Keepers of the Words: A list of word-bound and potential Words for In Nomine


Some notes on sources: I've drawn these from In Nomine canon, and from a few different books in the "New Age section." In particular A Dictionary of Angels is invaluable. This is not a complete list of Celestial names (check the aforementioned book for that one!) but a list of entities strongly associated with a word or concept. While In Nomine lists saints as Celestials, I do not have the energy to copy a list of patron saints--suffice to say that while a list of the Word-Bound would be only a few pages, every career, potential cause of death, nationality and state of existence from childhood to death has its own saint or saints. Check the book: Saints Preserve Us! by Sean Kelly and Rosemary Rogers for a "complete," or at least long, list of saints and patronages. The once-human are apparently easier to grasp than abstract Angelics.

I've written my theories about alliances with Superiors, probable choirs, and so on [in brackets.] In some cases, I've actually changed the creature--usually with an Arabic "Djinn" or a Hermetic Demon with strong selfless tendencies--these are frequently generic names for spirits, rather than celestial affiliations. An abridged description of the Celestial's duties is included, from which I drew my own conclusions. Historically, the Jews didn't adknowledge The Fall. In some cases, I drew no conclusions--some powerful "jobs" didn't suggest Words.

I've left some paradoxical ones out--the angels of Omnipotence, for example (Atueseul, Ebuhuel, Elubatel, Tubatlu, Bualu, Tulatu, Labusi, Ublisi) do not figure into this list, because they make no sense. When there were several choices, I picked the one with the neatest name or most defined personality. Angelic Words are in Gold, Demonic Words are in Red, and Words that I couldn't place are in Blue. (The Dictionary of Angels doesn't always distinguish between angels and demons, at least in the In Nomine sense of the word.) "He" is generally gender-neutral, since Celestials don't make the distinction. The exception would be Djinn, who don't do androgyny, and where specified. "She" indicates a Celestial who percieves herself as female, or takes primarily female vessals.

When I've encountered a Celestial who shares a Superior's word, I've listed them as "also holding the Word" under the Superior's write-up. It may be a servitor or an alias of that Superior.


EO: An Encyclopedia of Occultism by Lewis Spense (my main source for Diabolic words)
DA: A Dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davidson (exhaustive listing of Celestials. Lots of redundancy with the other sources listed.)

In Nomine:
IN:NM --
Night Music (as an Austinite, I resent not having met the characters contained herein...)
IN:FT -- The Final Trumpet

If anybody would like to send me information from Fall of the Malakim, The Book of Tethers, Corporeal Player's Guide, Around the World in 666 Days, I don't have access to those. The listed books are the ones I've gotten to, and I *think* I have all the rest.

Abachta <DA> One of the Angels of Confusion, along with Barbonah, Bigtha, Carcas, Biztha, Mehuman, and Zether. [I would have thought the force of Confusion would be Demonic. Shows me. Of course, I'm still not sure which one has the actual Word. Abachta is, worth noting, an angel of wine, as well, but probably not the Angel of Wine. Probably.]

Abathur <DA> [The Angel of the North Star, possibly an Elohite of David.]

Abbadon <EO> The Destroyer, Angel of the Bottomless Pit, and King of Grashoppers. [Also called "The Destroying Angel." If not actually a Prince, then the Calabite of Destruction under Belial or Baal.]

Abbadona <DA> The Penitent Angel, continually bemoaning the fact of his fall, but incapable of repenting. [This odd character would have to be the Demon of False Apologies, or possibly just Apologies. We'll make him a Habbalite of Malphas.]

Abezi-Thibod <DA> [A Demon "Prince" of Egypt, and the Demon of the Red Sea. Probably a Djinn, probably under Baal. He fought Moses at every turn.]

Abuliel <DA> The Angel who carries prayers to Heaven. [An Ophenite of Yves, the Angel of Prayer. May turn to Khalid now that the fanatic Archangel is widening his Word. Ultimately Abuliel has no true influence--he moves constantly, and never seeks power.]

Achaiah <DA> [The angel of Patience, an Elohite under Novalis.]

Adonael <DA> [A powerful angel--listed in some sources, somewhat arbitrarily, as an archangel, but that's with a lowercase "A." Adonael is the Cherub of Cures for Diseases, under Novalis.]

Aftiel <DA> [Angel of Twilight--be darned if I can come up with more than that]

Alphun <DA> [The Angel of Doves. Technically would be an Ofanite of Jordi, but I'm going to put him down as a Kyriotate of Novalis, who more embodies peace.]

Altarib <DA> [The Angel of Winter, a tired, thoughtful Seraph of Novalis.]

Amitiel <DA> [The Angel of Truth, a Seraph under Dominic]

Anael <DA> [Demon of Astral Travel, a moderately deranged, New Age-y Balseraph of Secrets.]

Ananchel <DA> [Mercurian of Grace, under Zadkiel. "Grace" here is primarily understood in the spiritual sense, but Ananchel has also been known to help individuals--she aided Esther when she went to face the King of Persia. So, "Grace under pressure" also falls under her Word.]

Andramelech <EO> Keeper of the Demonic Cabinet, a Secretary of Hell. [Demon of Bureaucracy, Balseraph servitor of Malphas]

Agares <EO> Demon, a Duke of Hades. Distributes languages, powers, places, titles, and has other assorted abilities. [This is a stretch, but an Impudite servitor of Malphas holding the word of Gifts, in the sense of bribery and graft.]

Aftemelouchos <DA> [A Cabalite of Saminga, not much more intelligent than his master. Aftemelouchos is armed with a firey pitchfork, and mostly hangs around Saminga's realm, bothering the souls of the dead. He holds the Word of Torment.]

Agrat bat Mahlat <DA> [The Demoness of Prostitution, and a "companion" to Sammael, the Demon of Poison. Probably an Impudite of Andrealphus--Lilim have more class.]

Akramachamarei <DA> [The Angel of the Heavenly Firmaments, an extremely powerful Malakim of Michael in charge of the Celestials guarding the walls of Heaven.]

Akraziel <DA> The Herald of God [Angel of Proclamation, a Seraph in service to Revelation, but widely used by all of Heaven's superiors. It is worth noting here that the Archangel of Prophecy often steals Akraziel's thunder--Gabriel gave God's word to Mary and Mohammed.]

Akriel <DA> [The Habbalite of Barrenness. Akriel occasionally flexes her muscles and expands into stupidity--mental void. She is a servitor of Valefor. Her male aspect is Akriel, Demon of Sterility.]

Alastor <EO> Lucifer's chief hangman, sometimes confused with Abbadon. [Djinn of Asmodeus, Demon of Executioners--Saminga would have killed him out of jealousy.]

Aldinach <EO, Egypt> Demon presiding over tempests, earthquakes, rainstorms, hailstorms. [Habbalite of Belial (or possibly Valefor?). She holds the hotly contested Word of Natural Disasters. Being a Habbalite she considers her destruction...acts of God.]

Aled <EO, Muslim> "Wife of Allah," Queen of Hell [I don't know about this one, it would wreak havoc on IN canon, but it's an interesting idea...]

Alocer <EO> Teaches astronomy and liberal arts, granting protection to his followers. [Interesting character--might serve Vapula as the Impudite of Pseudoscience or Graduate Students, or might make an interesting dying or dead Celestial as the Word of Natural Philosophy.]

Alpiel <DA> [The Angel of Fruit Trees, a busy Kyriotate of Novalis.]

Amaliel <DA> [The Angel of Chastisement, a Malakite under Kahlid. Amaliel sometimes goes too far in serving his Word, punishing and purging weakness.]

Amatiel <DA> [The Angel of Spring, a manic-depressive Mercurian under Novalis]

Ameratat <DA> [The Angel of Immortality, a Mercurian of Eli--rumored to be Outcast. He has been seen working with Nybbas to give the mortal world a host of youth-enhancing cosmetics.]

