1214 Quaker Ridge
Austin, TX 78746


Position integrating creative ability, design, broad knowledge base and research skills, and strong interpersonal skills.


Amateur game designer, 7+ years (a youth misspent on science fiction, fantasy and role-playing games of all sorts). Articles published: "World of Obsessive Gloominess" (White Wolf Games satire, Pyramid Magazine Online October 1997 (?), Steve Jackson Games); "Tempests" (material for Hucksters & Hexes from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Inc., "Deadlands" game setting; 1998). 3 years web development and graphics experience (below).


Experienced user of MS Word, Adobe Pagemill (WYSIWYG web development software), Adobe Photoshop. Basic familiarity with desktop publishing software, MS Excel, MS Access, HTML scripting. Quick study on unfamiliar software.


13 years experience role-playing games from across industry (fantasy, horror, Sci-Fi, modern). 2+ years experience in "The Camarilla," a world-wide Live-Action Game organization, as an administrator and game master.


Retail/Customer Service experience: 6+ years of sales, ordering, bookkeeping, stockwork, and the rest of the odd jobs of small business management. Broad knowledge of themes related to game design (SF/fantasy/horror literature, magic and the supernatural, classical mythology, a writer’s knowledge of world design, linguistics, geology, history, theology, psychology and character development, biology, and all the other -ies implicit in a Liberal Arts education). Excellent research skills and modest reference library. Rewriting and copy editing experience. And I make a very good Mocha Latte cream pie.


Master of Arts: Creative Writing (UT Austin Graduate English Department, 1998-2000)
Bachelor of Arts: English (UT Austin, 1993-1998)
Other Coursework: Education minor, substantial Journalism/Communications work


Substitute Teacher, Eanes Independent School District, Austin, TX, Feb. 1998-present
Customer Assistance, Spirit Halloween Superstore, Austin, TX, Autumn 2000
Teaching Assistant, UT Austin, 1998-2000
Volunteer/Assistant Manager, St. David’s BookShop, Austin, TX, 1994-present


HTML and Writing Samples:
Austin by Witchlight, Sept of Luna's Shadow: Both of these were designed to supplement the Austin Camarilla Live-Action Game. The first is a recent project, and I designed all the static images used and wrote all text. However, it is a work in progress, a few weeks old. The second is a much older site started in 1997, and is a hodge-podge of my personal work, documents and graphics submitted to me by others, and images of dubious copyright. Much of this material is setting-specific and won't make sense to an outside observer, but these two sites represent my most recent work and my oldest HTML work.

World of Darkness material: My fan work for White Wolf Game Studio's "World of Darkness" modern horror setting. Most of the material on this Geocities site is a few years old, but I'm still proud of it.


2001 by Jacob Williamson