The Rising Storm is led by the Elder Steel Fang, and of all the packs, the Rising Storm has seen the most of Luna's Shadow and the sept before, the Shining Springs. Other members are Jules Stands-his-Ground (who died twice, but keeps getting better) and Black Fury Diana Milleti of the San Antonio Sept of the Hidden Waters. The Rising Storm is one of Austin's strongest packs, but has little allegience to the Sept of Luna's Shadow. They have saved their members from the Wyrm's strongest talons in the past, and are known for their quick and decisive action.

Alpha: Morgan Anderson. The Kindred Souls originally served Raptor, the Black Falcon, as its totem, and comprised Morgan Anderson and Maera Speaks-to-the-Birds, two "kindred souls" who found a common bond in the strength of the pack. When Maera left the sept on "walkabout," the strength of the pack fell to the Shadow Lords, as Bryce Johnson of the Bringers of Light took her place. Maera rejoined the pack, now devoted to Grandfather Thunder. The pack stumbled when Morgan fell into Harano in May of 1999 and Maera died in July, 1999. The pack is now solidly Shadow Lords, as Walker and Randall joined the pack.

Alpha, Blood of the First. This lupus war-pack serves Fenris as its totem. Talks-too-Much runs with this pack, as does Kari Dove's Cry; the Red Talon Elder, Starless Night; The Fang Ragabash Luna's Gavel, and the Sept Beta Trent. The Shining Path gathered together from Garou who felt a strong tie from lives long past, and work to avert the Apocalypse. The Shining Path lives at Falcon Creek Ranch when they are not at the Caern.

A new pack to Uktena's child, Gecko, formed 10/14/00, dedicated to teaching and spreading knowledge to the Garou. Medibomber, Raindancer and Shadowcatcher are the founding members of this young pack, perhaps picking up the legacy of the Hidden Path from years ago. The Hidden Watchers serve Gecko.

An inter-city pack led by Talisman Grey, Warder of Luna's Shadow. Other members include Kodachi of the Children of Gaia. The Shield of Gaia serves the proud totem of chivalry, Black Unicorn, the second pack to Black Unicorn centered in Austin.

The Pack of the Dead Cat is a young Urban pack, mostly Theurges and driven by intense curiosity without much regard for consequences. Alpha: absent-minded Fang Theurge Cassian Burgess Fangs-rush-In ("Oh, wait, I'm the Alpha....") Other members: Uktena Theurge Little Cloud Sees-no-Evil and Fianna Galliard Niam. No, this combination is not one for balance and sanity, but at least there's someone who will sing their tales.


Finished, Fallen and Forgotten: Packs Past

In 1998, Knightwatch was the oldest of Austin's established packs. Even after terrorist attacks on their headquarters in the summer of 1997, Knightwatch survived, but time and weariness took its final toll. The Alpha, Silent Strider Ramses Speaks-to-the-Dead, went on walkabout, and the previous Eldest Galliard and Eldest Philodox, Rebecca Blaine and Duncan Avereaux, abandoned the sept after the Caern's destruction. Hacks with Abandon served Owl as the pack's final member, but the spirit moved on when Winter drew close.

This once-strong pack of theurges lost their soul, Siddharta Binder, in 1998. They went into a slow decline afterward as their members gradually left the sept. The Hidden Path was also widly known as the "Lost Librarians," as they served Uktena and searched for hidden lore. Their mission was to seek out the Wyrm's weakest points for their strikes.

The Knights followed Alias Redrover, Stargazer, as their Alpha, though his power seemed to be "on loan" from the Fianna Ahroun David Stands-his-Ground. The Summer of 1998 saw the pack break apart on spirit quests and journeys across the ocean, the Galliard Diana Milleti joined the Rising Storm, and the Fianna Pipes the Wyrm Away was...bepupped. These children of Stag have gone their seperate ways.