Amon <EO> A Marquis of Hell (possibly derived from Mammon?). Can reconcile quarreling friends, and knows the past and the future. [Amon may be another name for Kronos. If not, he might be a Balseraph Demon of Prophecy under Secrets, with the "Bard's Tongue" and the Song of Attraction and Charm--with powerful Enemies in the Archangels of Fire and Revelations!]

Anabiel <DA> An Angel invoked in cures for stupidity, according to the Cabala. [Anabiel might be the Cherub of Teachers, a servant of Novalis with a strange relationship with Christopher's servitors.]

Anafiel <DA> The "Branch of God," once designated by God to flog the Metatron with 60 lashes. [Anafiel is an Elohite under Dominic, the emotionless Angel of Punishment. Rumor has it that Anafiel will fall and become a Habbalite. Rumor is false.]

Anneberg <EO> A demon from Germany with huge, terrifying eyes, who kills miners with his breath. [Anneberg is the Demon of Mines, probably a Djinn fallen from David, now serving Vapula.]

Anpiel <EO> The angelic protector of Birds [Well, obviously an Ofanite under Jordi.]

Anauel <DA> [An Angel, undoubtedly a Mercurian of Marc, who watches over Brokers--by extension, bankers, dabblers in currency exchange, and other manipulators of Other People's Money.]

Anoster <DA> [The Demon of Bladder Control Problems, a Habbalite of Dark Humor "on loan" to Haagenti--it suits the Glutton's sense of humor.]

Aphredon <DA> [Once a powerful Seraph of David, Apredon's Word was the Indivisible. The age of quantum physics was his death blow.]

Aphut <DA> [The Habbalite of Patriotism, a servitor of Baal. She whips humanity into frothing loyalty to the homeland, then turns them loose on the outsiders.]

Arakiba <DA> [One of the original Host of Heaven, Arakiba was once a servant of Novalis. He now holds the Word of Temptation, and serves Malphas with a side of Andrae. Arakiba is one of the demons responsible for bringing sin to earth--though Baal did it first.]

Arariel <EO> [Servitor still loyal to Oannes, allied with Zadkiel. Protector of Fishermen, and possibly holder of the Word of Fish.]

Ardat-Lile <EO> [The Demoness of Marriage, probably a Lilim (maybe a Habbalite) of Kobal. According to EO she "works great harm in the dwellings of man."]

Ardouisur <DA> [The Cherub of Motherhood, who watches over birth and the early years. She's in Christopher's court.]

Arias <DA> [Angel of Sweet-Smelling Herbs--a servant of Novalis who's courting a fall, and being groomed by Haagenti's gluttons. An amicable, if overweight, Mercurian.]

Arioch <EO> [The Demon of Vengeance, who occupies himself primarily in cases where he is employed in revenge. He may, possibly, hold the Word of Assassins, instead. Djinn under Baal for the former case, Saminga for the latter--though he'd be gunning for a classier Prince like Valefor.]

Arpien <DA> [The Balseraph of Conspiracy Theories--causing and spreading them. He works well with Demons of Politics to break people's trust in their rulers. He serves Nybbas, currently, but is on loan from Malphas.]

Asha Vahishta <DA> [The Angel of Righteousness, a Malakite of Khalid.]

Ashrulyu <DA> [The Word-Holder of Schools, a Mercurian of Eli, whose field stretches from kindergarten to college.]

Astiro <DA> [The Demon of College Professors, and possibly the dark creature that invented the American tenure system. He counts every broken undergraduate as a success. Astiro is an Impudite of The Game, and loves taunting his Angelic opposite, Mehiel.]

Atembui <DA> [The Angel of Health, a robust Cherub of Michael. Opposed to Mumiah.]

Avery <IN:NM> Originally the Word-Bound Demon of Hot Sauce; now a low-ranking Habbalite of Saminga. He's gunning for the Word of Fatal Indigestion.]

Awar <DA> [A Balseraph created directly by Lucifer and given to Andrealphus. He holds the Word of Infidelity.]

Ayer Ziwa <DA> [Angel of Rarified Air, and therefore, the Upper Atmosphere. This would have to be an Ophenite of Janus.]

Azbuga Yahweh <DA> Angel who "clothes with righteousness the new arrivals in Heaven." This Cherub protects the human souls of Heaven, and is said to be touched by God itself--he bears the divine name.

Baalber <EO> Secretary and Keeper of the Archives of Hell, Master of the Infernal Alliance. [Probably not a Word-holder, but possibly a "double-agent" under Asmodeus/Kronos, or a servitor of both.]

Baalzephon <EO> Captain of the guard and sentinels of Hell [Probably an unusual name for Baal, or a very close servitor, even a child, of that Prince. As such he would undoubtedly have a powerful Word, possibly relating to Hell's army.]

Bad <EO> [Listed as a Djinn of Tempests. Just as likely, an Ofanite of Janus, in command of Storms.]

Baglis <DA> [The Djinn of Weights and Measures. A particularly boring servitor of Vapula.]

Bahaman <EO> A Djinn who appeases anger, governing oxen, sheep, and other calm-tempered animals. [The Djinn of Apathy, a potentially powerful servant of nobody in particular. He used to be under Meserach, and hasn't gotten around to finding a new Superior.]

Bahram <DA> [Malakite of Victory, Servitor of Laurence. He gains strength with every human soul brought to Heaven, so he's a bit more forgiving of human weakness than many Malakim.]

Balan <EO> Has the head of a bull, man, and ram, and the tail of a serpent. Rules over finesse, ruses and middle courses. [The Balseraph of Compromise, a favored servitor and long-time buddy of Malphas. Would also make a good Shedim or Impudite.]

Baltazard <DA> [A friendly enough Calabite, Baltazard is easy to invoke and pretty fun-loving. He is the Demon holding the Word of Thefts of Lady's Undergarments, and is obviously a servant of Valefor.]

Barakiel <DA> [A Kyriotate in service to Jean. Barakiel can sense when someone calls his name on the Corporeal plane, and might chose to investigate. He is the Angel of Luck.]

Baradiel <DA> [Malakite of Janus, the Angel of Hail.]

Barcus <DA> [A deceased Servitor of Jean--Barcus held the Word of Phlogiston for a few hundred-odd years, but the Ofanite's star faded.]

Baresches <DA> [A Balseraph of Love Charms. Barasches used to be stronger than he is now, but he's still an occasional pawn of Andrea or Valefor.]

Barqu <EO> A demon who kept the Philosopher's Stone. [an androgynous Servitor of Secrets, dying with his/her Word: the Impudite of Alchemy. His divine Counterpart, the Angel of Alchemy, is a Servitor of Jean named Och <DA> --a Mercurian. They may actually be the same person, masked through some technique Barqu discovered.]

Barbas <EO> [A Shedim under Vapula, the Demon of Mechanics.]

Bechard <EO> A demon having control over the winds and the tempests [Probably a Calabite under Belial, the Demon of Storms. ]

Behemiel <DA> The Angel of Tame Beasts [And by extension, Domestication. This is a Cherub in service to Novalis, and an angel that's seriously disliked by Jordi's brood.]

An extension of Belial's word is Lawlessness, according to DA.

Belphegor <EO> The demon of discoveries and ingenious inventions, who bestows great riches. [The Lilim of Get-Rich-Quick and easy money, a Free Lilim who works well with Vapula and Valefor. Her name comes from baalphegori, which suggests some strange things about her origins]

Bensozia <EO> The "chief deviless," patroness of the Moon, also called Diana. [The Balseraph of Witchcraft, under the Prince of Secrets. She's still in a state of self-doubt since the falling of her Word in the Victorian era, and will be alarmed when she snaps out of it. The Demon of Sorcery has all but stolen the power of her Word.]

Blautel <DA> [The Djinn patron of Necromancers. A favored servant of Saminga, which is not a safe thing to be.]

Buer <EO> A demon who often appears in the form of a star, and gives knowledge of philosophy and the virtue of medical herbs, in charge of domestic felicity. [Probably an Ofanite, not a demon--a servitor of Marc, the Ofanite of Philosophy, largely concerned with spreading ideas.]

