We are the first tribe. When Gaia blessed Progenitor Wolf and commanded him to protect sacred life, there we were born.

The great world is ours to defend, our birthrite, our legacy to the tribes.

These are the last days. These are our heroes, these our hopes.


Blood of the First, Jarrod
Lupus Ahroun, Elder
Alpha: Pack of the Shining Path; Eldest Lupus

Kari Dove's-Cry
Lupus Galliard, Elder
Eldest Silver Fang; Pack of the Shining Path

Paul Dukhat

Randolph Williams, Luna's Gavel
Homid Ragabash, Fostern
Pack of the Shining Path
Luna's Gavel is a strong lawyer who's fought many great battles for Gaia in the courtroom. He recently decided to fight with his claws, too, but has to get some more practice in that department...

"I really do think Gaia has a great sense of humor, I mean...just look at us. In fact, I am convinced that somewhere in the rain forest there is a pack of were-cows tromping around calling themselves the Bovinia or something equally as absurd. "

Cassian Burgess Guides-the-Mob
Homid Theurge, Cliath; Acolyte of the Ivory Priesthood
Alpha, Pack of the Dead Cat
Cassian Burgess has gotten a good start proving himself as a Garou and a Theurge--he's gotten creative with the Rite of Binding, and has bound banes to his socks, necktie, a door, and other things that were on hand at the time. Cassien has a memory like a broken seive and no attention span to speak of, though, and lost the socks.

"What was I doing? The Gathering for the Departed? Huh. That explains the body, doesn't it. How is it, 'Et introibo ad altare Dei, ad Deum qui laetificat'...uh...something about harps...Hang on, I've got it down in my notebook..."