Here's a few shots of the library--I finally found a wall big enough to hold my magnetic poetry set :)


Here's a shot from the main living room to the dining room. I wanted to do a few more shots of the dining room, but none of them looked good--the dining room is a real mess right now, Kelly moved a lot of his stuff in and it's still in boxes. There are six "adults" living here, it's been a trial getting things remotely organized.


A few friends hamming for the camera in the kitchen/living room.

Kelly moved in and brought his pets :)


A few shots of the living room follow. No, they don't make a lot of sense--Chris did most of the design.


Joe talking to the wicked witch of the west after stealing her hat, and Count Jalepeno presiding over the table near the tea room. Everyone currently living here has worked in a Halloween shop at some point in time--it's hard to find places for all the strange stuff :) Joe doesn't live here, but he fits in well...

One of the walls in my bedroom, and a view from the window.