1214 Quaker Ridge
Austin, TX 78746

To work on a creative team to help design eye-catching and effective retail presentations.


Two years amateur experience with Adobe Photoshop. MA in writing from the University of Texas at Austin, with coursework in education and journalism. Writing published by Austin company Steve Jackson Games and Pinnicle Entertainment Group in Colorado. Copyediting and HTML design experience.


Experienced user of MS Word, Adobe Pagemill (WYSIWYG web development software). Basic familiarity with desktop publishing software, MS Excel, MS Access, HTML scripting. Quick study on unfamiliar software.


Retail/Customer Service experience: 6+ years of sales, ordering, bookkeeping, stockwork, and the rest of the odd jobs of small business management. Strong communication skills. And I make a very good Mocha Latte cream pie.


Master of Arts: Creative Writing (UT Austin Graduate English Department, 1998-2000)
Bachelor of Arts: English (UT Austin, 1993-1998)
Other Coursework: Education minor, substantial Journalism/Communications work


Substitute Teacher, Eanes Independent School District, Austin, TX, Feb. 1998-present
Customer Assistance, Spirit Halloween Superstore, Austin, TX, Autumn 2000
Teaching Assistant, UT Austin, 1998-2000
Volunteer/Assistant Manager, St. David’s BookShop, Austin, TX, 1994-present


Portfolio: A few samples from my recent work.
Austin by Witchlight: Resource for an Austin-area "shared world" fantasy game. I designed these pages and created all graphics except the background (public domain) and the animated GIFs.


I'm self-taught on Adobe Photoshop--it's a rich program, and getting more sophisticated every year. By the time I finish digesting the full wisdom of the "Photoshop 5 Bible" Adobe will be releasing v.8.5, no telling what bells and whistles that package will come with! Here's a couple of finished photo edits from "Austin by Witchlight," above. Click on the thumbnail images images for a full view.


First, an off-the-cuff antiquing job--a few days after I finished this I found a much more detailed sepia-tone effect, but I like the burned edges on this piece. Next, same model, messing around with lighting effects and Adobe's "custom brushes" for sparkles and lens flares, and some adjustment of brightness/contrast to add highlights to the model's dress and the large brass "B" overhead. Third, a more complicated image--first, model stands against brick wall. I masked her out to keep her portion of the image clear, feathered and pattern-filled in a British Fairy Painting for backdrop (stretching out the image a bit to carry some elements of the Rackham picture past model), pasted the model back in, and used the blur-brush to tone down the leftover sharp edges. Lastly, using some of the same techniques, model masked out; filters (clouds, difference clouds, difference blend, find edges and some color/contrast balance) used to create a fiery backdrop which was feathered and blended into original image; copy of model's image pasted in and edited (wind filter, blend with fire layer) to add in orange haze, layers merged and a faint highlight given to area surrounding model. Model distorted and blurred to blend in with fire image.

At this point, most of my friends run away when they see my digital camera.

2001 by Jacob Williamson