Bune <EO> A powerful demon who removes corpses, haunts cemeteries, and marshals the demons around tombs and the places of the dead. [A favored servitor of Saminga, and one of his oldest--the dark Djinn of The Grave.]

Butator <DA> [The Demon of Mathematics, a very old Balseraph of Malphas now in service to Vapula. Butator is generally male, and his three favorite vessals are a doddering, ancient tenured professor, a young up-and-coming prodigy, and weirdly, a raven.]

Cahor <DA> [Technically, Cahor is the demon of Deception. However, a Word of this magnitude doesn't seem likely in the In Nomine world--I'd put him down as an aspect of Valefor, or a strong Balseraph looking for the Word of Deception.]

Carreau <DA> [A minor servant of Baal. Carreau is the Djinn of Stomach Aches.]

Cass Cassiah <DA> [The Angel of Skin Disorders. Curing them, not causing them. Probably a Mercurian of some stripe.]

Cassiel <DA> [The Angel of Solitude, and Tears--not an unrelated concept. Possibly a Seraph of David.]

Camaysar <DA> The Angel of the Marriage of Contraries. [Angel of Reconciliation, Seraph of Novalis.]

Chagrin <EO> A tragic boggie who often manifests in the form of a hedgehog. Also called the Horse-Killer, or less threateningly, "Pipkin," he rides horses to their death. [Pipkin was given the Word of Dead Horses by Lucifer, and hasn't really recovered his dignity...he's technically a Calabite once loyal to Magog, but you'd never know it.]

Chairoum <DA> [The Angel of the North Wind, undoubtedly a Servitor of Janus.]

Cheriour <DA> [The Cherub of Police, in charge of the pursuit of criminals. Beloved servant of Michael.]

Chosniel <DA> [The Angel of Open Minds, a Mercurian of Novalis.]

Christopher <IN:NM> [Archangel of Children. And pawnbrokers. Well, why not? St. Cristopher *liked* pawnbrokers. A Cherub.]

Colopatiron <DA> [The Calabite of Jail-Breaks, a good friend of Valefor.]

Crocell <DA> [The Impudite of Geometry, a servant of The Game. Once a powerful Mercurian.]

Dalkiel <DA> [Mercurian guardian of Naval Construction, a minor servitor of Jean.]

Dasim <DA> [Brother to Awar, created directly by Lucifer to hold the Word of Discord. Servitor of Malphas.]

David's Word is also held by the Arabic spirit Adjuchas, Genius of the Rocks.

Demiurge: The "Architect of the Universe." In Gnosticism, sometimes a dark God.

Dina <DA> [The Angel of Law--originally the Seraph of the Torah, "The Law," but Dina has expanded his duties since then. Dina serves David, but works well with Michael. Opposed to Matanbuchus.]

Dobiel <DA> [The Cherub guardian of Persia, a servitor of David--Michael took his job from him, though.]

Dokiel <DA> [The Angel of Measures, "The Weighing Angel." Possibly an Elohite of Jean?]

Domiel <DA> [Probably an extremely powerful Servitor of Belial, perhaps created as a replacement for her lost love. Domiel holds the Word of Fear, and would have to be a Habbalite]

Drsmiel <DA> [A Lilim under Malphas, occasionally allied with Andrea--Drsmiel is the Demon of Divorce.]

Druiel <IN:NM> The Angel of Teenage Death, a Seraph Servitor of Children under Laurence. His initial goal was to "popularize the tragedy of lives cut off in their prime." He's since fallen into a sort of serial-killer mode. Druiel livees in Austin, Texas.

Duma <DA> [Angel of Silence--possibly a Seraph? Would make an interesting story if he was originally a Trisiagionist. Duma is also the Angel of the "Silence of Death," and traditionally an angel of vindication and a ruler of Hell--probably why Neil Gaimen cast him as one of Hell's guardians.]

Eblis <EO> Another name for Lucifer in the Mohammedan tradition.

Ech-Uisque <EO> A demon fond of the Celtic lands, who would appear as a fine steed, and lure unwary "riders" to their deaths. Their souls went to his master, but he claimed their bodies as his own. Ech-Uisque is the "Kelpie" of Irish legend. [Ech-Uisque is a strange Balseraph of Saminga. As The Demon of Drowning, his special Attunement lets him claim a recent drowning victim as a new vessel.]

Eiael <DA> An angel that gives knowledge of the occult sciences. [The Angel of Natural Philosophy, a currently unemployed Elohite of Eli. He's at the low ebb of his Word, and might Fall and become the Demon of Pseudoscience.]

Eistibus <DA> [The Balseraph of Divination, a fallen servant of Knowledge, now allied with the Demon of Sorcery. Since the practice of divination was forbidden in the Old Testament, he's on Dominic and Laurence's hit list. He experienced a surge of popularity in the Victorian era and in modern times.]

El Auria <DA> [The Angel of Flame, a servant of Purity. This Malakim went a little mad between 1500 and 1650, sparking the "Burning Times," or perhaps he was fed by those fires. Regardless, the other Malakim put him down, and his duties and Word have been subsumed by Gabriel.]

Elemiah <DA> [The Angel of Voyages, an Ophenite under Marc.]

Enoch: A grandchild of Seth, child of Adam. Enoch is one of the earliest Saints--he was brought physically into Heaven, back when God did that sort of thing. Enoch communed with his people on Earth for a time, teaching them about the angels and the powers that move Heaven. [Enoch may well have become a Celestial of a higher power order than Saint--he is probably a Seraph now, and holds the Word of Magic, if he still exists. Some stories say that Enoch became the Metatron.]

Ersechie <DA> [Angel of Frogs, A Seraph under Jordi, the Angel responsible for the plague of frogs in the book of Exodus.]

Eth <DA> An angel in charge of seeing that all events occur at their appointed time. [The Seraph of Causality, a servitor of Yves.]

Exael <DA> "Tenth of the Great Angels that taught men how to fabricate engines of war, works in silver and gold, the uses of gems and perfume, etc." [Demon of Seige Weapons, under Baal. The Balseraph has taken a joking interest in jewelry-making and dainties like perfumes, saying "Andrealphus is at war, too..."]

Ezra <DA> The "Scribe of the Most High, for ever and ever." Presumably now the scribe of the Seraphim Council.

Ezrael <DA> The Guardian of those of "middle merit." Ezrael saved these people and "the unstable" from the Angels of Destruction. [The Cherub of Middle Management, an odd-humored servitor of Marc.]

Flaef <DA> [An Angel of Human Sexuality--I'm not going to speculate too much here, save that this poor soul is going to be driven mad and burn out after fighting with Andrea.]

Fleurity <IN:NM> The Demon Prince of Drugs, once a servitor of Haagenti, now affiliated with Saminga.

Forcas <DA> [The Fallen Angel of Rhetoric, a Balseraph of Vapula. Known to be a powerful Duke of Hell.]

Forneus <DA> [Impudite of Love/Hate Relationships. According to DA he "causes men to be loved by their enemies."]

Fugit <IN:FT> The Angel of Messages, Ophanite of Trade serving Fire.

Furfur <IN:NM> The Demon Prince of Hardcore, Calabite. Loud, and brutally honest.

Galgaliel <DA> [An Ophenite who approaches, and may actually be, a Superior--the Angel of the Wheel of the Sun. He moves constantly, and stories have it that if Galgaliel stops moving, the Sun will, too. He is one of the most powerful of the Ophanim, and his presence demands respect and obedience from that Choir. If he serves anyone, he serves Michael. In one system of angelology Galgaliel is the head and of the Galgallim, the Order of Wheels--the Ophanim.]

Gargatel <DA> [Angel of Summer, possibly a Seraph of Novalis]

Gauriil Ishliha <DA> [The Cherub of Dawn, a servant of Gabriel. It's said that his constant Song keeps the sun rising properly.]

