Photo by Samantha Smith

 Howl at the Moon 2001:

South Central Garou Mini-Regional


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   The Nuwisha in the TV Realm, perhaps encountering Mork.
   Malachi Imotep walks toward his final ritual. Niamh O'Donnel (left) and the Black Fury sisters (names?) right.
   Beginning the Rite (Paul Dukhat at left, please ignore)
  "No, Malachi isn't sitting in the Throne of Ptah." OOC moment during the Underworld quest.
  Underworld Quest: Harpies attack. From left, Chris Swims-Through-Broken-Glass (Strider), Medibomber, Cassidor (GW Ragabash), Niamh, two storytellers.
   A Ferryman, or just possibly Anubis, appears. Silent Striders bow. Cat Williams plays the god in question.
   Meeting Ptah, recieving his six quests--Complete a lost story, Leave one of your shining heroes in my care, release the innocent, murdered souls held in bondage, complete a lost story, or give Anubis back his ches piece. Naturally, they chose the one with tme most combat potential :)
  Dark Dreams (Elder Strider) holding a soulfire crystal, very carefully--a gift from Ibis. Felice Morningstar at left.
   Malachi's spirit stays behind in Ptah's kingdom
  The ritual continues, but Malachi's physical form faltars and drops.
   Matt Williams narrates the last moments and goodbyes of Malachi's earthly existence.
  Last Rites (Bryce Johnson, Shadow Lord Elder, at right)
  Dianna Milletti, Matthew (once Oathkeeper), and (name?)
  <name> tells the story of the Deep Umbral quest at the Sunday Morning Moot
  <name> tells of the Cubs' and Cliaths' journey to the Legendary Realms
  Niamh tells about the Underworld quest--and the enfante wraiths' escape from their Cauls. Her packmate Little Cloud (who released, accidentally?, the wraiths) cheers in the LL corner.
  Can anyone tell me who this note was from, who's holding it, and whatever else might be interesting?
  The Morning Moot