The servants of Black Unicorn aspired to be the greatest of the Shining Springs' Garou, in honor, wisdom and glory all. Their Alpha was the Child of Gaia Ahroun Beethoven, their Beta Seamus of the Fianna. Also among their ranks were the Glass Walker Galliard Charles Greffin "Neon Song" Bridges, the Get of Fenris Theurge Hrothgar Gnaws-the-Wyrm, Lana the Fianna, an array from the vast family of the Get "Plays- Well- with- Others," and others, some Others, others not. In the great battle of April 18, 1998, "Gref" Bridges and Hrothgar were slain by agents of the Wyrm, and Seamus soon left in sadness, travelling the Umbra for a time. In June, Beethoven was stripped of his rank, and soon his death was called for by an aspect of Gaia herself--and in 1999, Lana McGregor turned toward the Wyrm. The Umbral Knights are no more.

A pack composed primarily of Bone Gnawers and Felice Morningstar, an odd-metis-out Child of Gaia. The Glass Ceiling was dedicated to warding the City, guiding cubs, getting enough to eat, and accumulating new members. Original members Boom-Boom and Wolvgang came south from Washington with Java, pack grew to include Morningstar, Medibomber, Canbeater and Chi-hua-hua. The pack fell when Java, its Alpha, died in May, 1999, though it was weakened before due to lost members (including their former Alpha Wolvie, who fell with Sid Binder) and Morningstar's "outsider" status. Canbeater died in January 2000. The Glass Ceiling served Mama Rat, a powerful Jaggling and a favorite of Rat herself. They served her cheese.

A pack devoted to the training of young leaders, led by the charismatic Child of Gaia Matthew Oathkeeper. The pack was left unsteady when the nucleus of the Austin Mystery Men split off, and splintered when Oathkeeper fell to the Wyrm. The Urban Legends served City Father in his/her incarnation as Leslie. Other members were: Bone Gnawers Canbeater/Tends-the-Graves and Sparky, Children of Gaia Elanor Flynn Heals-with-Calm-Words and Andros.

A very "Glass Walker" invention, the Mystery Men were a franchise pack in Houston, San Antonio and Austin that broke away from the Mystery Men in 1999. Members included Alpha Mosquito, Jeanie Not-All-There, and others. When Mosquito died the Austin branch of the pack collapsed. The Houston branch of this pack is still active. In the pack's history, Angie Lords, once the philodox of the group, fell to the Dancers. She dragged Get Kinfolk Eric Larson to be a Skindancer. Long-time member Thomas Creeley left the pack, then murdered one of his friends and died in disgrace. Some curse seemed to follow this young pack...The Mystery Men served Rattlesnake.

The New Moon was a pack of fine young cliath, including Randall of the Shadow Lords, Luna's Gavel, Ragabash of the Silver Fangs, and Raindancer, Lupus Theurge Uktena. The New Moon served Owl. They faded out over time--Raindancer is now a member of the Hidden Watchers, and Luna's Gavel joined the Shining Path.

Bitchslaps the Wyrm and Marco Dorien Water-Rider led this pack. It was troubled early on--the pack's decision to invite Janetta Elizabeth Katharine Blair, Silver Fang Kinfolk, into the group was a problem from the beginning. Then their Alpha, Silver Fang Wallace "The Midwife," disappeared, and their Beta, Fianna Eric Chessman Shadows-at-the-Crossroads, apparently wandered off. The pack fell apart from attrition soon after, and Marco signed off on it when he joined the Pack of the Dead Cat. Neverwhere served Stag.

Originally founded by Jack Swordkeeper, a rebellious Silver Fang, and Thomas Creeley, an Ukena Dancer Ronin, Zero Hour was created as a unity of outcasts and nonconformists, though at Thomas's death and Jack's abdication it fell to the Children of Gaia Shields-the-Weak, Damned to be Free, and Taunts the Darkness. The pack broke when Damned was killed by Trent in March, 2001. It served Falcon.

This pack followed Griffon and protected the lands surrounding Bastrop Alpha: Athro Child of Gaia, Felice Morningstar. Beta: Stargazer Ahroun, Alias Redrover. Other members include Nameseeker of the Fianna and Freed from Cages of the Furies. The pack was strong in battle, but generally avoided Luna's Shadow. It disintergrated on Alias's death in March, 2001.


No packs are "in formation" at this time.