8/19/00 Double-Chapter Garou Game, UTC 2.112A, UT

A little more informal than most of our games--Steel Fang isn't wearing his trademark T-Shirt. Pictures from the Moot.

   Moot: The Reading of the Litany, the Fool asks questions. Steel Fang at left, Taunts the Darkness as Fool, Shadowchaser (about to claim Eldest Galliard) perches upper right, lower right <Fianna?>, right an underdressed Raindancer.
  Ahroooo! Beginning the Cracking of the Bone...
   Questioning the Fool, part two. Note the Fianna's boots. Feet of flames?
  Cracking the Bone: Julian Shields-the-Weak challenges for Sept Alpha
   Steel Fang offers council, following previous challenge. Taunts the Darkness looks on.
  Webmaster and digital camera owner finally gets a picture :) Eric Chessman, Fianna, with wand, cup, and pentacle on cord--they won't let me bring a knife to the game.