The Death of Watches-the-Wasichu

Sung by Diana Milleti, Black Fury, Galliard

5 April 1999

<From the galliard list>

We have lost one of our own, fellow Moon Dancers. May you all pay heed to my howl and join in my sorrow.

Two eves ago, I watched helplessly as Watches-the-Wasichu, Lupus Wendigo Galliard Cliath, died before my very eyes. The spirit of Great Wendigo had possessed him, causing him to suddenly fly into a rage during the moot. He cried out about the treatment the Pure Ones had received at the hands of the European settlers. He laid ravage to one of the caern monuments, savagely clawing across the meticulously carved glyphs. We moved quickly to stop him and were amazed with the ease which he, a cliath, beat our eldest Ahroun away. In the middle of his accusations and calls for this area to be cleansed, he suddenly went pale and began to waver. Before we could catch him, he tumbled to the ground, unconscious we thought. By the time we checked his pulse, however, his body had already grown cold. His heart had been torn apart by Wendigo, the very rage in it clawing its way out and killing him.

He was one of ours. He was one of mine. I grieve greatly for his loss to the Nation and to my own sept.

<Begins a low, sorrowful howl echoing across the Texas hill country>

Diana Milleti, Screams-Mother's-Rage
Homid Black Fury Galliard Adren
Pack of the Rising Storm; Child of Falcon
Eldest Fury, Eldest Galliard, Keeper of the Land, Den Mother
Sept of Luna's Shadow; Austin, Texas
7 G, 5 W, 3 H

Amanda Bauer