Gavreel <DA> [May be a variant of Gabriel. The Angel of Sanity, who "keeps the invocant from going crazy in the night." Probably an Elohite of Zadkiel.]

Guabarel <DA> [The Angel of Autumn, a remarkably calm Ofanite of Novalis.]

Gzrel <DA> An angel invoked to countermand evil decrees. [A stretch, but Gzrel could be the Angel of Management, a Seraph of Trade.]

Habondia <EO> Queen of the fairies, witches, harpies, furies, and ghosts of the wicked. [Possibly a Balseraph bound to Secrets, holding the word of Legends or Old Wives' Tales? Not a strong Celestial now.]

Hakamiah <DA> [The Guardian Angel of France--probably a Cherub under David.]

Halacho <DA> [The Word of Sympathy, a Cherub of Novalis and a part-time writer of greeting cards.]

Harab-Serapel <DA> The "Raven of Death." [The Demon of Carrion, a Shedim of Saminga.]

Harahel <DA> [The Angel of Cabinets. Possibly a mildly obsessed Mercurian of Zadkiel.]

Harbonah <DA> [The Angel of Annihilation--I'm not going to speculate on what this creature might be, or what its purpose in the Symphony is.]

Harut <DA> [The Mercurian of Government, one of Marc's oldest allies.]

Haziel <DA> [The Cherub of Divine Mercy, a servitor of Zadkiel.]

Heiglot <DA> [A Demon of Snowstorms, a Calabite of Belial.]

Hemah <DA> [The Demon of Wrath, a Habbalite of Baal. Hemah was slain by Moses in something near 1,700 BC, one of the only servitors of Baal to be killed by a mortal.]

Hemah (Mark II) <DA> [The Demon of Domestic Animal Deaths, also called the puppy-killer. A small and petty servitor of Valefor, probably a Cabalite.]

Hlm Hml <DA> [The Angel of the Firmament, and one of the first angels created--he aided God in the creation of the world. His Word is weaker now (he almost faded away entirely), but he's been gaining some force as astronomers consider the idea of "dark matter." He's probably a Seraph under Eli.]

Hyperachii <DA> A group of angels who help to guide the universe.

Iahhel <DA> [The Angel of Philosophers, and all others who want to withdraw from worldly concerns--this would, I believe, include gamers. Iahhel is an Elohite of Yves.]

Ielahiah <DA> [The Demon of Magistrates, who has a Role as a judge in Los Angeles (While I have no particular interest in the O.J. Simpson trial, it certainly cast a bad light on the American legal system). His nemisis is Sentacer. Ielahiah is a Habbalite of Asmodeus, and an old (perhaps senile) and favored demon.]

Imamiah <DA> A fallen angel who controls voyages and destroys and humiliates enemies when invoked. [A low-ranking Shedim of Kobal, Imamiah is the Demon of Humiliating Travellers. He scored a major coup when he made a powerful embassador to Japan take ill during dinner and vomit on his host, but since then has sunk into obscurity.]

Isda <DA> [The Angel of Nourishment, an Elohite of Zadkiel. Has a friendly, love-hate with the Word of Food, Mannah--who he thinks comes close to serving Gluttony at times. Isda is more conservative.]

Isphan Darmaz <DA> [The Angel of Virtuous Women, a Kyriotate of Yves. Isphan is a subjective angel, and as the demons have pushed a jaded humanity further down the road to Hell, Isphan's job has become more rewarding (a light is easier to see in the darkness). Cynical angels have joked that she should have faded out entirely, but Isphan is a happy multiplicity these days.]

Itqal <DA> [The Angel of Crushes, a busy and charismatic Mercurian of Novalis, but not the most effective matchmaker on the planet.]

Javan <DA> [A Cherub of Michael, and guardian of Greece.]

Jean: The Archangel of Lightning's Word is shared by Aeglun, the Genius of Lightning. His aspect of the Angel of Science was taken from Raphael, angel of Knowledge.

Jeduthun <DA> The lord of Evening Prayers in Heaven, who leads angels in chanting praise. [Jeduthun is called "The Master of Howling"--what a great name! Jeduthun is a Seraph of Jordi, and the Word-Bound of Wolves. His howls echo through Jordi's Savannah at dusk. Jeduthun knows many Songs, though he isn't on a league with Israfel. An old legend has it that Jordi heard a human leading a choir at a temple, and was so taken with the music that he pounced on the conductor and dragged him up to Heaven himself.] [Yes, I know Jordi's Seraph are sea-creatures and his Malakim are pack creatures, but that makes no sense.]

Jesodeth <EO> An Angel who spreads the Word and Light of God to the world. [Jesodeth may just be a powerful Servitor of Eli, or he may be the Ophenite of Praise. He'd be excessive in his enthusiasm.]

Jevanael <DA> The angel of the presence of God to whom are given the secret spirit-names of the planets. [The Seraph of Astronomy, a servitor of Yves.]

Jeliel <DA> A Seraph whose name is inscribed on the Tree of Life in Eden. [This Servitor of Yves is charged with the Destiny of Kings. There was a time when the Seraphim Council argued about whether this Word extended to include the doesn't.]

Joel <DA> In the days of the Eden Project, Joel alloted Adam and Eve their portion--a seventh--of earthly paradise. [In a fit of irony, Lucifer might have alloted Joel the Word of Real Estate Deals. He would be an Impudite under Valefor.]

Kafziel <DA> [The Demon of the Death of Kings, a Habbalite under Saminga.]

Kasdaye <DA> [The Demon of Abortion, once a Mercurian of Children and a case like Druiel (the Angel of Teen Suicide), whose task was to teach life as being the first and best choice. Kasadye Fell, and now serves Saminga.]

Khalid <IN:S3> The Archangel of Faith, an Elohite originally serving Uriel. For centuries Khalid was a staunch supporter of Islam (and only Islam!) but he's mellowed after Final Trumpet to spread his word more fully. "Dark Khalid" is the non-Canon Prince of Fanaticism--a portion of FT's plot revolves around Khalid's Fall.

Kirtabus <DA> [The Celestial of Languages. This spirit would make a powerful Word-Bound for any court, obviously with mastery over the Song of Tongues. He might make an interesting fence-sitter--his Word has caused nearly as much chaos as understanding.]

Koriel <IN:FT> The Seraph of Equal Truth, "The Devil's Advocate." Koriel is a tempering element to Dominic's harsh judgement.

Another holder of Kronos's word is Manu, a demon of Fate.

Ksoppghiel <DA> [Demon of Anger, one of the most powerful Habbalites--according to DA Ksoppghiel is the head of an order of "Angels of Ire." Probably a Servitor of Malphas.]

Kunospaston <DA> [A demon of the sea, who often appears as a fish of ice. He is the Cabalite of Naval Disasters, and loves destroying ships. He's also extremely greedy, with a weakness for gold in any quantity.]

Kurteel <DA> [The Demon of Intestinal Pain, a subservient Djinn of Belial, and brother to Roeled.]

Kutiel <DA> [The Angel of Dowsers, a minor Cherub servant of Jean.]

Labezerin <DA> [The Demon of Successful Business Ventures. A Balseraph under Valefor.]

Lagopus <IN:FT> The Impudite of Bad Tidings, under Malphas. [For what it's worth, EO lists Anamelech as the Demon of Bad News. Possibly affiliated with the sun. Manifests as a quail.]

Lailah <DA> [Lailah is the Celestial of Conception. Sources show some confusion as to whom he (definately he) serves--he's listed as the mate of Lilith, but fought for Abraham and Jahweh. Here, Lailah is an "Outcast," a Mercurian who has fled the politics of Heaven when Andrea fell--or once and possibly still a Servitor of Eli. If the Grigori figure prominently in a campaign, Lailah might be of that "tripped" Choir. Demonically, he might be a "Selfless" Impudite of Andrealphus, who still holds something of Andrea's affinity for love. Lailah may have been instrumental in developing the Song of Fruition--it's certainly one of his favorites.]

