Scare 2k1 Kindred Photographs

Photos by Jacob Williamson,

   Cat Williams's harlequin-- strangely appropriate :)
   Local Boy Chris--you can just see Stephen Richarme in the background.
   Austin Kindred at the Toreador Ball
   Toreador Ball--spectators area
   The meeting of the "People Too Cool for the Toreador Ball" club. At this pass, the balloon has been in the air thirty seconds now.
   This photo was harder to Photoshop than most--I think the colors on the cloak gave the software problems...
   At the Ravnos Wedding--Austin Local Diedra Aery
   Ravnos Wedding, Groom at right
   If someone can tell me what this form of artistic expression is, I'd love to know--it's neat!
   Wide shot of Ravnos--at 27 (?) Kindred, the largest meeting of the Clan to date!