Obligatory Link List: Austin/Gaming sites and other relevant URLs

Note: Links to the various businesses, games and their websites are included with their write-ups.

The Austin Gamer's Group: since mid-1999 this organization has been providing information on games of all types for the Austin area. Their e-groups list is moderated and only allows for announcements, no discussion, but is still a good resource. A little quiet lately.

LARP Austin: Our page hosted by e-groups, loaded with features I am still trying to understand. Check here for archives, back-posts and group history.

Yahoo Austin: Subject index for the Austin Area, with local news and weather.

Armadillocon: Local yearly convention for SF/F fandom. Site doesn't seem active right now.

Austin Area Parks

Austin Maps: Collected by UT Austin's libraries.

Yahoo Map of Austin, wide shot. This map is generated by Yahoo's computers, and I'm not sure how reliable this link will be. Zoom function, street directions. Nice site, useful for finding game sites.

LARP Listings: These are sites for groups I haven't gotten information from yet, for completion.

NERO: "Contact" gaming with a quest emphasis.
Amtgard: "Contact" gaming, field combat, Sword and Sorcery
High Fantasy Society: "Contact" gaming, emphasis on medieval re-creation and artisanship.