The Sept of Luna’s Shadow: Everything you ever wanted to know

Note: This information is not, in its entirety, available "in character." This page is a reference for the Chronicle. Please be judicious in what your character knows and does not know...

"Elders"   Sept Offices  
Ragabash ?? Alpha Shadowcatcher (SS4)
Theurge MediBomber (BG5) Beta ??
Philodox ?? Ritesmaster Raindancer (Ukt 2)
Galliard Stormchaser (SS4) Den-Father Jules Walks-the-Wyld-Ways (GF4)
Ahroun Trent Walks-with-Death (SS4) Caern Warder Talisman Grey (CoG2)
Homid ?? Keeper of the Land Julian Shields-the-Weak (CoG 3)
Metis Medibomber (BG5) Master of Challenges Julian Shields-the-Weak (CoG 3)
Lupus Blood of the First (SF5) Keeper of the Gate ??
Black Fury ??
Bone Gnawer MediBomber (BG5)    
Children of Gaia Julian Shields-the-Weak (CG3)    
Fianna ??    
Get of Fenris Jules Walks-the-Wyld-Ways (GF4)    
Glass Walkers Steel Fang (GW5)    
Red Talons Starless Night (RT5)    
Shadow Lords ??    
Silent Striders Trent Walks-with-Death (SS4)    
Silver Fangs Dove's Cry (SF5)    
Stargazers ??    
Uktena Raindancer (Ukt2)    
Wendigo ??    

Note: Tribal Elders are filled "de facto." Their positions may not be officially recognized. Austin's Garou venue has very few NPCs, and none holding Sept positions--many members of the Sept hold multiple positions. On the other hand, giving a Cliath or Fostern a position is a great way to "prove" them, no?


The Sept:

Sept of Luna's Shadow
Caern of Luna (1)
Austin, Texas

The Sept of Luna's Shadow was established in the Fall of 1998, and in the first few months of its existence saw more infighting than a Shadow Lord-Silver Fang square dance. Someone once said the Garou can only be happy when they are at war--the peace following the Caern's building (see history) has been anything but peaceful!

Luna's Shadow is dedicated to Luna herself, and its powers, like the moon, have proven strange and unpredictable. Its abilities have yet to be fully explored. The Caern is guarded by a silent, enigmatic spirit called the Moonshadow. There is a lesser "guardian" associated with the Caern, a fox-spirit called Prince. He seems to enjoy well-expressed flattery and is not to be trusted with the literal truth.

The Sept is located near McKinney Falls State Park. This public park allows camping, fishing and other assorted outdoor recreations. While the Caern itself is under a near-continual Rite of the Shrouded Glen, there is always the danger of a wandering nature enthusiast. Onion Creek flows near the Caern, and gives the Garou a chance to get their feet wet or scrub down the Bone Gnawers--the nearby wastewater plant may be in for a hostile takeover.

The ground of the Caern is littered with rock--basalt and limestone. It's set in Austin, Texas "forest"--dense bramble, twisted cedar, thorn-studded mesquite, cactus, and so many other ways that Gaia says she cares, the fireants are almost redundant. Many of these trees have been Awakened by the sept's Theurges. An attack on the Caern March 3, 2001, devastated the landscape, splintering trees, shattering the caern markers and ruining the Garou's efforts--they're rebuilding, but the land shows the damage done, and Luna's Shadow, once a Rank 3 Caern, may never return to its original power.

Caern Landmarks:

The heart of the caern is marked by a large, flat boulder. Surrounding the caern-heart are five monuments made from carved white marble slabs. In pictographs they tell the history of the caern and of the Garou, and mark the memories of the fallen. One of the Keepers of the Land placed a triskellion-design in white quartz gravel around the heart, encircling the monuments. The Caern's pathstone is buried in the ground near the rock, as are a handful of stones brought to Gaia from the physical surface of Luna herself--presumably by NASA, by way of the Texas Memorial Museum. These stones strengthen the moon-spirits and the Caern when Luna isn't in the sky.

Shields-the-Weak's Garden: If it's botanical and mind-opening, it's here somewhere, and the local Theurges sometimes come to Shields-the-Weak for "ritual components." The ground itself is more rich and bountiful than most, and its crops are abundant and sometimes Awakened--the herb garden is a shrine to Grain herself.

Cassian's Shrine is on the north edge of the Bawn, off most beaten paths and far from the Caern Heart. In a clearing marked by eight trees, the young Fang Theurge has marked tight paths with bones, made effigies from skulls, tied bones to the trees, buried them under the soil, fenced the area with them, built an altar out of them, and is slowly starting to Awaken them. The effect is disturbing, intentionally so, but the area isn't Wyrm-tainted. Yet.

Other Chronicle "hotspots:"

The Bard's Revel: An area of fading activity, as the players and characters involved in its creation have moved on to other things. The Revel was founded by the Fianna as a place for Garou to meet and get wildly drunk, and funded and maintained by Katriana Alenia Alexiev of the Silver Fangs. There's a sleeping place upstairs, accessible even by lupus. It is currently managed by Fianna and Fang kinfolk. The Revel served as the Sept's in-town hangout, and during the fall of the Shining Springs was a principle site for character interaction. The Revel is in downtown Austin.

Steel Fang's Land: This land was in the "Wild West" era the site of a failed Caern-building, and was one of the sites the Sept considered for building the new Caern. Steel's land is not widely used in "domain" games, but is a second home to many members of the Pack of the Rising Storm.

Falcon Creek Ranch: Home of the Shining Path. While a working and fully functional cattle ranch, its profitablity is hampered by the wolves roaming the area. The Kinfolk butler Wilis runs the ranch, providing steak and lemonade to guests. He's also quite quick with the silver tea service--just ask the Ahrouns.