A couple of maps nicked from the University of Texas map site, special emphasis on parking spaces. The first of these maps shows the Jester Center parking garage, the bright green area marked "67." This is generally free parking past 4:00 and all day Saturday-Sunday, making it a good lot for beginners. Weekend parkers may also benefit by parking across MLK Blvd. at the state-owned parking lots, which generally don't fill up except when UT is having a football game.

Game locations on this map: Upper Left, marked "UTC," the University Teaching Center. Features two large auditoriums on the ground floor, and several reservable rooms in the lower level. Austin by Night has held Vampire LARPs in Jester Center's auditorium in the past (top center, "JES").

Parking in the Communication Building area, below: W. Dean Keaton (26th Street) has a decent parking lot (brown outline, right, marked 31) which is open weekends and weekdays past 6:00.

Tower parking...does not exist. The Austin In Nomine LARP and the Austin Camarilla LARPS will sometimes reserve the Texas Union (UNB below, upper left) for games--it's easily accessible by bus. Travellers familiar with the Austin area may wish to park in the residential/dorm areas west of Guadalupe near campus for a Saturday game. Infrequently Apocalypse Austin will reserve rooms in Welch Hall (WEL, upper right). Inexperienced parkers are advised to use the 26th Street lot above, and walk to Welch along Speedway (the unlabled road on the right of the lower map) or in the Jester Center lot (top map), each time using Speedway as a good landmark street.