Kindred Game News: 3/25/99

Ongoing News Articles:

Police investigating the November 21 bombing have captured several  well-armed suspects over a series of raids. Investigations are still on-going.

Hate Crimes:
The city has largely settled after the recent rash of hate crimes.  The Austin Police Department chief still denies any allegations that his officers have been brutalizing citizens, reguardless of race.  Witnesses of the February 29 crimes have come forward. Thusfar, their descriptions have not matched any police officers in Austin or nearby cities, though they do match the description of Angie Dickenson.  So far no arrests have been made following the February crimes.

Several items of historical value, including antique spurs, caltrops,  and a Chinese repeating crossbow, were stolen from the Texas  Memorial Museum Sunday, March 21 at approximately 4 am. The thieves were apparently professional, as they bypassed the museum's cameras and security system.

The Church:
Once again, Austin's places of worship were vandalized. Tuesday,  March 23, the Hare Kirishua Center, a Hindu organization on 30th  street, was attacked. The vandals covered the building in graffiti, expressing sentiments like "Race Traitor," "Christ Saves" and so on.

In the wake of this and other attacks and Austin's recent turmoil, Austin churches and temples have formed the Austin Inter-Faith  Council, headed by the Rev. Kurt Anderson of First Baptist Church  of Austin. "All faiths," said Anderson, "be they Christian, Jewish, Islamic or even Wiccan, have a similer command to serve the people. We decided to put our money--and our membership--where our mouths  were."

Assorted Litigation:
Freeway construction on the McKinney State Falls watershed has been halted due to litigation by a "Save our Springs" association. All construction has been put on hold while the case is processed.

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