The Hero's Stand

Do not mourn for the fallen,
for they shall live again.
But remember them,
For their tales keep them alive in us.

Sufur oBarr
Shadow Lord Homid Philodox
Once Alpha

Sufur led the Sept of the Shining Springs during the time of Screaming Rage. He was Alpha for many months, but died when he tried to steal the Spiral's Grand Klaive, 1997.

Gabrielle Nightshine
Black Fury Metis Ahroun, Adren
Once Den Mother, once of Knightwatch pack

A warrior dedicated to her pack and her sept, and one still loved by the Garou of Austin. In a great Challenge between the Spirals and the Garou, when each opponent faced the other in single combat or single challenge, she slew three, each greater in power than she, but ultimately died in that battle. Her Labrys, a weapon held by the Black Fury tribe, was passed on after her death, and is currently held by Diana Milleti of Hidden Waters.

Fianna Homid Theurge

Whether a wise Theurge or merely a very busy Theurge none could say, but "Puffs" was surely a very stoned Theurge. It seemed that spirits--particularly the spirits of interesting mushrooms--awakened at his touch. Puffs died in a raid on the pit of the Black Spirals in October, 1997. He was purple.

Talya McHenry Turns-the-Heavens
Homid, Silver Fang, Theurge
Once Master of the Rite, once Eldest Silver Fang

A strong theurge who might have become a leader within the sept; she won her deed-name when she called down an eclipse to cloak the Garou during the abortive 1997 raid which took so many.

Black Fury Metis Theurge
Once Sept Alpha

In the Revel celebrating Bear's winning the Sept from Duncan Avereaux, the Shining Springs went to cleanse a blight--a blight guarded by an Incarna. Bear is no more.

Steals the Glory
Get of Fenris Metis Ahroun, Fostern

Brother to Forge. Steals the Glory fell in battle against the Black Spiral Dancer Abul, second in power to Screaming Rage, in the same battle that took Gabrielle's life.

Jasper Willowbreath
Wendigo Homid Ahroun

Though young and not of great Rank, Jasper demanded to fight against Screaming Rage's Spirals in the greatest battle of the year. He died beside Gabrielle and Steals the Glory, defending his Sept.

Hrothgar Gnaws-the-Wyrm, Guards-the-Moot
Get of Fenris Lupus Theurge; Adren
Once Eldest Theurge; Pack of the Umbral Knights,

Hrothgar was never a friend of the modern world. He destroyed many a Glass Walker's laptop in his day. He died in battle in April of 1998, defending the Sept against Pentex's assault, and fell beside his packmate "Gref" Bridges.

Charles Greffin "Gref" Bridges, Neon Song
Glass Walker Homid Galliard; Cliath
Once of the Umbral Knights

Spirited, cheerful, tinted purple, and without even a dram of common sense, in his life "Gref" made no enemies. He fell defending the Sept of the Shining Springs in April, 1998, and his body was never recovered. The fact that his body spent eight months working toward the Sept's downfall should not be held against the original owner.

Child of Gaia Ahroun Lupus; Adren
Once Alpha of the Pack of the Umbral Knights

Beethoven was many things--a fierce warrior, a leader, a St. Bernard. He grew distant from the Sept after laying claim to an ancestral Klaive of the Black Spiral tribe, and none could understand his motivation. Beethoven fell in battle in June of 1998; during the Rite of the Great Hunt, a messenger of Gaia demanded that Beethoven be slain, that his soul might again visit the Summerlands.

Ryu Hiroshi
Shadow Lord Lupus Ahroun Hakken, Fostern

Ryu fell in honorable challenge against Forge, Get of Fenris Ahroun, contesting the Get on his honor in a recent all-Ahroun raid on the capitol.

Get of Fenris Ahroun Metis; Athro
Once Eldest Ahroun, once Eldest Get, once Eldest Metis, once Battle-Lord, once Master of Challenges, once Jarl of the South Central Region, Pack of the Rising Storm

None could doubt that Forge of the Get was a worthy warrior, though some were uncertain of his ability to lead--still, time and again, he was called upon to protect the Sept. In November of 1998 the Garou made war against the Black Spiral Dancers, who were performing a terrible rite of corruption at the Garou's former home, the Sept of the Shining Springs. The wyrm-powers of the Spirals prevented the great warrior from defending himself, and though the spirits bound to his ancient Klaive fought bravely, Forge himself fell. The Sept is all the weaker for our loss.

