Name: In Nomine LARP Austin

Venue: Steve Jackson's In Nomine (Angels and Demons role-playing)

Game Times: Alternate Sunday nights, 6-12:00 (subject to change)

Usual Location: University of Texas (Student Union, UTC Building)

Notes: The In-Nom game runs from 10-20 regular players, most players having both a demon and an angelic character. Source material is SJG's In Nomine game and Night Music, the supplement for Austin, Texas (an uneasy truce between Heaven and Hell lets both sides get along to the important business of playing with humanity without any direct conflict--most scenes run in Austin, with occasional visits to the Celestial realms, usually in downtime). Character creation is traditional IN rules, with some modification for a rock-paper-scissors challenge resolution and speedier combat. Website contains the most current edition of the house rules (the rest of the site isn't regularly updated--communication primarily over maillist.)

Contact: Jacob Williamson, listmod (