Name: Austin by Night

Venue: White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade

Game Times: Alternate Saturday nights, 6-12:00 or 6-2:00 am (subject to change)

Usual Location: University of Texas (UTC building, Student Union)

Notes: Austin by Night is a registered University of Texas organization that hosts Kindred/Anarch games for the Camarilla (White Wolf's official fan club). Membership ranges from 20-100 attendants, usual numbers being 20-30. Visitors from Camarilla domains in San Antonio, occasionally Houston and other Domains. Possibility of interacting with a worldwide Kindred chronicle (including out-of-city games; mail lists for Clans, Ghouls, Bloodlines; five-state regional games with 200-300 players; and the Camarilla's annual convention; Sabbat game in formation). Since February, 1997 (?). $20 membership after first month or two of play.

Contact: Jacob Williamson (