Diana Milleti

Diana Milleti Seeks-Mother's-Truth
Once Known as Screams-Mother's-Rage
Homid Galliard; Elder; Pack of the Rising Storm, Camp of the Freebooters
Eldest Galliard, Eldest Fury, Sept of Hidden Waters, San Antonio

"Why did I leave the sept? Because I am no longer the Diana Milleti who served Luna's Shadow, and I can never be her again."

"Death tends to put things into perspective."

Freed from Cages

Lupus Theurge, Cliath
Pack: Talons of Rage

Freed-from-Cages is young, and very confused. We must ask the Glass Walkers to stop "educating" her in the ways of the modern world, it only leads to more confusion...

"Two-Legs not all there!"

Jupiter Ann
Metis Ahroun, Cub
Proud, angry, righteous but with a good sense for timing, Jupiter Ann is a good example of a Black Fury cub. Inicidentally, Jupiter Ann is a she. Don't make a mistake about that, she gets this cold, stony look that says, "I've got your name..."