Mitch Brown, "Boom-Boom"
Bone Gnawer Homid Ahroun, Fostern
Part-time gun-toting madman, once Den Mother, once leader of the Bad Dogs gang, Pack of the Glass Ceiling

Not too bright, but dedicated and fearless as any Bone Gnawer can be, Boom-Boom came with the Glass Ceiling from Washington, D.C. He enjoyed working with the cubs, and worked diligently to teach Billie, a blind Uktena, the art of firearms. Boom-Boom claimed the position of Den Mother and seemed to be developing a nurturing aspect that not even his pack recognized, when he fell beside Forge in battle--sacrificing himself to destroy an Elder Silver Fang who had gone to the Wyrm--with a little help from a pipe bomb. Boom-Boom is survived by his litter, including Lucky, Butch, PorkChop Jr., Arizona, and Lady--Lady, his heir, was born to the Changing Blood.

Siddartha Binder-of-Demons
Stargazer Homid Theurge; Adren
Once Alpha of the Hidden Path, once Master of the Rite, once Eldest Theurge

Siddartha--known more widely as Sid Binder--warded the sept for many moons; his pack kept great knowledge, and he bound the great demon that so often threatened us. And ultimately, that demon slew him, as he died in a trap set for him, that Mina Bluejay might live. Forge and Binder were often rivals, but both were powerful Garou, and again, we are the weaker for our loss.

Bone Gnawer Metis Ahroun; Adren
Once Alpha of the Glass Ceiling, once Sept Beta, once Eldest Ahroun

Most will remember him as the addled Ahroun who claimed, "I am Wolvie, Alpha of...of..." For all that he was somewhat defocused, Wolvie was a brave warrior. He died beside Sid Binder to rescue Mina Bluejay.

Wendigo Lupus Galliard; Cliath
Of no pack, once assistant to the Den Mother

Watches the Wasichu was a servant to a Sept that never truly accepted him--difficult for a very traditional Lupus of the Wendigo to properly integrate into a mixed city Sept. In April of 1999, while the Glass Walkers and Theurges were plagued by visions of the Pure Ones of the past, Watches brought those to the present. He was possessed by a spirit, either a wrathful and strong Wendigo from his past incarnations or a true spirit of Wendigo itself. Watches broke one of the Caern monuments during Moot, and was overpowered by the Sept. His heart exploded moments afterwards, and his death was mourned by the Den Mother and Eldest Lupus--but few beyond them will remember this wolf.

Java, Oscar Marin
Bone Gnawer Metis Philodox; Adren; Camp of the Idealists.
Once Alpha of the Glass Ceiling, once Eldest Philodox, once Master of Challenges, once Eldest Metis, once Eldest Gnawer, once Speaker of Heaven for Prince

Java was perpetually angry, except around the cubs. Then he was only irritable. He stood as a peacekeeper for the Sept of Luna's Shadow, and as a font of nearly infinite information on all manners of useless subjects. There was an entity that knew more about the Garou pictographs than him...but it was a very large computer. He spent much of his life working to raise the station of his tribe. Java was killed in mysterious circumstances at his junkyard home on May 2, 1999: no body was recovered.

Shades of Gray
Shadow Lord Lupus Philodox; Adren
Pack of the Shining Path, once Eldest Philodox

Shades of Gray died during the Rite of Spring Reawakening in 1999, his body given that Gaia might have life. In August of 1999 the shade of Shades of Grey gave itself up that Garou might escape the umbral realm of Herne the Hunter.

Meara Sings-to-the-Birds, Meara Ferguson
Fianna Lupus Galliard; Adren; Camp of the Songkeepers.
Pack of the Kindred Souls, once eldest Fianna, once eldest Galliard, once Seneschal of Prince, once barwench of the Bard's Revel

One of the best-known tales of Maera is the story of the silver nitrate drinking contest, where the Fianna drank a Black Spiral Dancer six feet under the table--a song which was occasionally stretched over the years. The Sept's Eldest Galliards have changed over the years, but for almost two years she held the songs of Luna's Shadow and the memories of the fallen Shining Springs.

On the Rite of the Great Hunt, the final day of July 1999, Maera stood beside Drains-the-Keg to guard a gate to the realm of the Wyld Hunt. When Black Spirals attacked, they fought, and slew at least one Dancer, but the two Fianna were slain.

None of her pack were witness to her Gathering for the Departed.

Angus Drains-the-Keg
Fianna Homid Ragabash, Cliath

While Angus's da was Fianna through-and-through, Angus himself was a descendant of the original Lassie, and his ma...well, she wasn't much of a lady, unless you followed the Rat-Tribe's definition of "lady." By the way, never insult a Fianna's ma, and ye've had your warning. Drains-the-Keg fell beside Maera Sings-to-the-Birds, protecting the ill-fated hunters in July 1999. His legacy lives on in his still, a possibly hallucinogenic oasis located...somewhere on the sept.

