News of the Night 6/11/99

[Ed: Insert article here regarding the UT 40 acres power blackout Saturday, June 6, late at night, as details arrive. Fire that reporter.]

Entertainment news:
"Little Lisa's Night Out," one of Austin's newest Ska bands, will be holding a string of performances to promote it's new CD, "Little Lisa's Night Out." [Ed. note--blame me for the catchy title :)] Check them at Katz's this Saturday night!

"Little Lisa" is the latest child of Alexander Masterson, one of Austin's better-known philanthropists and a champion of Little Seattle's live music scene. In addition to his work in promoting (and acquiring) environmentally safe industry, Masterson worked to fund much of the expansion of Austin's homeless shelters during the last several month's record-breaking winter. Masterson has made himself a leading voice in Austin's music industry; only time will tell how long this local celebrity will hold his limelight in the shifting music scene.

Government news:
6/9/99: In a rather surprising turn of events, the state capitol rescinded HR 739, a bill which itself repealed a number of earlier laws regarding sexual conduct. The Rev. Kurt Anderson, spokesperson for the Austin Inter-Faith Council, praised this move as a bold step back to start in a morally backsliding community. Sen. Robert Chalmers (R) of Williamson County said, "It was a struggle for us to undo this dreadful mistake, but after meeting with the Courts we were able to repair our earlier work."

News of the Weird
Traffic on the Yager exit of north IH-35 was halted this week...because of a flower. Five simple yellow blossoms poked their heads out of a section of damanged highway Tuesday, June 8. Botanists have identified only 20 members of the species Hymenoxys Texana, the Texas Prairie Dawn--these unexpected blossoms raise the total to 25. Detours have been posted along I35 while UT botonists and ecologists determine whether these plants, natives to praries and generally unable to survive conditions in a highway fissure, can be transplanted.

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