Bone Gnawers

Waitin' in line for that ol' welfare check, don't own a thing 'cept the shirt on your back (not a cent to your name, 'till your number comes up) But a cart full of cans and a couple of cubs--Maybe they're yours, least that's what she said, They got six hungry mouths, gotta keep 'em in bread. Gotta scrape, gotta scrounge, 'till your spirit is broke. Another day from your life. Another stain in your coat.

--From Five Dollar Welfare Check and Six Kids Who Might Be Mine Homid Bone Gnawer Blues, Scribbler Unknown


Medibomber Speaks-with-Wisdom, Stormbreaker
Metis Theurge, Elder; Alpha, Pack of the Hidden Watchers
Eldest Theurge

"Hang on. First, let me dedicate this pipe bomb. Then, we'll make it look like a candy-gram--the spirit'll never know what hit him!"

Lupus Ragabash, Fostern

Arguably Austin's most addle-witted creature...

"Sparky! Are you a Bone Gnawer?"
"Sparky! Are you a Good Dog?"
"Sparky! Are you a Get of Fenris?"
"Wait, let me try--Sparky, are you a Black Spiral Dancer?"
"Okay, we kill him now."
"Oh, no no no..."