Tears of Rage
Wendigo Lupus Ahroun; Once Eldest Wendigo

Tears of Rage disappeared in July 1999, along with over half the sept, and his name was recorded beside Mosquito's on the stones of honor. He spoke softly, sought knowledge when he could, and filled the stereotype of the wise lupus perfectly--his sanity is missed.

Child of Gaia Metis Theurge, Cub

The cub Seeks-the-Peace came to the Sept between Den-Parents, and slipped through the cracks time and again. When the Den-Father Jules Stands-his-Ground took office, the metis cub was in the middle of some sort of nervous breakdown, had abandoned his pacifistic life in favor of trying to shatter "peace" where he found it--more the road of a Waning Ragabash than a Theurge. Canbeater took the cub's life in August 1999.

Dr. Elanor Flynn
Child of Gaia Homid Theurge, Cliath; Pack of the Urban Legends

Sometimes the quiet one is the one you have to watch, the dangerous one. Flynn was one of the Sept's gentlest souls, a healer by tribe, auspice and by dint of medical training. The Bone Gnawers remember her for her open door and her open refrigerator. Flynn died during the great Moot in 1999, where she went alongside Angie Lords and others to rescue Matthew Oathkeeper from the Black Spiral. She failed, and is no longer with us--a better fate than that of Oathkeeper and Lords.

Bobbie-Sue Dances-the-Night-Away
Bone Gnawer Homid Ragabash, Fostern

Cousin to the Gnawer Ahroun Jet, Bobbie-Sue was the local momma of Austin's Bone Gnawers. She was a dancer and a Garou of no small pocketbook, with a long-standing habit of annoying the Sept Administration. In December 1999 she died at the claws of Jules of the Get of Fenris, apparently while posessed by a bane.

Jason Ward
Shadow Lord Homid Philodox; Once Eldest Philodox; Pack of the Kindred Souls

Ward's death truly served the Wyrm--while investigating the killing of Bobbie-Sue, Ward ran afoul of Timex of the Bone Gnawers, and was very thoroughly made dead.

Bone Gnawer Homid Ahroun, Adren

Timex--now Timex-ithkya--was an Ahroun of great rage who fought alongside the Gnawers of Austin for many months. After Jason Ward's death and the endless arguments surrounding it, he must have fallen to his anger, for when he returned to the Caern on January 7 he was Fomor. And he was killed.

Bone Gnawer Homid Ahroun, Fostern

Jet was, until Timex, the strong arm of the Bone Gnawer tribe, a strong warrior and a decent provider--at least, he had a lot of money from sources he was never too clear on. When Bobbie-Sue died, the Get of Fenris Jules was to suffer the Stone of Scorn. The Bone Gnawers alienated from the Sept were not invited. Jet brought a sniper rifle. He died at the talons of Fury of the Winds.

Once Called Tends-the-Graves
Bone Gnawer Homid Galliard; Once Eldest Galliard, Once Den Father, Once Keeper of the Land, Once City Father, Once Eldest Gnawer of Luna's Shadow, Once Eldest Gnawer of the South Central Region; Pack of the Glass Ceiling, then Pack of the Urban Legends

After killing the cub Seeks-the-Peace, Canbeater fell into disgrace and changed his name to Tends-the-Graves. His packmates Matthew Oathkeeper and Elanor Flynn fell to the Wyrm in Malfaeas, and he kept his name still, it being even more appropriate. He went to Erebus in January, 2000, to redeem himself of his sins, though the Sept of Luna's Shadow did not seem to feel Erebus was enough to redeem him. He died at the talons of Fury of the Winds, bearing his throat in honorable surrender.

Fury of the Winds
Silent Strider Lupus Ahroun; Pack of the Shining Path

In the political chaos following the death of Bobbie Sue Dances-the-Night-Away, Fury of the Winds killed Jet and Canbeater--Canbeater while he was bearing his throat in surrender. Apparently he wished to rid the Sept of Bone Gnawers, because the Strider picked a death challenge with Medibomber--the last, strongest of the Gnawers. They chose champions--Fury of the Winds chose the Fang Ahroun Blood of the First Tribe, and Medibomber chose his former packmate Felice Morningstar. Blood of the First lost the challenge and Fury of the Winds was executed, a disgraced Garou.

Red Lark
Tribeless Homid Ahroun, Adren; Pack of the Rising Storm

Red Lark was an enigma--an otherworldly creature granted her Renown apparently by the spirits themselves. She spent much of her time questing for her identity and working through the convolutions of Garou society. She died in February, 2000.

Sebastian Sterling Iron-Braids
Fianna Homid Philodox; Once Eldest Philodox

Sebastian came to the Sept in January, 2000, and quickly ascended to the rank of Eldest Philodox. He earned respect as a peacekeeper, and was unique in that he gave the Caern's guardian, Moonshadow, attention. While some of his tribe accused him of being too close to the Shadow Lords (and he did start to dress like them, toward the end), he was one of a very few calm voices in Luna's Shadow's general din. He died in April, 2000, betrayed by Thomas Creeley.

