Assorted IC news, 1998

Date: Fri, 03 Jul 1998 09:53:54 -0500
From: "Roy F. Cabaniss" <>
Subject: [d-austin] in the Austin-American Statesman

This is a small story on the obituary page of the Austin American Statesman.

Memorial Services to be held Thursday at 1 PM at the Presbetarian Seminary Chapel for Prudence Prescott, Chairwoman of the Ballet Austin's highly successful 'Stars & Angels' scholarship program.

Miss Prescott and another woman, whose identity remains unreleased to the public at this time, pending the police notification of the nearest relatives, were victims of a wreck on IH35 early sunday morning.

At this time, the DPS spokesman released the following information, "Apparently Miss Prescott's car overheated from operating at high speeds and she pulled over to be picked up a few minutes later by the driver of a white neon. The two women were heading for New Braunfels when an 18-wheeler going south on IH35 crossed the median and hit the car head on. Death was instantaneous for all involved. A cache of illegal drugs were found in the cab of the truck and the driver showed a blood alcohol level in excess of the legal limit."

Miss Prescott is survived by her parents, three sisters and a brother. The funeral will take place at the family home in California on Friday. The Family has asked that instead of flowers, donations be send to the Prudence Prescott Foundation, which is to be established in her memory as a continuing support for the growth of Ballet Austin.

News Leadups for the Black Rose Ball 1998:

Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 23:56:47
From: William Duvic <>
Subject: [d-austin] scregion News Story

The following news reports appear on TV stations everywhere.

"Tonight in the news, the Army Corp of Engineers have yet to determine the cause of an explosion under the city of Austin, Texas, last week. Seismologists at the University of Texas at Austin, also affected by the explosion, have stated that the explosion was centered primarily under the downtown and University areas.

"On another note, several strange occurances have been reported within the city of Austin this week. Reports of bizarre weather phenomenon have been coming in for over a week now. Rain storms that appear with little to no warning, then storm for days at a time. Red lightening bolts have been seen around the city, some not even coming from clouds, but from a clear sky. The National Weather Service has stated that they are still researching this strange phenomenon, but that they had found nothing conclusive yet."