Scare 2k1 Garou Game

Photos by Jacob Williamson,

   Silent Striders crash the Fianna Moot. Shadowcatcher (left) recieves money for Pixie Stick product placement.
   Fianna Moot (with Striders)
   Black Fury Twins at Rite.
   I didn't hear the story behind this one, and I don't know why the ARVL Garou is swooning, but they told me I had to get a photo...
   Medibomber. You can't see him.
   Paul Dukhat
   Julian Shields-the-Weak and Felice Morningstar talking to Bone Gnawer Eldest Theurge, Rebecca Anklebiter.
   At the Gathering for the Departed
   More from the Gathering at the close of the game--In Character, that's a bonfire.