South Central Annual Regional Event, 2/25/00, Temple, TX

   Former Silver Fang King Sebastian Grey Eyes Dawning, well-scarred. Felice Morningkill stands at far right, wearing black, Austin Shadow Lords gather at rear, in black.
  Umbral Quest begins. Bryce Johnson, Shadow Lord, reclines at right. Everybody going to Malfeas, smile.
   Rebecca Anklebiter shows up for dinner with Austin's Bone Gnawers.
  A double- handful of Silent Striders together in one place, another rare shot.
   SCARE photographer Billie "Andros" Martinez. Mosquito of Glass Walkers stands at right.
   Morgan and Steel Fang argue about sending Elders to Malfeas.
   Morgan Anderson (Shadow Lord Elder, Right). ANST Shifters Ron Levy, left. Perhaps discussing sewing tips, perhaps not.
   Walker and Malika (Shadow Lord Galliard, Strider Ragabash)
   "Walker Marking His Territory." Please don't distribute this one--he might get mad :)