To: All operatives, Travis County and surrounding districts
From: Board of Directors, TX Re: Austin area "monkeywrench" groups
Date: 1/20/98


To all affected parties:

It has come to our attention that operations in Austin and surrounding urban areas are being delayed by certain supernatural parties.

These parties, allied werewolves collectively called "glass walkers," are directly responsible for the destruction of several warehouses and the deaths of many agents, and are believed involved in such activities as: ecoterrorism, computer and data theft, corporate acquisitions, arson, armed assault, media attacks, legal intrusion and performance art. As a category werewolves are to be considered highly dangerous; this "glass walker" group, however, has acquired heavy artillery and demonstrated a wide array of technologically advanced warfare techniques. Destroy on sight.

Attached you will find a file containing information on all known "glass walker" conspirators in Austin and surrounding areas. Use this information at your own risk: it is 67% probable that the "glass walker" conspirators have acquired these files.


Steel Fang

Steel Fang
Lupus Ahroun; Elder
Alpha of Pack of Rising Storm, Eldest Glass Walker

Steel Fang's reputation is larger-than-life. It's said he walked the Black Spiral Labyrinth, and it's known he's held Alpha of the sept in the past. His clout in the material world seems to cross the Gauntlet itself; even Austin's spirits respect Steel Fang's leadership.

"Let's go do what has to be done."

Homid Ragabash, Adren
Gun-toting madman

La La

La La
Homid Theurge; Cliath
The Theurge to call on when you want things...worse.

Today's Schedule:
Wake Up. Drink "Slurpee."
Screw with Garou.
Check E-mail.
Surf the Web.
Screw with more Garou.
Drink more "Slurpee."

"THEEEUURRRGE! Feed the rash!"


Lupus Ragabash; Fostern
Pack of the Rising Storm

"Shall we play?"