Et Cetera: An Incomprehensive List of Everything Else

The Leather Factory (512)302-4440
A gamer-friendly leather, hide and fur store, The Leather Factory has a special discount for members of the SCA, Amtgarders, and other gamers that want to finish their costume off with a piece of something that used to moo (or in some cases bleat or eat carrots). Sells leather, skins, and leatherworking goods and kits. Located on IH35 near 51st street (5318 Cameron)

The Corner Shoppe (512)451-7633
For all your dead-animal needs (at least, those not covered by The Leather Factory). The Corner Shoppe is a taxidermy studio that does side-business in fur, tails, beaks, feathers, claws, skulls, antlers, heads, and other parts the animals aren't using anymore. Not an establishment for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. A great store for anyone playing the more traditional sort of Garou from "Werewolf: The Apocalypse." (5900 N. Lamar)

Uncommon Objects (512)442-4000
Bits and pieces, bottles, old medical texts, a great jewelry cabinet, and an indescribable range of weird stuff. The name of the store is very descriptive. A great place to go to find props (not any specific sort of prop, mind you, props in general), not the best for a specific item. A little pricy. Right in the heart of "SoCo" (the artsy South Congress strip centers), so there are lots of vintage stores nearby, and Lucy in Disguise is a few doors down--free parking for two hours. (1512 S. Congress Ave.)

Quonset Hut (512)494-1162
Nice little military surplus store, with a range of combat boots, jackets, hats, cookware, medallions, patches, and other necessities for that "just got in from WW2" look. Claustraphobia-inducing, and camouflage is not for every venue. For more military surplus check out Banana Bay, which may have a better selection of medals but higher prices. (479-8608, San Gabriel near 29th) (Quonset Hut: 2815 Fruth St., near 29th and Guadalupe and Toy Joy).