"Leading does not a leader make; as fools find followers, sickness overcomes our constitution. A leader is not that which is blessed with a tongue with which to find followers but is blessed with eyes with which to find weakness. Thank Gaia and Thunder every day for the blessings you were given in your birth. You are God of that which can not be ruled. You are Tauth Nan Sagathan, Lord of Shadows."

Morgan Anderson

Morgan Anderson
"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." --Martin Luther King, Jr.
Homid Ragabash; Elder

Morgan was born at an unknown place to unknown parents. He grew to age in the Castle of Shadows watched by the eldest and wisest of the Lords. Morgan was told his entire life that he would take the Garou to a better place, only time will tell if he will...He twice stood as Alpha of Luna's Shadow and the Shining Springs, but absented himself from the Sept. His shadow is still over the Sept, though.

Bryce Johnson

Bryce Johnson
Homid Ahroun; Athro; Camp of the Bringers of Light


James Alexander Walker, Shadow Master
On Walkabout--Walker was last seen when he used the Gift: Icy Chill of Despair in an honorable challenge for Eldest Galliard against Shadow-Catcher, in a challenge where "no mind-affecting Gifts" was part of the terms. He stormed out of the sept after the Garou attacked him, arguing the semantics of "mind-affecting."

Homid Theurge, Cliath

While Randall lacks extensive, or even adequate, mystical knowledge, he has a range of gifts and powers at his disposl. He is caught between his respect for procedure and Rank, and a desire to "walk lightly" on the Sept and leave as few traces of himself as possible.

"So you want me to... talk to that specific spirit? Ummmm, I really
wouldn't... I mean, I haven't done this much so... well, what do you want
me to say? Hmmm. Hold on, maybe I ought to get a pen... it was around
here somewhere... I don't know. I think there's an older Theurge over there
somewhere... yeah that's him. Okay... see ya later."