Lauren <IN:NM> The Demon of Strippers, an Impudite of Lust. She was granted her Word as a surprise when she danced, unknowing, for Lucifer. She's worried that she's a pretender, though, not worthy of this boon. She lives in Austin, Texas.

Laurence <IN> Malakite Archangel of The Sword]

Leliel <DA> [Angel of the Night--a powerful Word, perhaps Superior-level in the days surrounding The Final Trumpet. Would make an interesting Malakim of Janus?]

Lilith's Word may also be held by Tabris, the Angel/Demon of Free Will.

Liwit <DA> [The Angel of Inventors, a Mercurian under Jean.]

Logos: Another name for God, but the source of Will, of Wisdom, of Activity. [This is a name for God, and the word for "Word." Logos may be the Seraph of Names, or this may be another name for Yves. It's certainly one of the key powers the Seraph Council uses to grant Words.]

Lucifer [Originally the first of the Fallen held the Word of Light. Worth noting. Now he's the Prince of Darkness, but this isn't technically his Word...]

Magog <IN:FT> The Shedim Prince of Cruelty--in canon, either dead or hiding out in Belial's Marches after a thousand-odd years of imprisonment. Interestingly, according to DA he had a twin brother with many of the same functions, named Gog.

Maigonigal <IN:FT> Balseraph Knight of Kobal, Demon of Bad Art, named for William McGonnagal. The Mastermind behind Ed Wood.

Maktiel <DA> [The Angel of Trees.]

Malach ha-Mavet <DA> [The Angel of Death--though the *DA* lists many, this is for simplicity. Ha-Mavet is a divine executioner, the Angel who slew the first-born of Egypt at God's behest. Back when God did that sort of thing. Ha-Mavet rarely strengthens his Word, only acting as the Seraph Council requires him to. He is a Malakite of Yves. Also named Yesod.]

Malach ha-Sopher <DA> [The Angel of Mortality, a silent Elohite who computes the span of a person's life. Ha-Sopher serves Yves, and is often consulted when the servants of Destiny need to know how much time they have left...]

Malbushiel <DA> [The Angel of Fashion--once the Angel of Clothing, Malbushiel changed his focus in the Twentieth Century to such a degree that the Seraphim Council ruled that his Word had changed. This rarely happens, but the Word of Clothing hardly needed to be enforced anyway. Malbushneil is on good terms with the Demon of Cool, but neither Judgement nor The Game is interested enough in these two flakes to worry about it...Malbushiel is a Mercurian under Marc.]

Malkiyyah <DA> [The Angel of Blood, a Cherub who heals cuts and binds wounds. Technically Malkiyyah serves Novalis, but Laurence takes up most of Malkiyyah's time.]

Manakel <DA> [The Angel of Aquatic Animals, a Seraph of Jordi. He's getting tired of the Manatee/Manakel jokes.]

Manna <DA> [The Angel of Food, a robust Mercurian of Eli, who spends most of his time working to avoid thinking about Haagenti. Cooking helps him forget.]

Mardero <DA> One of many angels of Disease.

Mashith <DA> [The Demon of the Deaths of Children, a Balseraph of Saminga that disturbs even some Calabim. Mashith *does* occasionally take the lives of children, but those innocents usually ascend to Christopher's watch--Mashith's biggest game is toying with the families, afterward.]

Masleh <EO> The Angel who rules the Zodiac, and transmits the power of God through their turning signs. [Masleh would hold the Word of Astrology, and would originally be a Mercurian under, perhaps, Yves. Masleh could have Fallen, given the falsities committed in the Domain of Nybbas under his Word.]

Mastema <DA> [The Demon of Blame, "The Accusing Angel." A Balseraph of injustice and condemnation. For some strange reason, God stilled Michael's hand once when the Archangel of the War went against this demon--apparently, he serves some higher function in the ineffable plan. Mastema is a Habbalite under Asmodeus--he used to serve Malphas, but after the michael incident The Game wants to keep an eye on Blame.]

Mastho <DA> [The Demon of Mistaken Identity, a Balseraph under Dark Humor. There's another one that looks just like him under Nybbas. Don't think too much about it.]

Matanbuchus <DA> [The Demon of Anarchy, a Shedim under Belial. He was created in about 2000 BC to stymie the new-forming monothiestic faith of Judaism. Furfur's servitors are under orders to "acquire" him.]

Meacheul <DA> [The Angel of Threes, and herald of the Trinity. Meacheul is a Kyriotate--no surprise there--and has developed a mild case of multiple personality disorder. His other manifestations are called Lebatei and Ketuel. He serves Yves.]

Mehabia <DA> [A Shedim invoked in prayers for Fertility--though this is a function of Novalis and Eli in IN canon. His divine counterpart is Samandiriel. Mehabia's gifts may have dark repercussions, but he's easier to invoke than Samandiriel. Ia, Shub-Niggurath!]

Mehabiah <DA> [The Elohite Angel of Morals, servitor of Dominic. The friction between this Elohite and the Shedim of dark fertility (above) is a source of continual irritation that Mehabiah never lets himself show.]

Mehiel <DA> [the Angel of Universities, a Cherub of Yves. Mehiel does much to help some students reach their highest potential, but his influence is generally smaller than Astiro's, the demon who causes most of the problems Mehiel mops up.]

Melchisedec <DA> [The Seraph of Angelic Grace--a gentle soul under Dominic's watch, who accepts the confessions of Angels, and has been empowered to relieve Dissonance, to a degree. Rumors are that he is the ear Dominic whispers his own sins to...]

Melkejel <DA> [The Angel of the New Year, whose influence is strongest in January, but fades over time. He is a creature of hope, a Kyriotate of Dream.]

Menadel <DA> [Menadel is the Angel of Patriotism, a Cherub whose favorite duty is to keep the hearts of exiles faithful to their homeland. He serves Yves.]

Meririm <DA> [The Demon of Boiling, an obsessive Djinn of Belial. "Uh, 'Mer--you know what they say about watched pots and all..." "Shut up."]

Mesukiel <DA> An angel from whose left side emanate worlds of horror and destructive imaginings. [Mesukiel is the Demon of Horror, and presides over ghost stories, Stephen King novels, Lovecraft fans, and campy slasher flicks. He's a beloved Impudite of Nybbas.]

Metatron: Not a Word, exactly--the Voice of God. DA also lists him as the angel of Mankind, which might have some interesting applications as a Superior-level word!

Michael is also, according to DA, the Angel of Insomnia, based on some of his previous actions--he planted sleeplessness in the heart of a king who ordered the destruction of the Jewish people. As strange as it sounds, he is also the Angel of Corruption--go ahead, ask how he handles corruption. Ask.

Mihael <DA> [The Angel of Marriage, A Kyriotate of Creation in service to Flowers.]

Mihr <DA> [The Angel of Friendship, a Seraph created by Yves--though this Celestial is not bound by any Superior, working between them as an intermediary.]

Miniel <DA> [The Balseraph of Seduction, a slippery serpent who can get away with all kinds of hell--Andrealphus couldn't bring himself to hurt him.]

Misran <DA> [The Djinn of Persecution. A Servitor of Baal.]

Mitzgitari <DA> [The Ofanite of Eagles, one of Jordi's most majestic servitors.]

Mitzrael <DA> [The Seraph of Obedience (occasionally called the Serpent of Submission by more militant angels). Mitzrael serves Novalis.]

Mot <IN:FT> The Demon of Misfires, a Cabalite of War. He often takes on the form of a raven, and can cause any chemical explosion to go horribly awry.

Mumiah <DA> [Djinn Demon of Health now under Vapula, responsible for fitness crazes and unnecessary medication. He is opposed to Atembui.]

Nadiel <DA> [The Angel of Migration--probably one of Janus's favored Ophanim.]

Nariel <DA> [The Angel of Noon, an Ofanite of Janus. His personality is different every time he's met--sometimes he's lethargic, other times busybusy, and sometimes ravenously hungry.]

