Pease Park

A long greenbelt running alongside North Lamar, from about 15th Street to 24th Street. Pease Park is open for games on a "first-come, first-serve" basis. The south end of the park has a playscape, volleyball court, public restrooms and waterfountains. The middle and north end of the park has a few large grassy fields, often used for Amtgard and High Fantasy Society games. The west side of the park has sparse forest Apocalypse Austin has used for Werewolf games in the past. The east side of the park has some interesting Roman-style pillars, but runs alongside Lamar and has a population of forest-dwelling Frisbee Golfers, neither of which are good for games. Pease hosted Spamarama, Eeyore's Birthday Party and at least eight years of fantasy RP--it's hard to scare the locals.


Mopac to Enfield, Enfield east toward Lamar. Just before Lamar take Parkway left--there's a small parking lot on the south end of the park, near the playscape. Alternatively, take 24th Street east toward Lamar, and turn right on Parkway--this will take you to the north end of the park with the big, grassy fields.

IH 35 to Martin Luther King, MLK west to Lamar. A left turn will take you toward Enfield.

Any clearer or more accurate directions appreciated.

Map here.