. calmly...tell me what you are seeing." Her voice is very calm, soothing, almost hypnotic. He whispers -"Death. I've got a very bad feeling about this.." Tinto picks up the radio to the Action institute.

The Micheal Kelley Museum - Beethoven, Hacker and Duncan. Hyena and Electric. Beethoven breaks the glass panels and opens the doors. Security is no where to be seen. However, the alarms go off and the lights turn a flashing red. Hacker and Duncan follow him in. Hyena and Electric ride the motorcycle around the back of the building.

The Action Institute recreational room - Screaming Rage (Daniel) is reading a newspaper while Abul and Ronnie play chess. The Action alarm goes off, and the monitor voice calls out, "WOLFE agents initiating assault in Sector 7...Central City....Micheal Kelley Museum, Probable Nature of attack Unknown. Estimated Probability of Hostages : Unknown. Second Occurrence in period of One Month. Major Dick is failing to respond to call."

While the computer speaks everyone is already in motion, headed to their vehicles , pulling on action squad uniforms. Abul calls out, "anyone know where Richard is?" He points to three of the squad recruits. "You are going to secure Katriona's house. Don't scare the little girl. If you find Major Dick - send him to the museum."

Screaming Rage jogs into the garage, "Suit up. Load up. Let's go!"


The Action Squad pulls up to the Museum, Screaming Rage leads the charge into the building. "This is the second time they've come here. Something they want. Find it!. Keep them from it!. Stay in pairs. Computer shows Beethoven and Duncan in the building. That witch Gabrielle could be anywhere - and you don't want to face her alone."

There is an explosion in the second floor of the building. A guard screams. Glass is blown out of all the windows. The alarms fall silent and the lights go out in the building.

Abul murmurs softly. "Damn. this is going to be bad."


Major Dick and Katriona are walking though a moonlit park. they stop before a sparkling water fountain. they both lean in, shadows in profile and kiss.

The explosion goes off, lighting the sky and they break off the kiss, turning to look in that direction. Major Dick's eyes grow wide. He exhales, "The Museum..." He grabs Katriona's shoulders, kisses her again. She looks more surprised at this than the explosion. He presses car keys into her hands. "I have to go. It could be WOLFE." he starts running. Katriona is left standing alone.


Lower Chambers of the Museum - Screaming Rage and Duncan are fighting. Duncan is using a metal staff, it's seems fairly well matched, then Screaming Rage bats him aside, when one of the squad calls for help.

It is too late, Screaming Rage calls out, "Ronnie! NO!"

Ronnie was facing off with Hyena. He stumbles backward, towards a large wet patch of the floor. The Wolfe agent laughs wildly, strikes a match and tosses it onto the gasoline. A curtain of fire erupts and Ronnie screams, then is heard no more.

Screaming Rage moves into toward the unaware Hyena, rage in his eyes. Beethoven steps out of the shadows and smiles grimly. Another fight begins.


Major Dick comes running across the empty street and up the Museum steps. The exterior is heavily damaged. He rushes in.


Electric runs between a line of display cabinets. She has a scepter in her hands - golden and ornate with a bright, shiny ruby or enormous size seated at the top. Abul shoots at her, she ducks and rolls, Flashing him a smile just before he is knocked off his feet by the impact of Screaming Rage being thrown against him.

Electric brandishes the scepter, grabbing at Hyena as she rushes past. "Come on. We've go the toy. The others will take care of themselves!"

He looks over to see Beethoven and Screaming Rage going at it blow for blow and smiles brightly. "Right-o." Then he follows Electric down the dark hall, laughter echoing after him. "Morgan will be so pleased with us!"

Abul and Screaming Rage double team Beethoven. The fight takes several blows. Blood streaming down over one eye, Beethoven stumbles and falls awkwardly, the back of his head making a thunk against a marble pillar. he goes limp and falls unmoving to the floor.

Abul rushes over and checks his pulse. "Still beating. But he needs a doctor."

"So do you. So do I." Screaming Rage grimaces, holding a hand around his rib cage. He staggers over to the smoldering fire in one corner of the room, where a badly burned figure writhes slowly, the face however still somewhat intact, if blackened. ".....Ronnie..." His expression is pained and full of sorrow.

Major Dick comes unto the room, still in evening dress. Abul looks up and gestures that he's taking care of Beethoven, but gestures to Screaming Rage.

Screaming Rage carefully cradles the boy in his arms, "Don't worry son. they'll..they'll pay for what they've done..."

Ronnie coughs up blood. He looks past Screaming Rage to Major Dick, "Sir...they said something 'bout a laser...I heard..." he slumps then, eyes closing, limp.

Screaming Rage, bows his head, over the boy's form and everything is still.


(To be continued...)