Nahaliel <DA> [The Angel of Running Streams]

Naamah <DA> [The Demon of Epilepsy, A Servitor of Belial--though she's known to get along very well with Lilith, inasmuch as a Habbalite can.]

Nahaliel <DA> [The peaceful Angel of Streams, a fair-tempered Ofanite of Novalis.]

Nanael <DA> [The Celestial of Theology--currently an outcast, due to her fractious spirit. It is doubtful if Dominic would ever let Nanael into Heaven. She is a Seraph, but has misled herself so often that she has one wing in Hell most of the time.]

Narsinha <DA> [The Angel of Heroism, whose favorite vessel is a huge man-lion. He is a powerful Malakim under Michael, but prefers to bring others to the charge rather than cleaving evil himself--better to teach the habit of nobility.]

Narudi <DA> [The Angel of Security, who can ward off hostile intentions with his presence. Narudi is a Mercurian of Zadkiel, and in older days was known to come to the aid of those who kept an image of him in their house--he's perhaps a little vain.]

Nectaire <DA> [A servitor of Israfel, distantly of Creation. Nectaire may have no Word of his own, but is Heaven's greatest flutist. He is prideful, but takes too much delight in his music to Fall.]

Nekir <DA> [Not a Word-Holder, but one of Saminga's favorites--Nekir is the Interrogator of the Dead. His favorite game is to find out what Superior a fallen soldier served, so he can send it shambling to the tether for maximum shock. Nekir is a Djinn.]

Nemamiah <DA> [The Malakite of Military Officers, a servitor of Michael.]

Nergal <DA> [A servitor of The Game, and a member of Asmodeus's secret police. Nergal was once a Djinn of Makateil, the Prince of Disease, and is still quite strong in the realms of pestilence. He holds the Word of Fevers, and is frequently a double-agent in Asmodeus's plots.]

Nisroch <DA> [Pity the damned...Nisroch is the Djinn of Fine Cuisine, and caters to the Mouth of Hell during much of his free time. When he's able to escape to Earth he has several Rites to gain new powers--one of his favorites, though, is to bring a restaurant to a standstill with his unquenchable and extremely *precise* appetite.]

Nith-Haiah <DA> [A complicated joke on the part of Kobal. Nith-Haiah is the Demon of Things Man Was Not Meant To Know. You could add a "TM" to the end of that if you want. Nith-Haiah is known for his abilities as a prophet, and feared for his lack of talent as a poet--he's the "Rhyming Demon" who delivers the prophecies of hell in bad verse. He's also extremely easy to summon, and has an attunement that lets him know when someone speaks his name and the first lines of Psalm Nine--"I will give thanks to you, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will tell of all your marvelous works." He is a Balseraph. Duh.]

Nitibus <DA> [The Seraph of Starlight, a delicate and ethereal creature. He serves Novalis, but was created originally by Gabriel.]

Nitika <DA> [The Angel of Gemstones, a Seraph of David. Och is his demonic counterpart.]

Nogah <DA> [The Angel of Shade, an Ofanite servitor of Zadkiel.]

An angel related to Novalis would be Sachluph (DA), the Angel of Plants--but I can't see them working out as two independant entities.

Och <DA> [The Demon of Jewels, a Lilim of Greed. She's got a passion for the extremely rare stones, and is rumored to know a few alchemical tricks with her gems. Sort of a demonic "Indiana Jones" type.]

Onayepheton <DA> [The Angel of Ressurection--Dominic has ordered Onayepheton to keep to Heaven, because his powers are too disruptive to the Symphony. He walked the Earth regularly in the time of Jesus, though, and waits for the Rapture to walk the physical world freely again. In the meantime, he might make a nice plot device if a favorite Soldier gets destroyed--though he'd be wary of using his powers. Judgement is ever-vigilant. Onayepheton is a Mercurian of Eli. His Attunements let him keep servitors of Saminga at bay, and bring him the body of any fallen mortal.]

Orifiel <DA> [The Demon of the Wilderness, a Djinn of Secrets. He's associated himself with the Wendigo myth in Canada.]

Otheos <DA> [An Ophenite of Marc, Otheos is the Angel of Treasure Hunters. His Word carries him across the world, and he rarely sleeps in the same house twice. That's cool.]

Ouestucati <DA> [The Angel of Chastity, a Seraph of Yves. She is actually doing rather well these days--the "True Love Waits" campaign popular among some Christian youth is her doing.]

Pahadron <DA> [The Demon of Terror, a Habbalite under Baal.]

Paraqlitos <DA> The Angel of the Sorrows of Death [Originally the Angel of Mourning, Paraqlitos Fell and became the Shedim of Angst, a servitor of Belial.]

Parasiel <DA> [The "Angel" of Treasures--I can't decide if this would make a better Eli angel or Mammon demon!]

Pedael <DA> [The Angel of Deliverance, an Ofanite of Zadkiel]

Penemue <DA> [A Demon, but not an entirely bad one. He's the Demon of Pen and Ink, who taught mankind the art of writing on paper. Freedom of information is his watchword, and he dearly loves humanity, but fears the weakening of this word in the Electronic Age.]

Pesagniyah <DA> [An Ethereal angel, one of Dream's servants and an ally of Faith. Pesagniyah is the Cherub of Sorrow, and helps, when she can, to grant sweet dreams to sufferers and answer their prayers. After the events of The Final Trumpet, she's losing her own faith--too much sorrow for one Angel.]

Peshtvogner <DA> [The tragic Djinn of Calabite Horns. Pesh doesn't even like Calabim. He was gunning for the Word of Head-Banging, but had made an embarassment of himself the last time Lucifer met with him. He serves Hardcore, though his Word doesn't serve anything in particular...I don't make these things up. DA says he's the Cherub who "decrees the sprouting of horns on the head of Beelzebub." Thank Davidson for his research.]

Phaldor <DA> [The Lilim of Oracles, a servitor of Kronos who delighted in destructive and misleading prophecies ("A great battle shall be won...") Her word has all but faded now, leaving her with a few religious fanatics to play with, if that.]

Phanuel <DA> [The Angel of Penance, probably an Elohite of Dominic. Also an angel of Hope, which might make him a servant of Dream.]

Poteh <DA> [The angel of Forgetting, a healing Cherub of Novalis probably consumed by the Princess of Oblivion--more tragically, might be a tormented plaything of Fluerity, the Prince of Drugs.]

Pronoia <DA> [An angel that assisted God in making Adam. He provided the nervous tissue--this might make him the Angel of Sensation, but I'm not going to speculate too much.]

Publius <IN:FT> The Balseraph of Letter Columns, Servitor of Malphas and a friend to Nybbas. Has a Role as a college professor.

Rabdos <DA> [The Demon of Choking. He claims to have once been the Angel that made the stars move and had the power to stop them in their courses. Regardless, he strangles people now. He's a Shedim under Saminga, and an inveterate liar.]

Rachmiel <DA> [The Angel of Compassion, a Mercurian of Novalis]

Radueriel <DA> [The Angel of Poetry, a friend of Israfel, the Angel of Music. Hebrew lore attributes a strange power to him--It's said that God can create angels with his every word. Radueriel shares this ability. Perhaps he shares the Superiors' ability to forge new Celestials? He's obviously a powerful servant of Eli--maybe an unclassified entity of some kind like Yves/Kronos, or otherwise a Mercurian.]

Rahab <DA> [The Angel of the First Ocean, who was killed by God when he refused to aid in the breakup of Pangaea. He is an object lesson in disobedience--though he would have perished when the ocean divided anyway.]

Rahu <EO> A Hindu devil, "The Tormentor." [A powerful servitor of Magog, the Haballite of Torture. It's worth noting Rahu was invoked to protect against demonic attacks--perhaps the rest of Hell's horde were afraid of him?]

Ra'miel <DA> The Angel of Thunder. [A Demon under Belial, originally a servitor of Jean. Now the Cabalite Demon of Thunder. Is courting Furfur for admission into the new Prince's circle.]

