November 14, 1999: Pease Park, Austin

   Steel Fang (GW Ahroun Lupus) lectures Lala (GW Theurge Homid) on the Weaver. Lala lectures Steel Fang on the "Matrix."
   The staredown between Malika (Strider Homid Ragabash, left) and Jeanie Not-All-There, Also known as Gaia-Wants-Blood, reaches the half hour mark. Also features the legs of former King Sebastian Grey-Eyes-Dawning (Silver Fang Homid Ahroun, in trenchcoat), Jules Crann (Get Homid Ahroun, in baseball cap)
   Pause during umbral quest, to enjoy a "fire." From left, Wandering Learner (Strider Homid Philodox), Timex (Gnawer Homid Ahroun), Lala, Not-All-There, and Silver Fang Kinfolk <name unknown>
   Medibomber (BG Metis Theurge) looks west into a bright future.
   Steel Fang looks away in a staredown, making Kari Doves-Cry Alpha of Luna's Shadow. Talks-Too-Much (Gazer Lupus Theurge) watches intently. Medibomber does not.
   Just about every Silent Strider in Texas in one spot, forming a pack. From left, Malika, Runs-On-Bloody-Paws, <?>, Malichi Imtohep, Runs-Before the Storm (Strider Lupus Galliard), Wandering Learner.
   Another shot of this momentous occasion--Striders get testy when you have the flash too high!