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A History of Luna's Shadow: In-Character record of some of our stories, as kept by the Spirits who sing the songs of the Garou Nation. 1997-present
The First Domain Garou Game Announcement: See the note that led to the nation's largest Garou chronicle! June 1997
Screaming Rage: Collected from garou list, the nation rushes to aid the Shining Springs
Christmas Greetings from the Sept, by Roy Cabanis, Christmas 1997
The Challenge for the Sept and the Death of Gabrielle: January 1998
The Death of Screaming Rage: January 1998
The Naming of Sinks-the-Caern: January 1998
Major Dick and the Action Squad: Episode One (late 1998)
Major Dick and the Action Squad: Episode Two (late 1998)
Major Dick and the Action Squad: Episode Three (late 1998)
Almost Certain Temptation: The Seduction of the Wandering Knights (May 1998)
The Caern Strike: May 1998. Death of Hrothgar and Gref.
The Song of Plays with Fire, As Sung by Plays with Fire: Summer 1998
Invitation to the Moot: JPG of the invite to the pre-Caern Building moot at the Bone Gnawer Junkyard, September 19, 1998
The Monuments: The five monuments surrounding the Caern Heart. Fall 1999.
The Forge Cereal Sketch, by Candi Cabanis
The Battle of the Pit: The death of Forge and Boom-Boom, November 1998
The Death of Watches-the-Wasichu: April 1999