News of the Night 6/16/99

Political news: In an unusual off-season election, Raymond W. Stanz, on a platform of hard work, progress, and the expansion of Austins industry and roadways, was appointed to the Austin City Council. Perhaps he represents the leadership this city needs in its growth years and on the edge of the new Millenium.

Saturday, June 13: A house burned down in North Austin. Arson is suspected. Police have not yet established a link between this and other incidences of arson in Austin's recent months.

Police Blotter:
One of the rare Texas Prarie Dawn flowers on I-35 was uprooted. Really a matter of time; dispite the loss, UT Botany department members are pleased that, given media attention, they didn't lose more of the plants.

Crime is at an all-time low. Police blame, strangely enough, new gangs for the flux in criminal activity--it's dangerous to be out at night, even for muggers. The newest gang on the street has a distinctive logo, a crescent moon with a dagger through it. Any information on this new gang would be greatly appreciated.

Missing person report on Brenda Strackley filed Thursday morning by neighbors. The victim (?) lived in Stanford Court apartments with her boyfriend, Steve Fisher. She has not been seen since Tuesday night. Police have no leads as yet.

Return to summer temperatures have seen an increase in the Austin homeless population. Dispite the loss of life in the winter, the current population is 3% up from last year, and 8% from two years ago.

With thanks to Janeka...

Jacob Williamson