The Path of Almost Certain Temptation: Fianna Kinfolk and the Wandering Knights

From: "Roy F. Cabaniss" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 09:15:14 -0600

Folks: This is too good to hold onto. It's the result of some INTENSE roleplay in the new Fianna Pub in Austin. Well, and maybe also some roleplay in the back rooms too. I did some cutting and pasting from posts from various people in the Sept as we discussed a recent revel. It just goes to show that BSD's are not all our intrepid heros have to fear.

Felice Morningstar.

Did anyone check for wyrm taint?

Yep, just good old healthy hormones. Anyway, I hear that wedding bells are just around the corner for David Hawke (Stands his ground). Also it seems that one of Joesph's sons and a certain lupus female (Pipes away the Wyrm) from a certain new pack got very intimantly aquainted.

Can joseph save some money and schedule a double? I'm sure something can be arranged. Yes folks.... spring is here and love is in the air. (Not to mention the fianna brew.) The rest of that pack appears to have a large bullseye from those kianna kinfolk. They would like to meet with some other members of the sept. I understand that Morgan is available.


ITEM in newspaper this week:

David Hawke and Margret MacDey will be married at St. Johns Catholic Church on.......

Overheard in the guys dorm:

"She said her name was Pipes...DAMN was she....(for the sake of morality I will stop here)

Comment from Joseph MacDey:

"Morgan, ya say? Oh, he is Shadow Lord? Hell, (looks around...whispers) I would rather me daughter marry a spiral! at least they are honest!!!"


Now I'm REALLY glad I'm not den mother.

David Hawke wrote:

Uh can this wedding be delayed or something?? I have important things to take care of. I know Marget is a lovely lady, but I'm just not ready to be glued to one women. Besides Marget would be better off with Morgan. Besides I have a small pack to take care of right now, and I think I have to talk to my girlfriend about what is going on so. If you don't mind I will try to hide *ahem* my bad try to delay this. Besides I'm not that attractive, and I'm very sick. So if you all don't mind I hope to give my apologizes to the McDey family for their generious opportunity.

David Hawk (Stands His Grounds)


Why David, I'm surprised at you! "It ain't my fault"! If you hadn't wanted to get married, settle down, and have cubs, you shouldn't've let yourself be seduced! And I don't want to hear any moaning about not being able to help yourself - -- one of the things you shall have to learn is more control! It was quite easy for some of us to rebuff unwanted advances -- you just didn't think about the consequences, now did you? tsk, tsk, tsk.

And yes, you will be attending that wedding.


Alias Redrover, Alpha of the Wandering Knights pack

OOC: sucker...


Alias I will not attend this wedding this was not out of love, but out of trickery. I shall not have anything to do with such things. You must understand friend I shall not go to the wedding unless I have been ordered or told, but know this it is against what I believe in love or what I believe a wedding is.

David Hawke (Stand's His Ground) Beta of Wandering Knights


hey-- it wasn't easy for others-- (i.e. me)-- to rebuff advances; sometimes things just happen:-) and a word of advice to David of my pack-- you ought to know that wolves mate for life... speaking of which, does anyone know where I can find Tim:-)? (the NPC fianna kenfolk, etc)

OOC: I still can't believe I lost every freeking challenge to go against this!! geewhiz!! I guess what Roy said was true-- this storyline was just meant to happen! oh well, pretty good for just my second garou game:-)

Pipes the Wyrm Away



Uh, David, I don't think they were asking. (Can you say Silver Loaded Shotgun?) Besides, You already have a few little cubs on the way, right. So Is Forge invited or does he have to crash?


David Hawke wrote:

Sure Forge is invited, but I don't think I'll be showing up if they can pin me down and drag me to the wedding. Because I ain't going, and it ain't my fault she is pregnant.

Sid Binder:

Ohhh I get it. Son, they are probably Catholic, they only believe in one immaculate conception.

David Hawke wrote:

She bloody seduced me that bloody temptress bloody seduced me. So you can crash or go yourself, but I ain't going to that bloody wedding.

David Hawke (Stands His Ground)

Sid Binder

David, it's bad enough that so many of us leave our children. And it's hard enough to find a woman that shares the same interests (and you evidently share one, rather enthusastically I hear.) Now don't feel bad. And don't try to run. I understand their tracking abilities are honed through centuries of practice.

BTW, did you ask if she could cook?


I don't think you'll have a the Fianna have pretty firm thoughts about that sort of thing, y'know lad, family and all.



David, the women in the Sept wanna talk to you. Soonest.

I see a tale in the making.

Jumps through Hoops


Sure I guess Jumps.

David Hawke(Stand's His Ground)


I am making a point to be very careful of these people at the new pub. My condolences to you David, but if you can'tcontrol Mr. Happy, you're destined to go around life cleaning up his..."spills". Yes that means you probably don't have any choice but to marry the woman. My suggestion to you is to give it a chance, you may not mind it. That goes especially if she's...productive. You know having healthy children, especially ones who breed true, can be worth renown don't you?

Don't get me wrong folks but I think I'm going to be spending only a marginal amount of time at this pub... at least until the fiery skirts are somewhat more satisfied.

Ramses Speaks-to-the-Dead,


Elder, Who's "Mr Happy?" And if David is mated why doesn't he stay with her?

Jumps through Hoops


Ramses I know its worth renown, but it ain't love. And I tried to control myself, but the bloody wench was in my face. I'm mean she sort of seduced me pretty bad.

David Hawk (Stand's His Ground)


Guess you'll just have to base the relationship on sex.

It can be done. Sometimes it's the best basis there.

Ramses Speaks-to-the-Dead,


Mr. Happy is David's little winking warrior that got him in this mess. His wrinkly cyclops. His shaft of sensation. His head without a brain. His monkey bar. His beef stick (or slim jim, I wouldn't know). The captain's log, his fertility ability, the pixie stick (especially among Fianna), his tickle pickle. It's his member, Jumps.

I'm in a fun mood tonight, must be a good cycle for me. If David is mated I suggest you ask him all the questions about his personal life. I don't have much information on that and it's not for me to know.

Ramses Speaks-to-the-Dead,


Seduced me pretty bad sounds like a contradiction in terms. Sounds more like she seduced you pretty good.

Sid Binder.


Thanks Sid. I guess I'm screwed. Damn it I wasn't planning to raise a bloody family yet, and I wanted more time to think this over with.


David Hawke (Stand's His Ground)


I will speak to MacDey. As a kinfolk, he took advantage of the youthfulness of the fianna here.

As for you David Hawke, I am calling the elders and kinfolk to see about your "girlfriend" alibi.

And as for seduction, Margret is a good irish catholic kinfolk girl looking for a husband. David, you were born homid. If you don't know how to politely stop a woman's flirtations, than maybe you should get married and have her teach you.

Among kinfolk, MacDey is seen as crafty. He did not become a rich lawyer by playing nice. He did not tell me he was coming, though he had gotten the names of the new fianna from me

I personally succeeded in persuading him to leave me out of his plans quite easily. (willpower, persuasion, shifting to glabro, and merit true love)

(OOC: anyone ever hear of Willpower? and spending it? and FAIR

David Hawke

Jumps I have someone else in my life right now, and she would be pretty pissed off if she found out about what is happening right now. I guess I'm already screwed. *sighs* I'll see ya at the wedding.



I guess I will get married. There is nothing I can do but live with the mistakes I have made, and I guess everybody is invited. So I'll see ya all there, and if you don't make it fine. *sighs* Okay well end of conversation.


With thanks to Roy Cabaniss for collecting this weirdness....