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Julian Shields-the-Weak
Homid Ahroun, Adren
Eldest Child of Gaia, Master of Challenges, Keeper of the Land; Alpha, Zero Hour

"Peace? The dream of Unity? Son, you've never seen the One Tribe until you've seen a Get of Fenris, a Shadow Lord and a Child of Gaia bar-crawling. They're not just one tribe, they're fucking invisible."


Felice Morningstar
Metis Ahroun; Athro
Anruth; Alpha, Talons of Rage

"The cubs were my first headache. My sept--that was my second headache. The spirits were my third headache...Do you want to be my fourth headache, or will you be making sense today?"


Lupus Ragabash, Cliath
Pack of Zero Hour

"Garou-persons must learn to laugh at selves. Those who laugh at selves never fall to Corrupter. Am only cliath, but this I know, and this I teach."

Talisman Grey, "Not a Word"
Homid Ahroun, Fostern
Warder; Alpha, Pack: Shield of Gaia

Damned to Be Free
Metis Ahroun, Cliath
Pack: Zero Hour

Kodachi, "Kodi"
Homid Theurge, Cliath
Pack: Gaia's Shield