Steel Fang perching. (Actually, SF's player during pre-game announcements)
   Cat Williams, Austin's ADST Garou, preparing for the game
   A rare (dis)appearance by Jack Swordkeeper
   Cat runs the "Wraiths in the Alley" scene--Anthony looks over shoulder, Shadowcatcher in hat, Trent smiling, camera right
   More of the same scene--from left, Cat, Marco Water-Rider, Anthony, Julian Shields-the-Weak, Kodachi
   Scissors beats paper...
   Marco, Julian, Alias Redrover (lower left), Raindancer trade riddles
   Raindancer (or his player) modelling Uktena curiosity, with Care Bear.
   Training Tiny. Den-Father Jules at right, Tiny center in T-Shirt, new Get of Fenris cub in grey shirt at left.
   Heated battle between Marco and Alias Redrover (actually, the players mugging for the clawing out of character.)
   Shadow Lord Kinfolk--name?
   This player threatened to kill me if I revealed his/her name. However, the bribes were not enough...
   Colleen of the Tuatha de Fionn showing off her woads