Retribution and Ascendance

The Others

Janetta Elizabeth Katherine Blair
Janet Blair, Speaks with Dignity
Silver Fang Kinfolk, Aunt to Cassian Burgess

"No, I wouldn't say the Ahroun was acting foolishly, of course not. Granted, it would seem that driving an eighteen-wheeler through the nuclear power plant was a little extreme, using a gun to kill a mosquito so to speak, but I'm certain that he had his reasons. Besides which, it's really none of my business, is it? The Garou know best, after all. Now, I really must get back to my laboratory."

Blade of the Tempered Soul

William: On Walkabout
Blade of the Tempered Soul
Get of Fenris (Or Silver Fang?) Metis Ahroun (probably?); Cub (or possibly Athro or Elder)
Much that is known of this Garou is unknown. Yes, that is confusing. He arrived in November of 1998, only a cub, but with memories of Garou long gone--or, in the case of his strange identification with Forge, weeks gone to Gaia. He claims the soul of a Silver Fang lord as his own. This Garou is still an enigma.

"I am the most blessed of Gaia, but that I am a damned soul."

Sharma Depotah: On Walkabout
Once called Follows-Luna's-Path
Once Silent Strider Lupus Theurge, now human Kinfolk
On May 8, 1999, Follows-Luna's-Path's final act as a Garou was to offer himself to the spirits to heal the Sept and the gathered warriors of Gaia; the spirits did not take his sacrifice, but instead stripped him of his Gifts, his Rage and his Gnosis--in short, of all that made him Garou. He is still a potent healer, but something of the joy that once drove him across the roads is now gone.