Rampel <AD> [The Angel of the Mountains, a warrior-Seraph of David.]

Ra'shiel <DA> [An Ofanite, Redeemed from service to Belial, now under Janus. Ra'shiel is the Angel of Tornadoes.]

Raum <DA> [The Demon charged with the Destruction of Cities. He actually works closely with the Angels of Jordi, and may originally have been of Jordi's brood--he manifests in the form of a raven. Raum is a Calabite of Belial.]

Raziel <DA> [The Angel of Mysteries, closely associated with Gabriel's "Prophecy" aspect. Probably a Cherub of Fire. Raziel is also penned the first and possibly only true book of magic, The Book of the Angel Raziel, which was plagerized by Enoch, given to Noah, and Solomon. Enclosed in this book were the plans for Noah's Ark. Raziel has, in his book, the "1,500 keys to the mystery of the world," information that most Superiors aren't cognizent of--but would dearly like to know. Raziel is also privy to the secrets of Mankind--this information he shouts from a mountain-top.]

Remiel <DA> [The Angel of the Souls of Men--I'm not going to speculate here. Also guards the treasures of the dead.]

Rhamiel <DA> [The Angel of the Apocalypse, who has not yet made his appearance--though he will when the final trumpet sounds, and when the War begins in earnest. In the meantime, he is the gentle Saint Francis, and will be so for quite some time. But when Gabriel blows her last horn, Rhamiel will surely be the most powerful of Angels.]

Ridya <DA> Called "The Irrigator." [Cherub of Rain under Novalis. Ridya appears as a gentle cow, though she frequently is physically deformed from Discord--currently she has a cleft lip. She takes Dissonance regrettably often when her Word harms someone.]

Rikbiel <IN:FT> The Angel of Ascension, a "living artifact" in the form of a chariot, and thus the only word-bound artifact known to exist. He is an Ophanite of Fire.

Risnuch <DA> [The Angel of Agriculture, one of Novalis's oldest Word-Bound, and one of Heaven's most valued Cherubim--Risnuch is one of the forces credited with bringing man civilization, and by extension, religion. Or is that the other way around? One of his first failures was Caine, but he's more than made up for that.]

Roeled <DA> [Editor's note--on my honor, I am not making this dude up. Roeled is the Demon of Stomach Trouble. Undoubtedly the similerly-named antacid was a bizaare joke from some servitor of Vapula? Roeled is a Djinn, brother to Kurteel and a minor servitor of Belial.]

Rorex <DA> [An angel of Healing, holding the Word of Medicine. He serves Zadkiel, and works to counter disease at every opportunity. Rorex is a Cherub.]

Rosabis <DA> [The Djinn of Metals, a fallen servant of David, now under Belial.]

Rubiel <DA> [The Demon of Gambling, who can sometimes be invoked to help out...sometimes. Other times he'll steal you blind and laugh. Feeling lucky? Rubiel is a Calabite of Mammon.]

Saaphiel <DA> [The Angel of Hurricanes, a powerful (if not terribly influential) Ofanite of Janus. He'd have more authority if he had a bigger attention span...]

Sabbathi <EO> An Angel of Saturn, who recieves the divine light of the Holy Spirit and communicates it to the dwellers in his Kingdom. [Sabbathi is a Seraph, the Angel of Glory, a servant of Yves allied with Khalid. He fills some of the functions of the Fallen Angel of Light, Lucifer. The Word is also held by Sandalphon, according to some sorces.]

Sachiel-Melek <DA> [Habbalite, servant of Malphas, who holds the Word of Sacrifice. His interest in priests is so intense that he's unofficially the holder of their Word, and anybody who wants that had better contend with this ancient demon.]

Sadriel <DA> [Djinn of Order, a bad-tempered and overworked servitor of Asmodeus. He does double-duty as one of the Prince of the Game's personal clerks.]

Sahaqiel <DA> [Angel of the Sky--possibly a Superior level Word, reflecting the idea of Frontiers, the Beyond? Might be a Servant of Eli instead.]

Salilus <DA> [The Demon of Locks, a Calabite servant of Vapula. They don't always stay locked around him.]

Salmael <DA> [The Demon of Genocide, whose vendetta against the people of Israel is legendary. Salmael fought against the monothiestic movement, demanding the destruction of the Israelites and an end to the whole "one god" project. (Political Correctness note--I'm using DA as a source here.)]

Samandiriel <DA> [The Mercurian of Fertility, a servitor of Eli under Novalis. Mehabia is his sworn enemy, and he spends much of his time fixing that demon's twisted jokes.]

Saminga <IN> [The Shedim Prince of Death. Saminga's Word may also be held by Af, an angel of destruction and the death of mortals, and half a hundred other contenders--however, given that humanity sees death largely as evil, and Heaven doesn't always create opposition, there probably won't be an angel serving that word.]

Sandalphon <DA> Twin to Metatron, she is a powerful Seraph, who gathers the prayers of the faithful, wars continually against Samael and Lucifer. [She is a contender for the Word of Prayer, Tears, the Embryo (she supposedly decided whether it would be a boy or a girl), and because of her name, Sandals--she wears them often enough. She is a majestic angel, one of the tallest of the Celestials (500 feet, if she chooses!). The strongest possibility for her Word is the Angel of the Presence of the Lord, who created and embodies the Song of the Trisagion, and carries God's presence where she walks (Read: She continually manifests the effects of the Trisagion--111 AND 666 are both divine interventions, Superiors are more easily summoned--she may even be a walking tether!). She serves no-one, but gets along well with Michael and Laurence.]

Sangariah <DA> [The Angel of Fasts, an Elohite of Khalid]

Sartael <DA> [The Djinn of Hidden Things--either a servitor of Secrets or of Theft. Possibly another name for Gebbeleth.]

Satan: Here's an interesting case. "Satan" in the Old Testament was a Celestial serving God, who tormented people like Job and generally did what Jahweh told him. When people suffer because God wants to test their faith, Satan was the one doing the suffering. He was almost as close to God as Yves. If you want to distinguish Satan and Lucifer, Satan holds the Word of Adversity.

Schiekron <DA> [The Celestial of Bestial Love--I'm having a hard time deciding whether to put Schiekron under Jordi or Andrealphus. It really depends on the definition of "Bestial." Given the general pattern in genie functions, I'm going to *guess* that this is the spirit of animal reproduction, and thus under Jordi. Ponder.]

Seldac <DA> [A Cherub under Laurence; Seldac is the Angel of Baptism.]

Sentacer <DA> [The Angel of Judges, a Seraph under Dominic, one of his oldest Word-Bound and one under the most scrutiny.]

Sephuriron <DA> [A Cherub whose duty it is to know the location of Lucifer at all times.]

Shaftiel <DA> [The Demon of the Shadow of Death. I have no idea what this means, but Saminga probably does.]

Shakziel <DA> [A Kyriotate of Jordi with dominion over Water Insects.]

Shalgiel <DA> [The Angel of Snow--probably a servant of Oannes, transferred to Janus.]

Shamshiel <DA> [The Angel of the Day, or more accurately the Angel of Daylight, a Malakite under Eli. He is ideologically opposed to Saminga in a monster-hunter sort of campaign.]

Shekinah <DA> [Shekina is the female half of the Metatron (originally a human male...) She blesses new marriages, and may be the Angel of Honeymoons, if her previous role isn't significant enough. She is probably a form of Cherub, but has no Superior.]

Sialul <DA> [The Spirit of Prosperity, a word that doesn't seem to fit the In Nomine mood...]

Sikiel <DA> [Angel of Siroccos, conceptually probably a Malakite of Janus]

Sinui <DA> [The Angel of Pregnancy]

Sitael <DA> [The Angel of the Nobility, dubiously a Servitor of Marc, listed as a Seraph.]

Sofiel <DA> [The Angel of Gardens, a beloved of Novalis and possibly the Sentinel of her court. Would make a good Mercurian, but probably a Cherub.]

