News of the Night 11/6/99

Monday, November 1: Girl Abducted in Suspected Halloween Prank
Kim Johnson was abducted from her south Austin home around 10 PM on Halloween night, says a release from Austin Police.

Johnson mysteriously left her house around 10 PM, according to her parents, apparently citing a need to "step out and get some air." She was never seen again.

Her disappearance seems to match those of the victims of the "Housewife Killer," although the authorities have issued a statement that they do not believe that this is his work. They were quick to point out that she is much younger than three of the other victims, and she did not drive, a characteristic common to the other victims.



Wednesday, November 3: Johnson Body Found
After a lengthy search, police Wednesday found the body of Kim Johnson in the woods near her house. Her body was badly mutilated; police suspect either the "Housewife Killer" or a copycat.

Services for the victim will be held in St. Mary's Catholic Church Saturday. Please contact <number> for service times.



City Council Elections in Two Weeks
The elections for City Council will be held in two weeks, prompting a close race for at least two seats.

John Q. Vogler will be running against favored incumbent, Paula Rodrigez.

The race for incumbent Stan Mays' seat is hotly contested by Richard "Dick" Latham, a local lawyer with ties to Farnesworth Industries and a member of the Austin Bar Association.



Zamboni Circus Benefits Children's Hospital
The Zamboni Brothers Circus will perform in Austin Saturday at midnight, with tickets sold for as much as $1000.

This special performance of the Zamboni Brothers Circus at the Austin City Coliseum will benefit the Shriner's Children's Hospital. Tickets for the VIP box will cost $1000 per seat, in the rows immediately behind, $500, and in the highest seats, $100. Kids, don't despair! The circus will perform a second round of shows on Sunday, with one show each in the morning and afternoon, priced for the community as a whole.

Underwriters of the Zamboni Midnight Circus include: the Austin Bar Association and the Republican Party of Texas.





Events, Daily Texan Newspaper:
The Texas Union Committee for Distinguished Speakers will be presenting [Name XX] giving his award-winning lecture, "Darkness." [XX] has won many awards, including the Arkham Press Writer of the Year and Llewballah Publications Book of the Year award. The lecture will be held in the UT Student Union ballroom from 8 to 10 pm, Saturday November 6. It is the second in the Union's series on Modern Man and the Occult.


Police Blotter:
Increased reports of "tagging" in central and south Austin, the work of a new gang in the area, "Las Manos Negros." The gang arrived several weeks ago from Houston, and has been recruiting from AISD schools.


Health Section:
Saturday, November 6: Y2K Concerns Increase Blood Bank Security

In preparation for the coming winter and the expected difficulties of the "Millennium Bug," the Central Texas Regional Blood and Tissue Center, with the assistance of Dell Computers, installed a new blood donation tracking and reference system Friday. The CTRBTC was concerned about large amounts of missing blood and fluids lost to spoilage in the record-breaking freezes of the winter of 1998; this system should not only weather the Y2K bug, but also prevent blood theft in the future. The system should be fully activated by December.


The Opinion Page:
The opinions expressed by Billy-Jack Dupree, Baptist Minister and member of the Interfaith Council, do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Austin-American Statesman, its management, staff or sponsors.

People of Austin, a great evil has set its claws into the city of Austin!

The most recent disappearances and murders by this so-called "Housewife Killer" are just the latest in a series of symptoms of a greater disease. The gang violence, the explosions, the random deaths of our citizens, these are all proof that Evil stalks the streets of Austin!

The Evil presence is hunting our streets by night, sucking the lifeblood of goodness from all of our people. The longer we wait for this evil to devour our children, our loved ones, the more likely that it will happen.

The answer to this evil? We at the Interfaith Council are calling for a citywide curfew until this killer is caught. Good people, please support us in the endeavor by remaining inside your homes until this murderous rampage is brought to an end. Remain in your homes after sunset until the evils are removed from our streets and our city is again a safe place to raise our children.

More immediately, we request that you, the good people of Austin, join us in showing our lack of support for the newest in the lecture series with topics on devil worship and the occult in general. We will be protesting this abomination against God, and we ask that all of the citizens of Austin who are strong in their faith in the Lord will boycott this and future lectures in the series.
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Jacob Williamson, 9802-157
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