News for Kindred Game, 1/8/99

Weather continues to be a problem in Austin.  The unseasonable cold weather has resulted in lower than normal Christmas sales. Businesses also suffer from other problems as transportation interferes with shipping and transportation.  Workers find themselves unable to find transportation to work as temperatures continue to drop.  Normally Austin is a mecca for homeless, but many have died.  They are pushing the resources of many charities.  Many churches have set themselves up as emergency shelters.

The multi-task force is still investigating the bombings in Austin on  the 21st of November.  Currently several federal agencies along with state and local authorities are trying to work together.  The authorities refuse to speculate if the bombing of the Capital Building, the UT tower, Elizabeth Ney Museum, 2 exclusive small clubs, an empty lot, are related.  Retired Federal Charles Lester has come out of retirement to head this multi force. Judge Lester was picked for his prior experience with reactionary movements in the early 70's. Current investigations are said to be focused on the Republic of Texas militia movement.

The Legislature passed two bills, which libertarians applaud as a  movement for freedom.  The first is
 · HR 739 - a bill to repeal antiquated laws regarding sexual conduct between consenting adults.  Basically no form of sexual conduct is now  illegal between adults.
 · HR 2323 - decriminalization of therapeutic amounts of formerly  restricted drugs.  The basics of the law will be to decriminalize the  possession of certain drugs that are currently illegal. Possession of 2 oz of Marijuana, 1 oz of Opium Derivatives and 1 oz of Meth amphetamines will no longer be a crime.  Police will no longer make arrests for possession of these amount of substances, instead the possessor will be ticketed and fined.

OOC>Note this is for Austin, I don't think this has been approved by  the RST)

Church Authorities are working with local police to solve the vandalism that has occurred in several Austin churches.  Vandals defaced statues of Jesus and some saints by fitting them with top hats and denim vests. The words "It's only a  only a social convention" was spray painted on the walls.  "Its very bizarre", said Catholic spokesman Cardinal Raul Esteban, "the top hat is associated with certain voodoo cults, so we can't help but wonder."  Local police refused to comment other to say  that they are investigating.

A group of juveniles in custody, part of a "boot camp" style discipline program are currently in Austin.   With the purpose of fighting crime by training young offenders with military style discipline, the program has had very good results. The mission of the newly arrived group is to perform public service in such areas as parks and public owned buildings. "No the cold weather isn't stopping us, builds character, Ma'am!", said a newly shaved teenager standing at attention.

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