Venue: Quest-type "contact" LARP, fantasy universe

Game Times: Game weekends roughly once a month, regular 2-3 hour games--contact for information.

Usual Location: Balcones District Park

Notes: NERO Austin/San Antonio is part of a national live-action group, one of the largest in the United States. The A/SA branch began in 1998, and currently holds NERO Weekend games on a roughly monthly basis, with smaller games scheduled regularly. NERO emphasizes quests, modules, and character (a contact said a NERO event is much more like a D&D module than a sporting event--complete with treasures, NPCs, monster encounters and even taverns. According to their website this is "immersive" role-playing, and game masters work to create a detailed world for characters to interact with.) The NERO group meets prior to going to their game site to check over characters, so check contact for more information.

NERO's yearly membership fee is $25, a trial "NPC" membership for a single event is $5. Entry fee for full 2-3 day NERO events (including good cabins and campgrounds) runs in the $40 range. Members can NPC to attend free events.

Contact: Justin (, game master; Marcia (, volunteer