Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 20:55:37 CST
Subject: [d-austin] OOC>Garou, new approach.

A strange thought over Forge's offer to get a basketball scholarship.

(camera shot) a classic americana kitchen with a linoleum topped table. At the table is a blond, freckled faced kid, he is disgruntled sitting in front of a bowl resting his head on his hand, elbow on the table

Mom: What's wrong Nickalus?

Boy: Aw mom, do I have to eat frozen waffles for breakfast?

Mom (stepping into camera view): What's wrong with them? (hugging kid with one arm.)

Voice off screen: No, have a healthy breakfast.

(Owner of voice steps into camera from opposite of mother.)

Boy: Wow! Its Forge, NBA Most Valued Player and lead scoring player!

Forge: Yes, young warrior of Gaia, have a healthy breakfast with Mother's Own Breakfast Cereal. Made of fresh organically grown grain, whole fruits and seeds. (hands kid cereal box with Logo "Mother's Own" and a picture of a styalized Planet earth.)

Boy (voice full of wonder): Do you eat Mother's Own Forge?

Forge (smiling): Every morning young cub. With hormone free milk. Thats how I got my large size, good food!

Mother: Is Mother's Own expensive? I mean with today's finances...

Forge (chuckling): Mother's Own does cost a little more, but considering the quality it makes economical sense.

Boy (while reading the box): Oh Boy! A free action Werewolf Warrior of Gaia figure in every box.

Forge: That's right little earth saver, just like my new action packed cartoon series, Forge and the Fighters for Earth. Be sure to watch us every Saturday morning while we battle the evil despoilers of Earth in the guise of the Corporation Rentex. And with 10 box tops sent in you can have your very on Warriors of Gaia T-Shirt, made with earth friendly dye.

Boy: Forge can you teach me how to dunk?

Forge: I'd be happy to, but first let's have breakfast.

(The three sit down at the table and start to eat, while beaming at the camera)

Narrators voice: "Mother's Own, a special product of Averaux Food products, Forge and the Fighters for Earth are presented as a curtesy of Renaissance Productions."

Camera closes up on Forge who locks on it with his vision, his countanance growing dark : "Remember Kids, Save the Planet, or Forge will break you into little pieces"


Candi Cabaniss