Also Called Your-Right-Hand-Man, Train-Spotter-From-Afar, Holder-of-Many-Cards, Swayer-of-Thoughts, Friend-to-many-Lovers, Lover-of-Many-Women, The-Pesky-One-You- Can-Never-Get-Away- From- Who-Is-Always- Around-to-Annoy-You- if-you-are-Mean (Jr), Annoyer-to-all-Business-Owners, The-Helper-of-Friends, Finder-of-Eggs, The-Puller-of-Strings, Opener-of-Eyes, and The- One- And- Only-me
Glass Walker Homid Ragabash, Fostern; Once Alpha, pack of the Mystery Men, once District Attorney of Austin, once Pack of the Urban Legends

Mosquito wasn't the eldest Glass Walker of Austin--that distinction went to Steel Fang--but he might have been the Don, one of the most influential creatures in Austin. Where most Ragabash content themselves with tormenting self-righteous Ahroun, Mosquito tormented cities. He was a mentor of the young Zero Hour pack. He owned many material goods and several businesses, and is a great model of the more acquisitive sort of Glass Walker. Mosquito was taken into Malfeas by Cordelia-icthya, where would be forced to dance the Spiral--but they couldn't hold him. He died gloriously, injuring several Dancers in a final battle, in May, 2000.

Thomas Creeley Hunts-Balance
Adopted Uktena, Homid Galliard, Fostern; Once Eldest Uktena, once Beta of Zero Hour, once Pack of the Mystery Men

Thomas was brought to the sept in late 1999 by Drains-the-Keg. He was born to the Black Spiral Dancers, and it showed in his Crinos form--bat-eared and greenish-furred. He was later adopted into the Uktena tribe, but wasn't much for native American lore or mental stability. He was gung-ho on all things Wyrmish, and was widely regarded as a competent Theurge despite being a Galliard. In late April Thomas made a deal with the human sorcerer Augustus, a pact which led to the death of Sebastian Sterling when Thomas attacked him from behind in an alley. He was killed by his pack alpha, Jack Swordkeeper, when he admitted to the murder--few trusted him, and few mourned the death of this half-mad shapechanger. (Click here for a picture of Thomas.)

Andros Kuros Walks-the-Spirit's-Journey
Child of Gaia. Homid Galliard, Fostern; Once Pack of the Urban Legends; Sept of Hidden Waters, San Antonio

Andros, cousin to Diana Milleti, shared some of her personality--he remembered old injuries, and avoided the Austin Sept for its politics (the thing with the Pokemon must have been from the other side of the family.) He was a good teacher and was often asked to share what he knew--he was an expert on mythology, archery, and was as close to a scholar as most Garou see. In 1999 he made a deal with Stag, leaving him the quarry of Artemis every year--in late 2000 he was wearing a fine set of antlers, and the San Antonio Sept saw him transform into a stag. Artemis kept pace with him this winter, and struck him down.

Alias Redrover
Stargazer. Lupus Ahroun, Athro; Once Pack of the Talons of Rage, once Alpha of Pack of the Wandering Knights, once Eldest Ahroun, once Eldest Stargazer, once Warder of Luna's Shadow

Alias Redrover was silent, serene, and one of the most respected Ahroun in the Sept. He kept to his own for many years, tending the lands of his pack, but returned to Luna's Shadow to guard it in the Fall of 2000. He fell in battle at the Dallas Caern, killed by minions of the Wyrm, March 3 2001--the location of his cubs is unknown. Alias was the model of a wolf-born Stargazer and a mentor to many in the Sept--his loss will linger for years.

Equinox of the Night
Shadow Lord, Homid Philodox, Adren; Once Pack of the Rising Storm, once Eldest Philodox

Equinox of the Night was one of the more stable Eldest Philodoxes Luna's Shadow has seen, and judged impartially and with great calm the few months he held the cursed position. He died March 3, slaughtered by banes while defending the Sept of Hidden Waters, San Antonio.

Damned to be Free
Child of Gaia. Metis Ahroun, Cliath; Once Pack, Zero Hour

Damned to be Free was imposing--an albino Child of Gaia, white fur died in colors not normally found in nature, with not one but two hides over his shoulders--his own skins, retrieved in a variety of strange circumstances, pretty much glorious. Trent Runs-with-Death killed Damned to be Free when the Metis's behavior started to be noticably stranger--it seemed the Metis was going mad. But the rumors of the Sept's elders making some kind of deal with a powerful spirit of Greed in toe form of a Black Dragon are troubling--Damned called Trent Ickthya before he was killed. Falcon never left his side.