Sofriel <DA> "An angelic bookkeeper appointed over the records of the living and the dead."

Sorath <DA> [A servitor of Lucifer, whose sole responsibility is to bear the number 666. Probably a Djinn.]

Sother Ashiel <DA> [A Seraph, the Prosecuting Angel, a most favored servitor of Dominic. Seraph, if it needs to be said.]

Sraosha <DA> [Angel of Obedience--probably a Servitor of Dominic, or maybe Yves]

Suriel <DA> [A powerful Elohite, Suriel is either the Angel of Healing, in which case he would fall under Novalis, Zadkiel or Eli, or the Angel of Death, a servant of Michael. These words are not mutually exclusive, since death ends suffering, and it's possible that Suriel is a near-Superior-level force.]

Suroth <DA> An Angel who watches over "the harmonies of vegetable matter." [I don't know, I'm just transscribing this one. It's hermetic.]

Sut <DA> [A Balseraph who holds the Word of Lies, created directly by Lucifer, broher to Awar, Tir, Dasim, and Zalambur. However, I can't imagine such a strong Word in the current IN canon, unless it's a Princedom.]

Tamiel <DA> [The Demon of the Deep, a Djinn of Secrets, once a servitor of Waters.]

Tania <IN:NM> [The Balseraph of Suicide, servitor of Saminga. An icy demoness, and a staunch supporter of the Right-to-Die movement.]

Teiaiel <DA> [The enigmatic Seraph of the Future, Servitor of Yves]

Teiazel <DA> [The Angel of Writers, Mercurian of Eli, serving Yves.]

Temeluch <DA> [An Angel of Christopher, loyal also to Zadkiel. Temeluch is the Cherub of Infants.]

Terafniel <DA> [The Angel of Prey, one of Jordi's most selfless Servitors. Probably an Ofanite.]

Tir <DA> [Brother of Awar and Dasim, created directly by Lucifer to serve Belial. Tir is the Calabite of Fatal Accidents.]

Tomas <IN:NM> The Angel of Catchy Tunes, Mercurian under Creation. He gets a point of Essence whenever he gets a song stuck in someone's head. Tomas lives in Austin.

Trgiaob <DA> [Angel over Wild Fowl, probably one of Jordi's brood, or possibly under Haagenti.]

Tsadkiel <DA> [The Angel of Justice, probably a Malakite under Dominic>

Tubiel <DA> [The Angel of Small Birds. No, really. Should be one of Jordi's, but I can't help putting this one mentally under Novalis or Zadkiel. An overworked Cherub.]

Umabel <DA> [The Angel of Physics, an Ofanite of Jean.]

Uriel's functions also encompassed Salvation, according to DA.

Uzal <IN:FT> The Demon of Insubordination, a Balseraph under Lucifer himself--possibly an aspect of Lucifer.

Vapula's Archangelic counterpart for the Word of Science is the deceased Raphael.

Vasiariah <DA> [The noble Seraph of Lawyers. Not the best Role for someone who hates falsehood, but Dominic would demand no less.]

Verdelet <EO> The Master of Ceremonies of Hell's Court. He takes names of a pleasant sound--Master Persil, Sante-Buisson, to lure women to him. [The Demon of Flattery, a Balseraph of Andrealphus--Verdelet rarely gets to Earth these days, as he's trying to advance himself in Hell.]

Vevaliah <IN:FT> The Angel of Supply Lines, Ofanite under Michael. Overworked, underappreciated, and too busy to take requests--but that's military life.

Vretel <DA> [The Keeper of Sacred Books, a trusted guardian of Yves's library.]

Vrihaspati <DA> [The Angel of Hymns, a servitor of Israfel, ultimately a Seraph of Creation.]

Wormwood <DA> [The Demon of Mass Executions, a Calabite under Saminga.]

Wrenchial <IN:NM> The Demon of Amps, Calabite of Fire.

Xaphan <DA> [When Lucifer asked him to rebel, this servitor of Gabriel's response was "let's set fire to Heaven!" Since then, he's been rewarded with the Word of Arson. He is, horrifyingly, a Shedim. Of Belial, why?]

Yaasriel <DA> [The Angel of the Seventy Holy Pencils. I have no idea what this entails, but he/she uses them to write and possibly remember the Names of God on shards of something or another..]

Yahriel <DA> [The Ofanite of the Moon. She is one of the highest of the Ophanim, and serves Fire and prophecy first and foremost.]

Yefefiah <DA> [The Angel of the Torah, a spry old servitor of Yves. He's quite knowledgable on the subject of the Songs.]

Yrouel <DA> [The Celestial of Fear. Might make an interesting match with Morael, who shares that Word, if the two were opposing forces--or worse, shared the Word somehow under Nightmare.]

Zaa'fiel <DA> [The Angel of Showers, an Ophanim who has undergone a Word-shift and now serves Jean as much as Janus.]

Zaamael <DA> [Demon of Storms, Servitor of Belial]

Zachriel <DA> [The Angel of Memory, an Elohite of Yves.]

Zagam <EO> "The Grand King and President of Hell." Appears as a bull with the wings of a griffon. He changes water into wine, blood into oil, and a fool into a wise man. [That last one makes him obviously the Impudite Demon of Democracy, with an eye on the Princedom of Politics. His Superior Asmodeus, Prince of the Game, would have none of that.]

Zagzagael <DA> [The Kyriotate of Sanctification, a servitor of David under Zadkiel. He has an Attunement that lets him take a room as his host, and defend it with his own Forces. Zagzagael is a nightmare for the guardians of Infernal Tethers. He was originally a servant of Raphael.]

Zakzakiel <DA> [The Angel of the Rainy Season, A Kyriotate of Janus under Novalis.

Zahun <DA> [The Demon of Scandal, possibly a Balseraph of Nybbas, or Malphas?]

Zalambur <DA> [One of five demons created directly by Lucifer, brother to Awar, Sut, Tir and Dasim. Zalambur is the Balseraph of Mercantile Dishonesty, a servant of Valefor.]

Zarobi <DA> [The Angel of Precipices and Cliffs and suchlike, possibly an Ofanite of David.]

Zaurva <DA> [The Demon of Decrepitude, according to Davidson. I'm not going to argue with him when he makes my work this easy. Probably an Impudite under Saminga, originally of one of the many Princes of Disease.]

Zedereza <DA> [The Angel of Eclipses, a Seraph of Gabriel.]

Zeirna <DA> [The Djinn of Infirmities, under Saminga.]

Zeffar <DA> [The Celestial of Irrevocable Choices, possibly a Seraph of Judgement or a daughter of Lilith.]

Zepar <EO> A grand Duke of Hell, a warrior who casts men into evil passions. [Zepar is the Shedim of Rage, a favorite tool of Baal.]

Zeruch <DA> [Angel of Strength--undoubtedly a Servitor of David, probably a Cherub]

Zethar <DA> [The Lilim of Immorality, a servitor of Baal--she's weakening in these days, when the idea of "immorality" has been twisted in the Twentieth Century to have little or no value. She's trying to get the Word of Sin, but has been unsuccessful in reaching this Prince-level word, since her own Word has been steadily weakening.]

Zophas <DA> [The Djinn of Fives--DA lists her as being the Djinn of Pentacles. Under Lilith, if it matters. It's her choice.]

Zi'iel <DA> [The Demon of Commotion, a loud Calabite of Furfur, once of Malphas.]

Zikiel <DA> [The Angel of Sparks, a lesser servitor of Gabriel, Kyriotate.]

Ziquiel <DA> [The Celestial of Meteors or Comets--do with that what you will. Perhaps a servitor of Nightmare?]

Zkzoromtiel <DA> [Shedim of Ire, a servant of Malphas.]

Zuphlas [Angel of Forests--a Cherub of Novalis, in great pain as her Word suffers in the Industrial age. She's thinking of changing sides and joining with Jordi.]