University of Texas at Austin game sites

The University of Texas system is a relatively cheap way to get large, bland auditoriums capable of holding 200 or more guests. The trick is that as a general rule, only UT organizations can reserve them. Students will have to handle the paperwork and renew their organization's status every year; a regular "officer" of some kind helps to keep room reservations running smoothly. Except in the most difficult cases (finals, massive campus-wide parties) UT can provide some kind of room (a 60-person classroom is usually availible somewhere). Most buildings can be used up to 12:00 PM, and the Texas Student Union can be used until 2:00 AM. Room reservations cost $5, Union reservations are generally free but are subject to strict food-drink rules, smaller rooms and more difficult scheduling, and a vicious "three strikes" policy. Parking is difficult, and during football season you'll want to carpool.

Directions: Take IH35 to Martin Luther King, and go west. UT is downhill and on your right, you can't miss the tower. Speedway and San Jacinto will both lead you into areas that have occaisional parking; Speedway is more central. Immediately on turning right on Speedway you will see a small parking lot on your left, and a large one on your right. Both of these are open on weekends. Across the street on MLK are several large, state-owned lots that are also open on Saturday, and a little less crowded. Native Austinites may wish to consider parking at their favorite lot on Guadalupe/Lamar and taking the Capital Metro #1 or #5 in.

Apocalypse Austin and Austin by Night regularly use the UTC building (a large building on University and 21st with two 300+ seat auditoriums and several 50+ rooms in the basement). In Nomine LARP and Austin by Night sometimes reserve rooms in the Union (just off Guadalupe, across from the Barnes and Noble).

Maps (with emphasis on parking) here. Specific game sites.