Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 23:05:25 -0600
From: "Roy F. Cabaniss" <>
Subject: [d-austin] ooc> holiday greeting

Twas the night after solstice and all through the land
Sid Binder was sleepin' and thought it was grand
Curled up in his dugout, in the bawn by the caern
A new flannel shirt is what he is wearin'

And Hacks with computer ... he likes it you know
Was writing a program, to make the lights glow.
So Duncan arrived, in his shiney new car.
With Remy besides him, that man travels far.

Bad Dog with the cub, he gnaws on a bone.
We gave him hot chicken, some to take to his home.
And Mina was dancing, neath the stars and the moon.
To the sounds of Fianna, Meara carries the tune.

Steel-Fang is a howling, Electric by his side.
They have formed a new pack, in that we take pride.
Katriona is dressed.... an opera so she says.
She looks great at night, even better in day.

And Forge with his practice, as gruff as can be.
A consummate warrior, as a Get that is he.
Walks was a dancing with Katriona by stars.
They danced through the caern,and out to the cars.

Even Morgan is here, neath the stars and the moon.
To howl in the new year, and carry our tune.
So howl in the new year and this is here true.
That the Sept of the Shining Spring sends our best to you.

from Sid Binder....

curled up, in lupus, before the fire
dreaming thoughts of slow bunnies
and even slower......... :-)
(well you know.)

may the best of the season fall upon you.

- --
Troy Kalesti, Brujah Primogen * Sid Binder
Sheriff and Keeper of San Marcos* Stargazer, Theurge, Homid, Fostern
4 Status * Head Gardener and #1 Manure spreader
* Sept of the Shining Springs
aka Roy Cabaniss 9704-048