What They Want You To Hear!

The information in these articles is or was availible via television, newspaper, radio and word-of-mouth, and is "public," as opposed to influence-acquired, information.

Assorted articles 1997: Destruction at Nightwatch, Masque Breaches, Veil Breaches, vandalism, Avalon Toys and other strange things

Assorted articles 1998: Red Weather, Obituary

Assorted IC Information 1998: Compiled from the Domain Influence reports, 7/98-9/98

1/8/99: Unseasonably cold weather, investigation of bombings, drugs and all imaginable sex acts between adults legalized, church vandalism, juvenile discipline

1/30/99: Unseasonably cold weather, juvenile discipline, disappearing children, gas station murders, DA pornography scandal, doctor disappears, church vandalism

2/11/99: Red cross investigates blood loss, unseasonably cold weather, crime rates decline/traffic violations increase, raised spirituality, Fox-13 transformer blows

2/12/99: Capitol and night club bombing, unseasonably cold weather, infant kidnapping, socialite disappears, church sells indulgences, Darque Nights reopens

2/25/99: Major Dick riots, AMD plant fire, vigilantes, blood thefts, unseasonably cold weather, insanely liberal laws cause problems, The Nest opens, SS book reading

3/10/99: Hate crime rampage, street performer traumatized, strict control of criminals, tea

3/18/99: Riot aftermath, Save our Springs protects McKinney Falls

3/25/99: Antique crossbow stolen, church vandalism leads to religious solidarity

4/2/99: Ranch destruction reveals possible new cult, flea market fire, Thomas Freeley enters DA election, migrating lobsters

4/9/99: U-Haul tell-tale clue in liquor store robbery?

4/15/99: Ancient hunting horn stolen, Round Rock woman killed, Thomas Freeley elected DA, mermaid sighting, Capitol crimes, Celtic dance

4/22/99: Ecoterrorist attacks, wolves in the streets, construction foreman killed, Arachnophilia, Ninja kidnapping

5/15/99: Housewife Murders continue, education reform, drug laws, Blue Monday, Prometheus opera, Save our Springs, celebratin' spring

5/30/99: QuikieMart Assaults, burning rubbish spreads smog, more on the hunting horn.

6/11/99: Little Lisa's Night Out's first CD, HR 739 repealed, weird flowers

6/16/99: Missing Persons, Councilman Stanz, Low Crime, New Gang

Summer 1999: The Weekend Warehouse Bomber, Kill All the Wolves, Assorted Terrorism

9/1/99: Renn-Fest War, Wolf Dragged to Death, Friendly Fraternity, Missing Persons

9/9/99: School Bus Slayings kill Six, Housewife Killer Kills One, Renn-Fest Fights Kill Nine, Christians Gather for Prayers...can you blame them?

9/18/99: Renaissance Festival Brawls even stranger, DOA and ZRO throw party, Christians throw lunch

10/1/99: Frat Row parties, DWI and Missing Persons

10/9/99: Phil Harmonic found dead, Shriners' Hospital fundraiser, local interest

11/6/99: Missing Persons, Council Election, Shriners' Hospital Fundraisers, Y2K increases Blood Bank Security, Interfaith Council Protests Increasing Evil




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Note: The intent of these documents is to create a sense of realism in a fictitious world. The use of the names of real individuals is not intended as an insult and portrayals of these individuals have no basis in fact. The use of business names is not intended as a violation of copyright. The world we, the Camarilla Domain of Terra Inmortorum, are creating is based in Austin, and verisimilitude requires the use of Austin landmarks, locations and personalities.

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